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  1. 1. Proposal Outline on My Podcast AssignmentChange Management Process on Thailand’sPolitical Protests/ Mobs in ThailandSpring 2011 Course:Strategic Leadership and Management of GlobalChange By Orapak Suwanapakdee Doctoral Student in Organizational Leadership School of Education and Psychology Pepperdine University
  2. 2. Background and Goal of ChangeManagement• Change issue here I propose to diagnose and present by podcast this semester is managing political change in the issue of political riots/mobs in Thailand to create peace in Thailand• The goal of this change management proposal is to reduce severity of political unrest in Thailand and create public peace in the nation• Late issue: In the past, there have been red and yellow shirts’ protest which have damaged country in Thailand, and with the concurrent issue of proposed law change of rule 112, the situation can severely cause further problem with another unrest.• As a Thai citizen, I would like to propose change management process by looking at 35 models of change in order to cope with the issue and selecting the model to create peace in the country.• In the role of this podcast, I will assume the role of Prime Minister of Thailand and I will give public speech in the form of podcast video. The podcast will be in 10 mins.• In 10-min broadcasting, I have to take 10 mins by using free broadcasting via itunes to make sure that listeners will buy my concept of change management process in Thailand.
  3. 3. Change Models Used to Analyze theCase :• Brainstorming• Six- Change KOTLER’s Approach• The Change Phrases Model By KOTLER• Other models could be further explored from 35 tools or from 12manage.com
  4. 4. Podcast Details and Theme:• The Podcast theme will portray the 10-minute important speech on making a change in Thailand and 10-minute has to be backed up theories and facts.• The goal of 10-minute is to convince by applying theories to real word problem to create peace in Political Riot case.• The audience will not be students in class but will be general public.• The change management will have to create resolution and become final word with no aspects/angles anyone can debate.• The words in podcast broadcast will be absolutely clear and concise similar to real broadcasting on TV.• Role assumed: Prime Minister of Thailand