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Course adventure #4

  1. Course Adventure #4: Port Moody By Owen Friz
  2. Port Moody Rec Centre Port Moody Rec Centre picture from sportsa website Address: 300 Ioco Road, Port Moody, BC V3H 2V7 The Rec Centre is in the public sector. The Rec Centre is a place where anyone can go. It contains ice rinks where hockey and ringette are played, as well as a gym, library, theatre, and many more facilities. It does have programs which do cost money, but it also has free programs such as the library where anyone can go if they like.
  3. Port Moody Rec Centre The Port Moody Rec Centre has a recreational, and coaching connection. It has a recreational connection through the ice rinks, library and the gym. In Course Adventure #4: Service Sectors in Your Community, Ed Lunn explains how the job of the municipal government is ”to encourage the development of recreation programs and facilities” (pp 5, 2020). The Rec Centre is run and owned by the municipal government and offers many different types of recreational programs to the public. It also offers a coaching connection through personal training. At the Rec Centre gym, there are personal trainers who coach and teach people so they can learn how to properly do exercises safely without injuring themselves.
  4. Rocky Point Park (Personal Photo taken by me of my mom at rocky point park) Address: 2800 Murray Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 1X2 Rocky Point Park is in the public sector as it’s a free park for anyone to go to if they would like. It has a nice beach right down near the ocean as well as a boardwalk, spray park, ice cream shop, and many more attractive amenities!
  5. Rocky Point Park Rocky Point Park has a SPSC 2210 connection through recreation. It is a public park and offers many cool attractions. The recreation connection is by walking along the boardwalk, walking through the woods and running through the spray park. It also has a public pool where people can go swimming as well as kayaking and canoeing lessons and opportunities. Rocky Point Park also has festivals year-round such as their Canada Day festival. These festivals bring the community together to celebrate. ”Recreation services play a significant role in the creation of cohesive and quality communities” (Lunn, 2020, pp 5). The recreational opportunities at Rock Point Park help create a cohesive community in Port Moody for everyone to enjoy.
  6. HeritageWoods Secondary (Picture of Heritage Woods Secondary taken from SD43 website) Address: 1300 David Ave, Port Moody, BC V3H 5K6 Heritage Woods Secondary is a part of the public sector as it is a public school where students grades 9-12 go to learn. Since it is a high school, it’s free for students to attend. The money which the school makes comes from taxpayers and as Lunn states “the financial base of the public sector comes from taxpayers” (pp 3, 2020).
  7. Heritage Woods Secondary Heritage Woods Secondary School is a public high school in Port Moody which offers a physical education connection. High schools teach physical education to their students. Students do workouts in P.E., play games, and learn about how to be physically active for life. Heritage woods is part of the public sector meaning all the money which they make comes from taxpayers. Public sectors get their financial base from tax revenue, (Lunn, 2020). All the money which Heritage Woods gets would be coming from taxpayers meaning the families don’t directly pay for schooling, instead the parents pay through their taxes.
  8. Port Moody Minor Hockey Address: 300 Ioco Road, Port Moody, BC V3H 2V7 It is a non-profit sector as most of the people are volunteers who spend their own time helping run the league making sure that the kids can play. All the money the league takes in goes back to paying league fees such as ice times, referees, and other fees. (Personal Photo of me with my grade 12 ice hockey team)
  9. Port Moody Minor Hockey offers a coaching connection to SPSC 2210. The minor hockey association is a volunteer/non-profit run association which ensures kids have a place to play hockey. All the money which is brought in comes from “donations, user fees & fundraising, and funding for kids from organizations such as Jumpstart” (Lunn, 2020, pp 9). It’s non-profit because any money they take in they put back into the league to pay for various expenses. The coaching connection comes from adults volunteering to coach the kids and teach them important life lessons about not just the game but everything. Without coaches, the league would be unable to run therefore resulting in tons of young athletes and kids being unable to play ice hockey. Port Moody Minor Hockey
  10. Volunteer Firefighters (Picture of firefighters taken from Facebook website) Address: 150 Newport Drive The volunteer firefighters fall under the volunteer sector as they volunteer their time to help the first responders put out fires and give back to our community. The firefighters aren’t being paid and any money that comes in goes back to helping get equipment for the fire station.
  11. Volunteer firefighters have a recreational and physical education connection to SPSC 2210. To become a volunteer firefighter there are multiple fitness tests they must pass. These fitness tests become harder and harder as they go. The physical education connection is they learn about how to get in good shape and how to keep their bodies healthy and strong. The recreational connection comes from being out in the community putting out fires and helping people. The nature of service is public good which allows them to generate enough profit from local government to cover costs (Lunn, 2020). They are out helping people and risking their lives in our community without getting anything back in return. Volunteer Firefighters
  12. Port Moody Ecological Society (Picture taken from tri-city news website) Address: 340 Ioco Road, Port Moody, BC V3H 2V7 The Port Moody Ecological Society is in the non- profit/volunteer sector. They take volunteers to help operate Noon’s Creek Salmon hatchery as well as test the waters and make sure they are safe. They get thousands of volunteers and any money they take in goes back into helping the hatchery grow and thrive.
  13. Port Moody Ecological Society The Port Moody Ecological Society is a volunteer organization which takes care of Noon’s Creek Salmon Hatchery as well as does laboratory tests on water and other environmental tasks. One of they key components of a volunteer/non-profit sector is ”a group of individuals who have a similar interest and form into a society” (Lunn, 2020, pp 9). The society has a recreational connection to SPSC 2210. They are helping make our Salmon Hatchery a cleaner and better place so our community and salmon population can thrive. They are out in the public cleaning and making sure our salmon hatchery can succeed. The recreational activities which this society does, makes our community more cohesive and stronger together.
  14. Koko’s (Personal photo taken by me in front of Koko’s) Address: 3210 St. John’s St, Port Moody, BC V3H 2C9 Koko’s is a private business otherwise meaning it is part of the commercial sector. As Lunn states “the nature of service for a commercial business is to provide for a cost or profit oriented” (pp 6, 2020). Koko’s provides recreational activities for kids, but at a cost.
  15. Koko’s Koko’s is a commercial business which offers physical activity and recreation through running through jungle gyms and playing games with friends. It does cost money to access the facility but when inside is a very fun play place for young kids. “Commercial recreation is defined as recreation for which the consumer pays for and for which the supplier expects to make a profit” (Karlis, 2011, pp 79, as cited in Lunn, 2020, pp 6). Koko’s is exactly that. People will go there for there for a couple hours and have their kids run through the jungle gym, but they will have to pay for it. The recreational connection is the kids getting exercise playing in the jungle gym.
  16. OxygenYoga (Picture of Oxygen yoga taken from their website) Address: 2732 St. John’s St, Port Moody, BC V3H 2B7 Oxygen yoga in Port Moody is another business in the commercial sector as they provide physical activity and recreation but for a cost. They are profit oriented.
  17. OxygenYoga Oxygen Yoga is another commercial business which offers recreational activity in the form of yoga, but it costs money to do. There is a both a recreation connection as well as a coaching connection. The recreational connection is doing yoga to be more flexible as well as they offer full body workouts. The coaching connection is that usually they will have an instructor running the sessions for the people to follow them and learn. The instructor teaches the clients about how to properly do the correct movements.
  18. Starbucks (Personal Photo of Starbucks Tree Ornament) Address: 176 Brew St. Port Moody, BC V3H, 0E7 Starbucks falls under the commercial sector as well. They provide food and beverages to customers. Starbucks is covered as one of “the five categories of commercial recreation services: hospitality/food services” (Lunn, 2020, pp 6).
  19. Starbucks Starbucks is a commercial business which sells food and beverages to people. They have a recreational connection. ”There are 3 types of local commercial recreation: outdoor commercial recreation, indoor commercial recreation, and clubs” (Lunn, 2020, pp 6). Starbucks falls under the indoor commercial recreation as they offer food and beverages to people in return for money, but they are still apart of the 5 categories of commercial recreation, one of which being hospitality/food services.
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