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Innovation in Government Conference Feb 28th

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The Policy Lab presentation at Innovation in Government 2019 conference. How innovation and intrapreneurship works in large organisations and how a citizen's perspective can bring new insights.

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Innovation in Government Conference Feb 28th

  1. 1. The Art of the Possible @andreasiodmok @policylabuk
  2. 2. Design ethnography Data visualisation Customer journey mapping Styles of intervention Storyboarding Policy canvas Personas Speculative design Co-design Evidence safaris
  3. 3. Experiments in policy making
  4. 4. Designed around people’s experience and behaviour
  5. 5. In complex systems
  6. 6. We sit on the edge We experiment with new approaches here. If they prove to be valuable we bring them into Government and support their more widespread use in departments.
  7. 7. Innovation in Maritime Using Speculative Design
  8. 8. FuturesEvidence Divergent thinking Imaginable Deliverable
  9. 9. Solutionism Imaginable Deliverable
  10. 10. Exploration Imaginable Deliverable
  11. 11. Mystery AlgorithmHypothesis Heuristic Mystery-heuristic-algorithm Imaginable Deliverable Adapted from Professor Roger Martin, Rotman Business School
  12. 12. A people-centric experiential perspective Intrepreneurial / whole system mind-set Multiple ‘end games’ or ‘fields of opportunity’ Uncertain future / many possibilities Agility to respond to emergent data Non-linear - zooming in and out Expanded system-view of interventions Gaps in evidence base require experimentation Change is multiple points over time Professional policy-makers as stewards Responsive innovation
  13. 13. Future state 3rd wave field of opportunity Current Situation Macro scaffolding Committed to the long term outcomes as well as the short term learnings 1st wave field of opportunity 2nd wave field of opportunity Micro actions Fields of opportunity