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OpenAIRE Presentation at EC INFSO-RTD, Brussels, May 4th, 2011

Presentation given at EC INFSO-RTD Open Access co-ordination workshop, Brussels, 4th May

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OpenAIRE Presentation at EC INFSO-RTD, Brussels, May 4th, 2011

  1. 1. Eastern European NOADs‘ experience Awareness raising and how to reach researchers and their organisations Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  2. 2. National Open Access Desks Reaching all European Member States* Region 1 North (DTU) (DTU) Denmark (Danish Technical University) Finland (University of Helsinki) Sweden (National Library of Sweden) Region 2 South (UMINHO) Cyprus (University of Cyprus) Greece (National Documentation Center) Italy (CASPUR) Malta (Malta Council for Science & Technology) Portugal (University of Minho) Spain (Spanish Foundation for Science & Technology) Region 3 East (EIFL) Bulgaria (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) Czech Republic (Technical University of Ostrava) Estonia (University of Tartu) Hungary (HUNOR) Latvia (University of Latvia) Lithuania (Kaunas Technical University) Poland (ICM – University of Warsaw) Romania (Kosson) Slovakia (University Library of Bratislava) Slovenia (University of Ljubljana) Region 4 West (UGENT) France (Couperin) Germany (University of Konstanz) Ireland (Trinity College) Netherlands (Utrecht University) UK (SHERPA) Austria (University of Wien) Belgium (University of Gent) Norway (University of Tromsoe) *Excl. Luxembourg, Plus Norway
  3. 3. National Contact Points Collaboration with the Network of National Contact Points (NCPs) in Member States: – As the NCPs are national structures, the type and level of services offered may differ from country to country but in general, distribution of documentation (forms, guidelines, manuals etc.) is provided as the basic service Sucess stories in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary & Latvia 3 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  4. 4. Institutional level Collaboration with research administrators and EU funding offices on institutional level – in Hungary: University of Debrecen, Corvinus University and Eotvos University; – in Slovakia: the Linguistic Institute of Ľudovít Štúr, Comenius University and Center of Low Temperature Physics, Košice 4 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  5. 5. National research funders Collaboration with the national research funders: – National Research Foundations, National Academies of Sciences, Ministries of Science and Education, Ministry of National Resources in Hungary, Slovak Center of Scientific information, Slovak Research and Development Agency, etc 5 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  6. 6. Repository managers Collaboration with repository managers & national university library associations – Research administrators and repository managers/librarians have been informed about the EC/ERC OA policies and about the OpenAIRE project by integrating sessions in research/library/research administrators’ events/meetings at the national & international level – There is growing cooperation between local research administrators and library/repository managers 6 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  7. 7. Contacts with FP7 projects Contacts with FP7 project coordinators and participants were established – initial group mailing to all national project coordinators and participants (in Latvia, Poland & Slovakia); – group mailing to all national project coordinators and participants facilitated by NCPs (in Bulgaria) 7 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  8. 8. Individual contacts with FP7 projects
  9. 9. Individual contacts with FP7 projects (2)
  10. 10. Individual contacts with FP7 projects (3) General positive feedback from researchers but they required some clarifications: – copyright management and permissions from the publishers Some FP7 project coordinators and participants have already identified the articles to be deposited (in Bulgaria and Slovakia) 10 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  11. 11. Presentations BG: National University library conference, Dec 2010 & National FP7 exhibition, Apr 2011 LV: Annual conference of the Association of academic libraries, Dec 2010, 69 annual scientific conference of the University of Latvia, plenary session „EU financed research in Latvia: opportunities for basic research in FP7”, Feb 2011 LT: "Open access: how to increase visibility, usage and citations of the research output of Lithuanian scientists?" at the 12'th International Vilnius Book Fair, Feb 2011, Eurodoc 2011 – the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers, Mar 2011 RO: The 2nd International Conference on Information Science and Information Literacy, Apr 2011 HU: PhD Symposium, Debrecen, Networkshop, Kaposvar, Apr 2011 SK: INFOS 2011, May 2011 CS: National conference for repository managers, May 2011 11 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  12. 12. Successes BG: national repository infrastructure launched (http://node3.d.dnet.research- infrastructures.eu:8680/ui/bulgaria/index.do) SK: the first national shared repository is launched in partnership with CERN RO: re-launched a national open access portal http://www.acces-deschis.ro/ and plans to release a National project information database (research projects, their results and people involved) 12 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  13. 13. Successes (2) PL: the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education are working on a legislation to make the results of publicly funded research open access: – deposited in open access repositories and/or published in open access journals SI: The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology presented the Research Infrastructure Development Plan 2011-2020. – Chapter 3.4.7 of the Plan anticipates the establishment of a national open data and open publication infrastructure and mandatory deposition of publicly funded data and publications 13 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  14. 14. National OA advocacy campaigns (funded by EIFL) EE: University of Tartu Library with the partners: Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Estonian Ministry of culture, Arhiivikeskus, Estonian National Library Archive, Academic Library of Tallinn University, OA Journals in Estonia and Estonian E-University LT: Lithuanian Research Library Consortium with the partners: Lithuanian Academic Libraries Consortium for Maintenance and Development of Information Infrastructure for Science and Studies (LABIIMSPP), The Research Council of Lithuania, Lithuanian Scientific Society and The Association of Lithuanian Serials 14 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  15. 15. National OA advocacy campaigns (funded by EIFL) (2) PL: Nicolaus Copernicus University and Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza - University of Science and Technology SI: Jozef Stefan Institute with the partners: University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, University of Primorska, University of Nova Gorica, Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, National Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Oncology, Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, National and University Library, Central Technological Library of the University of Ljubljana, Library of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and the Slovenian Research Agency LV: Library of the University of Latvia15 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  16. 16. Support needed Updated list of FP7 funded projects with Clause 39 as well as contact details of the project partners will be very valuable for further project dissemination activities 16 Open Access Co-ordination workshop
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention! www.openaire.eu