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Closing panel: learnings and next steps Open Belgium 2017

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Conclusions by Alexander De Croo, Bert Jehoul, Thimo Thoeye, Veronique Volders and Miel Vander Sande at Open Belgium 2017.

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Closing panel: learnings and next steps Open Belgium 2017

  1. 1. Closing panel: Learnings and next steps Open Belgium 2017 - 6 March 2017
  2. 2. Conclusions of Data Governance for Smart Cities - Thimo Thoeye ● ↗ interaction between different levels of gov’t, agencies, and private parties necessary to come to integrated smart and linked data ● ROI of open data may take a while, is difficult to measure, but societal (social) impact should not be forgotten. ● connectivity infrastructure as enabler for smart solutions (5G, FTTH) especially for real-time data ● Education! ● privacy and proper (open) data management are not at odds but synergistic
  3. 3. 5-star Linked Open Council Decision #LBLOD Lessons learned Veronique Volders
  4. 4. “making local legislation available …for humans & computers” • End to end linked data • No information loss & once only • Open workshops • Learn from users & related actors • Relevancy for datacreation and availability for reuse • Go for the 5 stars! • Maximize information & return by linking • Use or create open standards • Get the data out of the software • Open up the market for innovative players
  5. 5. Let’s talk Linked Data - Miel Vander Sande Improve ways to share your Linked Data with the government. Expect less from publishers, so they can publish more. Linked Data history & archiving is gaining importance.
  6. 6. Workshop Open Badges : We learned … that we have learned! - Bert Jehoul Bridging the Skills Gap (by Bryan Mathers, licensed CC-BY-ND)