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203 - Canada Health Infoway: How We Won PMI’s “PMO of the Year” Award

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Canada Health Infoway (“Infoway”) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation with $2.1 billion in public funding from the Government of Canada. In partnership with the federal government and the governments of every province and territory, Infoway is working to improve the health of Canadians by transforming Canada’s health care system through digital health solutions. This mandate is one of Canada’s largest-ever information technology-based initiatives. Infoway jointly invests with its provincial and territorial partners to accelerate the development, adoption and effective use of digital health solutions across the country. These solutions are improving access, quality and productivity of care for patients and clinicians, building a foundation that will result in healthier Canadians and a more sustainable health care system.

In 2013, Infoway’s Portfolio Management Office (PMO) became the first non-American, and the first publicly-funded, organization to win PMI’s “PMO of the Year” Award. This presentation will explain how Infoway’s PMO has contributed directly to the success of the organization’s business. It will describe how Infoway built a “best in class” PMO, focusing on several key differentiators. Notable among these is the Infoway PMO framework, which has ensured the accountability and transparency needed to achieve excellent success rates for truly transformative projects, and to withstand over 30 independent audits and evaluations of Infoway’s use of taxpayer funds, essential for continued federal support of the organization. The presentation will also offer advice for other organizations who aspire to win the “PMO of the Year” award one day.

Jane Holden is Executive Director, Corporate Accountability at Canada Health Infoway. Jane is a financial and project management executive with over 20 years’ experience leading multi-disciplinary teams in the successful delivery of large, complex business and information technology initiatives. She specializes in the design and implementation of project, program, and portfolio management offices, for which she has won national and international awards. In her 13 years at Infoway, Jane has held a number of senior roles, including the building and leadership of a division comprised of the Portfolio Management Office (PMO), the enterprise-wide Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, the Metrics & Reporting group and the Investment Programs team. These business units governed, monitored and reported on an investment portfolio totalling over 400 projects with a value of $2.1 billion. Reporting to, and working closely with, Infoway’s Chief Operating Officer, Jane is also responsible for a number of strategic matters, such as independent evaluations and audits of Infoway’s performance under the terms of its funding agreements with the federal government.

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203 - Canada Health Infoway: How We Won PMI’s “PMO of the Year” Award

  1. 1. Canada Health Infoway: How We Won PMI’s “PMO of the Year” Award Jane Holden, CPA CA Executive Director, Corporate Accountability Canada Health Infoway / Inforoute Santé du Canada 1
  2. 2. Agenda What is Canada Health Infoway? Our PMO’s Mandate Our PMO Journey Our Differentiators: Why We Won the 2013 “PMO of the Year” Award The Impact of Winning the Award Advice for Aspiring Award Winners Q & A 2
  3. 3. What is Canada Health Infoway? 3
  4. 4. What is Canada Health Infoway? A Unique Multi-Government Collaboration Independent, not-for-profit corporation co-owned by the 14 federal / provincial / territorial Ministries of Health Vision: “Healthier Canadians through innovative digital health solutions” With provincial and territorial partners, accelerates implementation and use of digital health solutions across Canada “Strategic Investor” of $2.1 billion in federal public funds (+ $300 million just announced in Budget 2017) Focus on accountability and transparency 4
  5. 5. 12 Strategic Investment Programs 5 Innovation and Adoption $112 million Patient Access to Quality Care $45 million EMR and Integration $340 million Consumer Health Solutions $65 million Public Health Surveillance $135 million Drug Systems $250 million Laboratory Systems $170 million Diagnostic Imaging $365 million Interoperable Electronic Health Record $365 million Registries $134 million Infostructure $52 million Setting the Future Direction Health Care Applications The Electronic Health Record Architecture and Standards Telehealth $110 million
  6. 6. Transforming Canada’s Health Care System 6
  7. 7. Our PMO’s Mandate 7
  8. 8. Our PMO’s Mandate Developing, maintaining and ensuring compliance with the Project Phase Lifecycle processes Development and maintenance of a Risk Management Framework used by all 10 provinces and 3 territories Maximizing Infoway's investment in the enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) system (Changepoint) Project portfolio reporting and analysis for senior executives and the Board of Directors 8
  9. 9. Our PMO’s Mandate (continued) Organizing and documenting outcomes from monthly senior management meetings where projects and change requests are approved Liaision with auditors Executing quality reviews of documents and/or requests submitted by project managers Offering in-house project management training as a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) 9
  10. 10. Our PMO Journey 10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Start Up: A new beginning 12 2001-2003 Management recognized need for a PMO A couple of false starts Negative compliance audit increased urgency
  13. 13. Developed: Laying the foundation 13 2004-2005 Developed Infoway Project Phase Lifecycle processes and templates Established reporting cycles and enforced compliance through senior management Implemented centralized document and template repository
  14. 14. Established: Change for the better 14 2006-2007 Implemented formal risk management and quality assurance processes Introduced custom tools (Excel, SQL, VB) to increase efficiency and accuracy Became Certified PMI Registered Education Provider (REP)
  15. 15. Mature: Rooted in the culture 15 2008-2010 Senior management approved investment in an enterprise-wide PPM solution Automated project lifecycle processes, increasing efficiency and compliance PPM solution became “single source of truth,” reducing duplicate sources of project information
  16. 16. Best in Class: The journey continues 16 2011 & beyond Adapted to rapid increase in business volume Continuous review of processes to ensure value for effort Recognized internally and externally as thought leaders
  17. 17. Our Differentiators: Why We Won the 2013 “PMO of the Year” Award 17
  18. 18. Investment criteria and industry best practices for project sizing/estimating Co-invests with jurisdictions, typically at 75:25 of eligible project costs Infoway’s Investment Model Project Sizing & Estimation Twelve Investment Programs Common Architectural Blueprint Program Eligible Costs Program Criteria 1. Registries 2. Diagnostic Imaging 3. Laboratory Info. Systems 4. Drug Info. Systems 5. Public Health Surveillance 6. Telehealth 7. Interoperable EHR 8. Innovation & Adoption 9. Infostructure 10. Patient Access to Quality Care 11. EMR & Integration 12. Consumer Health Solutions Approved Projects for investment Approved Project Contract Signed (20%) Implementation Gates (30%) Adoption Gates (50%) Completed Project
  19. 19. Infoway’s Collaborative Risk Management Model
  20. 20. Sophisticated Use of Technology Project Manager View Project Code 1 Project Code 2 Project Code 3 Project Name 1 Project Name 2 Project Name 3 Jurisdicti on Jurisdicti on Jurisdicti on Progra m Progra m Progra m Request Description Request Description Request Description Audit Trail PMO Director View Executive Dashboard Executiv e 1 Executiv e 2 Executiv e 3 Executiv e 4 Executiv e 5 Executiv e 6 Changepoint: A “single source of truth” for all investment projects
  21. 21. 21 2005 2008 2013 # of projects and $ value of the portfolio (active and closed) 150 projects $302.7M Portfolio 443 projects $1,491.6M Portfolio 628 projects $2,004.5M Portfolio # of PMO employees 3 6 5 Average number of projects/PM 3.5 4.2 6.6 # of PMO negative audit findings >5 0 0 Average turnaround time for Portfolio Reporting 15 business days 9 business days 3 business days The PMO’s Measurable Impact on the Business Over Time
  22. 22. Results: Out-Performed Industry Standards Success compared to industry standards due to:  Board-approved investment program strategies  Rigorous due diligence before project approval  Gated funding process  Binding legal agreements with defined deliverables and capped payments
  23. 23. What the Experts Say About Infoway The Auditor General of Canada’s Fall 2009 report to Parliament stated that Infoway had “accomplished much in its eight years, and that it is exercising due regard in approving, monitoring, and making best use of its funds for electronic health record projects.” 23 “Infoway’s ERM Framework was considered to be within the top 15% of all organizations. Sophisticated and disciplined risk management processes and tools were in place to actively manage project, program and jurisdiction risks.” Independent expert review of Infoway’s enterprise risk management (ERM) framework:
  24. 24. “Canada Health Infoway excels at what public agencies need to do – be open and transparent with how they use taxpayers’ dollars, provide collaboration and linkages among stakeholders; and demonstrate that efficiency.” Winner, Canadian Government Executive Magazine’s 2014 Leadership Award: 24 “Canada Health Infoway’s role and its business model make it a unique organization within Canada and possibly the world, and its PMO is a clear demonstration of how organizations can – and should – successfully implement their strategic initiatives. Organizations can, and should, learn from Canada Health Infoway’s success and mirror its best practices to achieve their own success.” Winner, PMI’s Global “2013 PMO of the Year” Award What the Experts Say About Infoway (cont’d)
  25. 25. The Impact of Winning the “2013 PMO of the Year” Award
  26. 26. The Impact of Winning the “2013 PMO of the Year” Award Pride, both within PMO and across company Greatly increased visibility of the PMO, both internally and externally Recognition by CEO at multiple internal celebrations Letter from our Board chair to key external stakeholders PMO invited to reception and dinner with Board Congratulatory video from federal Minister of Health Award logo incorporated in e-mail signatures
  27. 27. Multiple Speaking Engagements and Requests for Consultation
  28. 28. Multiple Media Articles and Interviews
  29. 29. PMO Featured in Infoway’s 2013-14 Annual Report
  30. 30. Advice to Aspiring “PMO of the Year” Award Winners
  31. 31. Above All: Strong, Sustained, Visible Senior Executive Support Preferably up to the “C” level (CEO, COO, CIO, CFO…) Show any skeptical senior executives how the PMO can contribute directly to his / her individual success John Burns, Senior Vice-President Canada Health Infoway, 2003-13
  32. 32. The Right Team Technical PM skills are important but soft skills, team chemistry and passion are MORE important
  33. 33. A Clear Mandate What your PMO is and what it is not Documented, communicated and executed
  34. 34. Proven, Quantifiable Success Metrics Pick success metrics that matter to senior executives Get current-state baselines against which to measure future performance improvements
  35. 35. Direct Linkage to the Strategic Goals of the Organization Set goals annually Relate each of the PMO’s objectives to at least one strategic goal; if you can’t, should you keep that objective?
  36. 36. The Right Level of Project Management Process Should be a propeller, not an anchor Balanced and aligned with the major business imperatives and risks facing the enterprise
  37. 37. The Right Technology, at the Right Time But not as a substitute for robust processes – build them first Create a solid formal business case
  38. 38. Strong Stakeholder Engagement Focus on collaboration (more than compliance) and “what’s in it for them” – mutual success Consider a cross-departmental advisory council
  39. 39. Proactive Continuous Improvement Aim to increase the PMO’s value to the organization over time Don’t relax – review last year’s metrics and improve them What worked last year may no longer be relevant Watch the radar - anticipate changes in business needs and be prepared for them in advance
  40. 40. Communication, Communication, Communication! Marketing of your PMO’s services, its value and its successes – don’t keep it a secret! Remember, humans need to hear a message 6-10 times in order to absorb it fully
  41. 41. Believe You Can Do It! 12,000+ employees22,000+ employees 26,000 project managers80,000+ employees <200 employees 23,000+ employees
  42. 42. Merci beaucoup! Questions? Jane Holden, CPA, CA jholden@infoway-inforoute.ca 416-986-2009 www.ca.linkedin.com/in/janeholden www.infoway-inforoute.ca