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NHS Challenge Prize Presentation

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NHS Challenge Prize Presentation

  1. 1. My JourneyYouth Mental Health AppSarah AmaniLouise LunnDavid Sandy
  2. 2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/diloz/5023417436MY JourneyMobile App
  3. 3. Overview1. The Cost of Schizophrenia2. Background to ‘My Journey’ mobile app3. An app a day keeps the doctor away?4. Return on Investment
  4. 4. What is Early Intervention in Psychosis?Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIIP) is a mentalhealth service for 14-35 year olds experiencing a FirstEpisode of PsychosisEIIP aims to Reduce Delays in treatment & increasechances of Recovery.Works with Young Person and Family for Three Years
  5. 5. Cost of Delayed Treatment in Psychosis• 1% population• Costs £7 billion a year• 70-80% discontinue medication within 1 yr• 15% die by suicide• 84% unemployed• Co-morbidity - diabetes, heart disease• Die 20 years earlier than gen. populationSchizophrenia Commission, 2012
  6. 6. UKSmartphone penetration is 52%...312Young People & Smartphones
  7. 7. Crowdsourcing
  8. 8. September 2012
  9. 9. 051015202009 2010Number of Young People Admitted to Hospital
  10. 10. Return on Investment
  11. 11. Cost of Admission2009 2010Number ofYoung PeopleAdmitted16 4Cost forMedian 16Days£300,712 £75,178Based on Chrisholm et al (2007) Cost of Psychiatric Bed Per DayCost Saving ~ £225,534
  12. 12. Survey of 20 young people aged 14-25 who used the appThe Best Feature About the app is…September 2012
  13. 13. Survey of 20 young people aged 14-25 who used the appI will you use the app for…September 2012
  14. 14. Service UsersMy JourneyMobile AppSelf Rated Measures+Activity TrackersSecure Data BaseElectronic HealthRecordEIIP TeamCare Coordinator+ MDTMobile Internet+N3 NetworkYour Help
  15. 15. Dissemination: Expressed Interest
  16. 16. Sent: 25 March 2013 20:00Subject: Sarah AmaniHello,We are the team at the Child, Youth, and Family Mental Health Services of the VancouverIsland Health Authority in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada (it’s a mouthful – I know).Our manager, Elaine Halsall, is very interested in the My Journey App project beingcoordinated by Sarah Amani of NHS South East. Unfortunately, we are unable to find on-line any contact information for Sarah; would it be possible to please pass this message onto either Sarah herself or somebody else well-informed around the project? We are veryexcited about what this type of tool could do for our service and would like to learn moreabout it.Many thanks,Ben VorstChild, Youth, and Family Mental Health Services – Vancouver Island Health Authority
  17. 17. Dear SarahIt was great to meet you yesterday and I really enjoyed your talk.I’ve attached some background on the NIHR Mindtech Health Technology Co-operative (HTC). I would be veryinterested to explore with you how the HTC might help support your exciting and important work.I’d also like to invite you to speak at our HTC launch event in London on 27thSeptember. It would be a greatopportunity to disseminate your work with a national audience including clinicians, service users, academics,NHS policy makers and the healthtech industry.As you may know, I have just finished chairing the NICE Guideline for psychosis and schizophrenia in childrenand young people. I would like to see innovations such as your formally evaluated in a way that could beincorporated into future NICE Guidance.Best regards, ChrisProfessor Chris HollisChair of Child & Adolescent PsychiatryDirector, NIHR MindTech Health Technology Co-operative (HTC)University of Nottingham and Institute of Mental HealthDevelopmental PsychiatrySouth Block, E FloorQueen’s Medical CentreNottinghamNG7 2UHUnited Kingdom+44 (0)115 823 0258