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10 Tips on How to Become a Successful Security Professional in 2019

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This webinar will cover off the main items needed for modern day security professionals to help improve their skills, knowledge and enhance their marketability in the industry.

Main points covered:

• How to effectively set career objectives within your chosen industry area. “What does good look like”.
• Self-skill and knowledge gap analysis and personal development planning.
• Ongoing continuous professional development – how and why.
• The evolution of security partnerships and how to best position yourself


Our presenter for this webinar, Scott Taylor CPP, has over 25 years’ experience across the gamut of the security services industry. He is the Former Chairman of the ASIS NSW Chapter (which is the pre-eminent association for security professionals worldwide) and member of the NSW Police Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate Advisory Council. He has sat on the International Council for “Hospitality, Entertainment, and Tourism Security” as well as many other Industry Associations and forums.

Scott consults and presents both domestically and abroad on a diverse range of security and risk-related elements with his specialty areas being the development and implementation of holistic risk mitigation strategies and all related elements of conflict identification and resolution. He is frequently contacted by media as a recognized industry specialist when security-related issues surface in the public arena and is a regular contributor of educational articles in his chosen field.

Recorded webinar: https://youtu.be/mf5wEMnPeQg

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10 Tips on How to Become a Successful Security Professional in 2019

  1. 1. My Background 26 years in the security, safety and risk field across the entire gamut of the industry. Certified Protection Professional (CPP). Former Chairman ASIS NSW Chapter. Former Member NSW Police SLED Advisory Council.
  2. 2. My Background Provided over 100 expert reports in various cases for courts & tribunals. Lectured and consulted in USA and the Middle East on Security & Risk. Hospitality, Entertainment and Tourism Security Council & Supply Chain Risk Management Security Council.
  3. 3. #Tip 1- Do Industry Assessment Conduct overall industry assessment for identification of trends & opportunities. Assess through networking, industry associations, publications & research. Place focus on your areas of interest, not just areas of current skills. Make a Venn Diagram. Don’t rush the journey.
  4. 4. #Tip 2- Expand your network Extremely important to establish a good community of people inside and outside your company. Professional associations – like minded people passionate about industry. Social Media – Linkedin. Comment and contribute. Share knowledge – question & validate. Broadens your service offerings.
  5. 5. #Tip 3- Being Professional BE ORGANISED & ACCOUNTABLE! As a Security Professional you need to have demonstrable knowledge and experience in your field of expertise.  You need to ensure you are groomed and attired in a way that is reflective of being in this Position of Trust. Understand the “Moment of Truth” Principle. Consistency! Lawyer’s and Doctor’s have “Client’s not Customers” – So do Security Professionals.
  6. 6. #Tip 4- Personal Gap Analysis Map out ideal “A.S.K” Elements for your goal position or area of speciality and prioritise the list. Attitude, Skills & Knowledge. Include physical and mental wellbeing. In each area, perform some critical self analysis to identify any potential knowledge or skills gaps. Industry Certifications, Qualifications, Webinars and Accreditations.
  7. 7. #Tip 5- Client & Peer Feedback Liaise with Industry peers on their development journeys. We all have a certain amount of “Mental Currency”. Client feedback and office 360 degree feedback to identify “development opportunities” Benchmark against Best Practise. Where do you go to find standards?
  8. 8. #Tip 6- Find/Be a Mentor Great way to give back to industry. Increase self worth. Improves interpersonal and coaching skills. Helps expand your network. Rewarding/Re-energising. Keeps you researching/validating.
  9. 9. #Tip 7- Positioning Yourself Share industry updates and news. Share security, safety and risk tips. Publish white papers & articles. Perform activities that reinforces to your client base that you are their “Security Expert”. Keep learning to keep sharing.
  10. 10. #Tip 8- Sell to their needs & not your interests We get caught up in new trends and initiatives. Identify true client needs. Classic example is technology vs training & people. When consulting, be aware of their mission and values – alignment. Validate as you progress to ensure on the same path.
  11. 11. #Tip 9- Longer term vision ”You can shear a sheep many times but can only barbecue it once”. Client budget and lifecycle. Lighting, CCTV & access control – controlled spending roadmap. Today’s solutions cant remove/reduce tomorrows options.
  12. 12. #Tip 10- Immerse in their world Understand a clients business through their eyes then let them see through yours. Part of the service is to educate as to why they need your services. “you don’t know what you don’t know” Any recommendations/solutions need to be underpinned by operational effectiveness and value alignment.
  13. 13. Summary Keep top of mind that the Security Industry is a key position of trust and act accordingly. Continue to self analyse and update your self development plan. Take ownership of your journey. Track and monitor the industry trends.
  14. 14. ISO/IEC 27001 Training Courses • ISO/IEC 27001 Introduction 1 Day Course • ISO/IEC 27001 Foundation 2 Days Course • ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer 5 Days Course • ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor 5 Days Course Exam and certification fees are included in the training price. https://pecb.com/en/education-and-certification-for-individuals/iso- iec-27001 www.pecb.com/events
  15. 15. THANK YOU ? scott.t@riskprotectiongroup.com.au www.scgroup.global https://www.linkedin.com/in/scotttaylorcpp/