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A Preliminary Review for ISO 22301:2019 - What Will Change?

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A Preliminary Review for ISO 22301:2019 - What Will Change?

The 2012 edition served the profession well for a long time. First attempts by the standards-making community to engage interested parties in the revision process did not create much response. Only after quite some time the interest "erupted" and ISO/TC 292 Working Group 2, being charged with the revision process, received an unprecedented number of comments on what and how to change in the revised version.

It took a couple of long, tough, but productive meetings, to deal with the several hundreds of comments. While currently, the document is in a fair shape to be published, there is obviously still room for more mincing of words, but the working group is confident that the proposed FDIS (Final Draft International Standard) is in good shape to be accepted by the participating NSBs (National Standards Bodies). Voting will take place over the summer and it is expected that the new version is going to be "rolled out” in time for the next plenary meeting of ISO/TC 292 in Bangkok in September.

Main points covered:

• Revision of the first edition of 2012
• Clause 8 (Operation) restructured
• Streamlined according to new ISO Directives for systems management standards


Dr. Wolfgang Mahr has over 20 years of experience in consulting and project management in the ICT environment and during the last 20 years has specialized in the field of Business Continuity Management.
He is experienced in IT governance, information security, business management, marketing, account and product management, in professional education as an author of educational content and international speaker.

He further has extensive experience in the international environment, and in organizational, process and technology consulting. He worked for companies of various sizes. His capabilities include the analysis of complex business and technical situations, processes and systems and solution design. He is fluent in German, English and French.

Recorded Webinar: https://youtu.be/wZMsQ0j4nbQ

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A Preliminary Review for ISO 22301:2019 - What Will Change?

  1. 1. ISOSystem ManagementStandards(SMMs) Describe Procedures and Best Practices Examples: ISO 9001 Quality ISO 27001 Information Security ISO 22301 Business Continuity … Standards share a common High Level Structure (HLS)
  2. 2. ISO22301:2012 Published in 2012 by ISO/TC 223 First international standard for managing business continuity ISO System Management Standards are subject to revision policy • Several ISO/TC 292 WG2 meetings after go-ahead for revision Note: ISO/TC 223 amalgamated into ISO/TC 292 (in 2014), for more infos: http://www.isotc292online.org/
  3. 3. DraftsandComments 1) Initial interest 2) Task Group produces draft 3) Comments by NSBs (National Standards Bodies) 4) Comments discussed at WG meetings 5) If not OK, go to 1, else proceed… 6) Finally: FDIS (Final Draft International Standard) See also: http://www.isotc292online.org/projects/iso-22301-revision/
  4. 4. ISO Standards Development Stages https://www.iso.org/deliverables-all.html
  5. 5. ClarityAdded
  6. 6. LivePresentation
  7. 7. Successful updateeffort International effort by subject matter experts Adaptation to updated way of thinking No fundamental differences Auxiliary standards need to be updated ISO 22313 (Guidance) Certifications remain valid until expiry Solid base for the next years
  8. 8. ISO/IEC 22301 Training Courses • ISO/IEC 22301 Introduction 1 Day Course • ISO/IEC 22301 Foundation 2 Days Course • ISO/IEC 22301 Lead Implementer 5 Days Course • ISO/IEC 22301 Lead Auditor 5 Days Course Exam and certification fees are included in the training price. https://pecb.com/en/education-and-certification-for-individuals/iso- 22301 www.pecb.com/events
  9. 9. THANK YOU ? wolfgang.mahr@continuuuity.ch linkedin.com/in/continuuuity https://continuuuity.com/