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Stay in the moment

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Each moment presents us with a dynamic opportunity, but more often than not we are preoccupied with distractions and thoughts racing around within our mind to notice the present moment, and the opportunity it's offering us.

I've added 10 tips to this slide show to help you Stay In The Moment without too much trouble.

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Stay in the moment

  1. 1. STAY MOMENT Frenzied Time Sharp Edged Feelings Past Memories Tumbling Clinging Futured Dreams IN THE MindfulnessCreates.Com
  2. 2. “If it comes, let it come. If it stays, let it stay. If it goes, let it go.” Nicholas Sparks MindfulnessCreates.Com Stay In The Moment
  3. 3. Stay In The Moment 1. Embrace Your Breath The sounds, sensations and smells found within each breath are gateways to staying in the present moment. Watching you breath while doing everyday tasks pulls you from the prison of the relentless stream of thinking.
  4. 4. Stay In The Moment 2. Stop And Ask, What Am I Doing? What am I doing right now? You may be surprised when you ask this of yourself. You could be doing one thing while at the same time thinking about other things. Many days I will wear a small band around my wrist. It’s purpose is to remind me to stop and ask, in the moment.
  5. 5. “You can stay and fight or you can run and repent.” Raubin Chaudhary MindfulnessCreates.Com Stay In The Moment
  6. 6. Stay In The Moment 3. Do One Thing And Repeat. It’s easy to find ourselves staring at our web browser and notice we have a multitude of tabs opened, many of them not related to the task at hand. There are number useful apps such as the Pomodoro Technique that have shown wonderful results in productivity and in keeping focus..
  7. 7. Stay In The Moment 4. Become Ambidextrous.. It may sound like an ascetic call from left field, but learning to eat and write with your non- dominant hand is a gift of being in the present moment. Learning to construct written pages and to bring food to your mouth with a different hand is difficult and rewarding.
  8. 8. “Many trains arrive at your station; treat them good whether they stay or leave!” Mehmet Murat ildan MindfulnessCreates.Com Stay In The Moment
  9. 9. Stay In The Moment 5) Be Aware Of Routines And Habits. When Noticing a mindless habit acknowledge it with a smile, and change it in that moment. Change it in some way. Turn it upside down or inside out. Try creating a handwritten list of your habits and routines as a way of bring focus and awareness to them.
  10. 10. Stay In The Moment 6. Deliberately Change Things Around. Try organizing your books by color, cook something new at least twice a week. Move furniture around, drive both long and short destinations along different routes. Grab the architecture of your physical life by the scruff of the neck and shake it into new and interesting forms.
  11. 11. “Everyone kept asking me to stay, so I did.” D.A. Paul, Boost MindfulnessCreates.Com Stay In The Moment
  12. 12. Stay In The Moment 7. Take Mindful Walks. Put your full awareness on each step you take. When a thought or other distraction appears acknowledge it and then bring each step you’re taking back into full awareness Feel each foot touch the ground and follow as each foot bends and lifts itself into the air. Repeat the touch, bend and lift as you watch within your awareness.
  13. 13. Stay In The Moment 8.Tell Yourself What’s Going On. Direct your awareness to the simple things you do each day. I’m brushing my teeth, I’m walking down the stairs, I’m washing dishes.Try doing this outloud and repeat it if your mind starts wandering. As you build awareness shift to a silent acknowledgement of what your doing. Placing attention on what you’re doing becomes an active meditation.
  14. 14. To stay with that shakiness—to stay with a broken heart, with a rumbling stomach, with the feeling of hopelessness and wanting to get revenge—that is the path of true awakening Pema Chodron MindfulnessCreates.Com Stay In The Moment
  15. 15. Stay In The Moment 9. Begin With Meditation. Near the beginning of each day steer yourself into the day with calmness, curiosity.and awareness. 10 minutes of sitting each day gears you up to embrace each day with clarity. The morning mediation can short circuit our tendency to engage stress from the previous day or anticipation of a hectic day ahead.
  16. 16. Stay In The Moment 10. Acknowledge Your Stream Of Thoughts. We all tell ourselves a multitude of stories each day as we go about our lives. Our stream of thought presents us with a jumble of non coherent thoughts we may find ourselves buying into. When you notice your thoughts tell yourself “Thinking” and let them dissolve. Our stream of thoughts are not reality only distractions in an endless mind loop..
  17. 17. Thoughts swirling between isles of awareness occasionally making sense but rarely do our thoughts touch reality as it is. Our stream of thoughts can be a joy along a morning walk or a nightmare spilling into consciousness with such darkness we look around to make sure no one heard what we heard.. MindfulnessCreates.Com Stay In The Moment Created By Craig Daniels AsTheMarketingWorldTurns.Com