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5 minute-interview-podcasting

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I think the most important tip is perhaps this one, don’t chase away your listeners. You’ll often hear a podcaster talk for 5 or even 10 minutes at the beginning of their show about little or nothing connected with the particular show. They may ramble on about past shows, future shows or what they had for dinner (seriously).

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5 minute-interview-podcasting

  1. 1. 5 Minute Interviews What You Need To Know About " Think about the listener " Share�expertise enabling listeners to�walk away with a firm grasp of the info and the tools needed to find out more. And do it�in 5 minutes It may be helpful to envision yourself sitting in a room facing�one listener, a listener hungry for your wisdom tictoc " Prepare Your Guests " Give Your Listeners The Best Listening Experience Possible Deliver the 3 questions below�to your future scheduled guests, at least a week in advance of�the interview. Question One Tell Us About (Your Topic) ? Suggestion: Write an intro of 25 to 50 words followed by�4 or 5 bullet points. One - Minute tictoc Help People Understand (Your Topic) ? Suggestion: How do you share your wisdom to others? What�resonates with those you interact with? One - Minute Question Two Improvise One -�Two Minutes You've heard the answers your guest shared to the first 2 questions. Zone in on a couple of interesting things you believe your listeners would love to hear more about. tictoc Share Tools�Listeners Can Use? This is a big topic and there are lots of tips and ideas you can share,�creating a short list before the interview will be�really helpful. One Minute Question Three tictoc 5 Minute Interview They're Listening Each Podcast Listener Hopes To Take Away Things That Are Useful To Their Lives... Your guests have accumulated many insights and unique ways of doing things over the years,�share the uniqueness with your listeners. " "5 Minute Interviews Without being abrupt or harsh remember to stay in control of the interview. Often the person being interviewed will try and move off on a tangent or personal crusade, steer them back on track with grace and purpose.� Always keep in mind,�you've created the podcast for your listeners and not for the guests or�for yourself. Caution guests about making the interview an advertisement for their new book or video. Let them know there will be links and more info on the podcast website for promotion. Honestly, listeners are tired of interviews that really are only advertisements. If the interview offers uniqueness the listeners will visit the links. It's About The Listeners Copyright 2020 - OrganicHat.Net