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1+1 = 3: Enhancing Oracle Marketing Cloud with an Enterprise Customer Data Platform

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1+1 = 3: Enhancing Oracle Marketing Cloud with an Enterprise Customer Data Platform

  1. 1. 1+1 = 3: Enhancing Oracle Marketing Cloud with an Enterprise Customer Data Platform
  2. 2. Introductions Benjamin Diggles AppCloud Director Gangadhar Konduri Chief Product Officer
  3. 3. Agenda •  Overview •  Demystifying customer data platforms •  The marketing cloud perspective on CDPs •  The retailer imperative •  Challenges for today’s omni-channel retailer •  Leveraging first party data across the enterprise •  Case studies: lululemon and JOANN Stores •  Enhancing Oracle’s ecosystem with a CDP •  Harnessing data from Oracle Data Cloud for a unified customer view •  Fueling outbound systems with a master customer profile •  Leveraging Oracle Cloud to bridge the online/offline divide
  4. 4. Demystifying CDPs
  5. 5. Why CDP? It’s all about the Customer The new ground for competitive growth advantage is the customer that drives strategy Brand/ Advertising Marketing/ Promotions Experience/ Engagement / Social /Journey Channel/Transaction/ Omni Product/ Pricing/ Availability First party identity resolution Analytics across the customer journey, behavior and value Segmentation and 1-1 messaging Intelligent and clean customer data available on-demand and batch Ability to bring together disparate data sources related to customers
  6. 6. How a CDP Empowers the Oracle Marketing Cloud Vision for the Modern Marketer Connect Online and Offline Interactions to One Customer Tie interactions to one customer across all devices and channels Bridge Anonymous and Known Marketing  Connect all proprietary and 3rd party data to increase relevance Adapt with Behavior- Based Orchestration Empower the customer to dictate their own path
  7. 7. CDP Interest 3x More Web Searches, 8/16 vs 8/17 3x  more  searches  
  8. 8. CDP Interest Rise in Gartner Hype Cycle, 10/16 vs 7/17
  9. 9. Features of a Customer Data Platform Most CDPs Are: •  Marketer managed •  First-party focused •  Customer-level •  Extensible •  Real-time AgilOne’s Founding CDP: • Unifies offline data as well as online • Includes machine learning and data modeling • Persists PII data • Provides dynamic micro-segmentation • Provides data cleansing, deduping, stitching • Syndicates data to “final mile” marketing tools
  10. 10. Where a CDP Fits with a Marketing Cloud
  11. 11. NEXT     STOP   Purchased   Online     Switch   Send  Email   Campaign   Send  Push   No=fica=on   In-­‐Store   Orchestrate the Experience: Let Customers Dictate Their Own Path Adapt  to  individual  customer  behaviors  and  real-­‐=me  interac=ons   Any  Ac=vity   Any  Preference   Oracle Marketing Cloud Perspective
  12. 12. The Retail Imperative
  13. 13. Siloed Data Creates Challenges for Marketers and Across the Organization Can’t orchestrate experiences across mobile, social, digital, in-person, etc. Can’t realize maximum potential of technology investments Engagement challenges Efficiency challenges
  14. 14. The Rift Between Digital and Offline Interactions Fractures View of Customer 14 DESKTOP OFFLINE MOBILE APP MOBILE WEB 11%Marketers who have high confidence in the audience they’re targeting. -Nielsen
  15. 15. The Division Between Anonymous and Known Marketing Data Prevents Relevance 85%Of CMOs say data spread channels prevents cross- channel consistency. - CMO Club Greg Jones, 30, Chicago Past Purchase: Jeans ANONYMOUS KNOWN
  16. 16. Take Gap, for Example •  Moving all retail applications into Oracle’s cloud ecosystem •  Sharing data across brands •  Exposing inventory to online customers; staying in stock •  For four major brands (GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta), shop across brands and have one check-out experience •  Maximizing technology investments to minimize costs over time “A huge percentage of our business is still store-based business and for us to leverage our capabilities within the stores is critical.” Paul Chapman, CIO, Gap Inc. at Oracle Open World, October 2017
  17. 17. Leveraging First-Party Customer Data Across the Enterprise Outbound Marketing Customer Experience Analytics and APIs Digital Advertising •  Display optimization by suppressing buyers (Criteo) •  Google customer match lookalike on AdWords, Youtube •  FB/Instagram custom audience •  DMP display targeting segments (BlueKai) Acquisition focused audience based targeting leveraging first party customer data for DMPs, retargeting and ad networks Personalize customer interactions and offers on the website, CRM i.e. all customer facing system in real-time Segment customers based on value, behavior and attributes and deliver 1:1 content on every marketing message Calculate and predict key marketing metrics; attribution, lifetime value, clusters, likelihood to buy. Available through direct query access, UI and APIs •  In store events (Eventbrite) •  Call center ticket complaints (Oracle RightNow, SFDC service cloud) •  NPS Scores (Medallia) •  Physical location (Euclid Analytics) •  Mobile app integration for engagement (mParticle) •  Web personalization (Adobe T&T, Maxymiser, Monetate) •  Email segmentation (Exact Target, Responsys,…) for VIP, Lapsed, behavioral, value and profile based segments •  Real-time triggered emails (Replenishment, search, browse) •  Direct Mail •  SMS, Push notifications •  Attribution tied to customer LTV, acquisition sources (Google Analytics, Omniture) •  Clustering (behavioral, interest) •  Likelihood to engage, buy/churn/ convert •  Next best product, next best offer •  Customer 360 API, Event API •  Interactive SQL Query on AWS RedShift •  Incremental Data Export on AWS S3
  18. 18. Data Append Transaction Data CDP + Oracle Cloud Ecosystem Customer Interaction Email Web Behavior Mobile Application Call Center In-Store Events WebTag Customer Interaction Decision/Analytics Systems Outbound Marketing Email/SMS Social Web Site Personalization In-Store Clienteling Enterprise Data Warehouse Addressable Media Retargeting DMP 3rd Party Data Sources Data Export Call Center Personalized engagement Insights & Predictive Analytics Single Customer View Customer Data Platform Web Analytics NPS scores •  Customer profiles •  POS, Web Transactions •  Product Catalog
  19. 19. lululemon Challenge Solution Results Next Steps •  Increasing omni-channel engagement •  Gaining single view of the customer •  Amplifying authenticity of in-store relationships across digital ecosystem •  Single view of the customer across all channels •  Integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Data Cloud •  Email, Facebook, in-store, website personalization •  Intelligent ad suppression •  Call center enabled with 360 Profile •  In-store clienteling •  Optimizing mobile experiences 15% Increase to baseline revenue 50% Boost in website visits 25% Increase in event participation
  20. 20. JOANN Stores Challenge Solution Next Steps •  Unify data from 870 stores, digital, mobile app, email into one customer profile •  Activate customer insights across entire ecosystem •  Easily open up data •  Customer data platform •  Support for billions of transactions and events, even during Black Friday •  Support for custom attributes & business needs via platform configurability •  Leverages tech partnerships •  More integrations •  More fully leveraging machine learning models Results 150% Increase in online orders 3x Increase in reactivation response rate 18% Increase in incremental revenue in just two months
  21. 21. Enhancing Oracle’s Ecosystem with a CDP
  22. 22. Data Ingested from Many Systems Mobile Apps Custom mobile apps Data Append Web Analytics Customer Sat Call Center Social In-Store Events SMS Personalized engagement Insights & Predictive Analytics Single Customer View Customer Data Platform Etc…
  23. 23. Data Orchestrated Across Many Systems Adtech ESPs Call Center Website Optimization Social SMS Personalized engagement Insights & Predictive Analytics Single Customer View Customer Data Platform Etc… Clienteling
  24. 24. Offline   •  Past  Purchase  Data   •  Buying  Propensity   •  Life=me  Value   •  Trade  Shows   Owned  Digital   Channels   •  Website  Engagement   •  Email  Marke=ng   •  Social  Data   •  Mobile  Apps/Web   Purchases  &   Transac7ons   •  Web  Commerce     •  Sales  CRM   •  Marke=ng  CRM   •  Point-­‐of-­‐Sales   Third-­‐Party  Data   •  Intent   •  Geography   •  Interest  &  Lifestyle   •  Branded     •  Demographic     Connect  Data:  Bridge  Known  and  Anonymous  Marke=ng  Data   Data Ingested from Many Systems
  25. 25. Acquire   Acquire  best  customers  by   connec=ng  your  owned   and  3rd  party  data   Engage   Individualize  experience     for  your  known  customers.     Convert   Target  customers  with  relevant   products,  service  and  message   Retain     Bridge  offline  and  digital  worlds  to   drive  loyalty,  winback  and  cross-­‐sell.   Leverage Solutions for Every Step of the Customer Lifecycle
  26. 26. Use case •  Segmented customers based on AgilOne Single View of Customer •  Hyper-targeted email personalization Benefits •  Enhanced Responsys profiles •  Continuously update and enhance Responsys profiles with AgilOne’s data •  Enhance customer intelligence in AgilOne with Responsys data, leading to additional targeted campaigns •  Integrate Responsys data (e.g., sign-up date, email/SMS events) •  Better user identification rates •  Not cookie dependent; uses RIID integration •  Identify customers seamlessly across devices/browsers +
  27. 27. Use case •  Suppress some ads for recent offline buyers •  Target ads based on omni-channel analytics •  Target customers who are not responding on other channels on display •  Leverage AgilOne customer intelligence, segments in DMP Benefits •  Intelligent ad suppression •  Greater return on ad spend Results •  3-5X volume in AbCart/AbBrowse emails → $$$ +
  28. 28. Intelligent, Orchestrated Personalization
  29. 29. Key Takeaways Oracle’s perspective •  CDPs are pivotal in the market •  AgilOne is the best CDP for enterprise brands •  For omni-channel marketers, a CDP is a crucial complementary piece to Oracle Marketing Cloud AgilOne’s perspective •  AgilOne customers benefit from leveraging a CDP with Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Data Cloud Are you ready for a CDP? •  Siloed data? •  Need to increase profitability of customer relationships? •  Need to create consistent experiences across online/offline channels? Contact AgilOne to learn more.
  30. 30. Q & A
  31. 31. AgilOne Webinar Coming Soon: Maximizing Store Sales with a Customer Data Platform December 5th, 2017 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM PT In this webinar, you’ll learn: •  How to use customer data to maximize same-store sales  •  How post-purchase and browse abandonment campaigns from store visits and purchases increase revenue and customer engagement  •  Winning strategies for clienteling apps  •  How AgilOne customers are leveraging stores to increase incremental revenue