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Eouc 12 on 12c osama mustafa

My presnetation in Oracle Open world, How to plug non-cdb into cdb.

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Eouc 12 on 12c osama mustafa

  1. 1. How to plugin a non-CDB database to a Container Database (CDB) Osama Mustafa @OsamaOracle Oracle ACE Director • Osama Mustafa is Founder of Gurus Solutions Company, Oracle ACE Director , Creator/Director of Jordan Amman Oracle User Group the first Group in Jordan related to oracle technology,Author of the book Oracle Penetration Testing, Osama has been working on project and customer support in EMEA Region, Providing Database Implementation Solutions, his specialties Fusion middleware, In memory database Timesten, Exalytics and Exalogic machine, Include to this Osama Is frequently Speaker in Oracle User Groups around the world and one of RAC ATTACK event organizer, Fusion middleware ATTACK Organizer as well, he published articles in Oracle Magazine, OTECH magazine and UKOUG Oracle Scene magazine, Also he is Blogger and Certified Oracle Database and Fusion middleware, he assists with sharing his knowledge at conferences, webinars, white papers ,slide share and blog posts to the Oracle community, Simply he is Oracle passionate.
  2. 2. Steps to do this 1. Setting Non-CDB to Read Only Mode. 2. Generate a pluggable database manifest file for Non-CDB. 3. Create and Plug in PDB into CDB2 by using manifest file ( from Step #2). 4. Optional :- Convert to PDB data dictionary. 5. Test the environment.
  3. 3. Tips before you start • Ensure that you have enough disk space to hold a second copy of the non-CDB. • Make sure that environment set correctly. • This should be done in Oracle 12c.
  4. 4. in depth technical • Connect to the noncdb instance. – sqlplus / as sysdba – shutdown immediate – startup mount exclusive – alter database open read only;
  5. 5. in depth technical • Execute the dbms_pdb.describe procedure to generate the manifest file. – exec dbms_pdb.describe(pdb_descr_file=>'/u01/app/o racle/noncdb/noncdb.xml'); • Shutdown the Non-CDB to prepare to copy the data files. – shutdown immediate
  6. 6. in depth technical • Now Connect to cdb2. • Create a PDB by using the noncdb manifest file. Use the file_name_convert parameter to place the copied data files in a different location. – create pluggable database exnoncdb as clone using '/u01/app/oracle/noncdb/noncdb.xml' file_name_convert=('/u01/app/oracle/oradata/no ncdb','/u01/app/oracle/oradata/newnoncdb') copy;
  7. 7. in depth technical • Finalize the plug-in by opening the new PDB, closing it, and then reopening it. – alter pluggable database newnoncdb open; – alter pluggable database newnoncdb close; – alter pluggable database newnoncdb open; – exit
  8. 8. in depth technical • This step is optional. • Without this step the new PDB cloned from the non-CDB will work fine. • if you need to upgrade the CDB later, you should run the noncdb_to_pdb.sql script to remove superfluous non-CDB data from the PDB data dictionary • Regarding to oracle documentation it’s recommended in a production environment.
  9. 9. in depth technical • This step is optional. – Connect to the new newnoncdb PDB. • sqlplus sys/oracle@localhost:1521/exnoncdb as sysdba • @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/noncdb_to_pdb.sql
  10. 10. Finally Test • Make sure everything is working fine. • Test your new PDB by reset/bounce DB. – alter pluggable database newnoncdb close immediate; – Alter Pluggable database newnoncdb open; OR Alter Pluggable database all open;
  11. 11. Using EM12c
  12. 12. Using EM12c
  13. 13. Using EM12c
  14. 14. Using EM12c
  15. 15. Using EM12c

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My presnetation in Oracle Open world, How to plug non-cdb into cdb.


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