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Making the World a Better Place Through Project Management by Deanna Landers and Peter Monkhouse

  1. PM4THEWORLD Making the World a Better Place through Project Management Deanna Landers, MBA, PMP Peter Monkhouse, MBA, PMP
  2. Making the World a Better Place through Project Management
  3. - Use the QR code to contribute GIVE WHAT YOU CAN, HOWEVER YOU CAN.
  4. Implement Change Through Projects
  5. ▪ Money ▪ Things (e.g. clothing, computers, supplies, food) ▪ Lodging ▪ Labor ▪ Expertise We Could Provide:
  6. There are many project management skills that can improve humanitarian projects Effective Humanitarian Work
  7. ▪ Sustainability: The ability to meet the needs of current generations, without compromising the needs of future ones Valuable Results are Sustainable Source: Marisa Silva
  8. ▪ Start with the end in mind ▪ Identify requirements relating to sustainability ▪ Identify benefits relating to sustainability ▪ Focus on long-term impact ▪ Pay attention to the interests of the extended project stakeholders circle (community, planet, etc.) ▪ Use sustainability as criterion for measuring a project’s success Promoting Project Sustainability
  9. ▪ Proof of concept of a new approach to provide clean water, validating sustainability ▪ Key project management concepts used and shared: risk management, stakeholder involvement, communication plan, etc. ▪ All materials available on the island, plans simple and in Spanish Example: WaterRico
  10. ▪ Measure Impact of ▪ Organization ▪ Organization‘s project ▪ Your project management assistance ▪ Combination ▪ Examples: ▪ Progress against mission -> project alignment with mission -> project benefits realized -> critical relevant metrics Measuring Impact
  11. ▪ Widely publicized goals and measurements ▪ Frequent visual updates on goals ▪ Celebrate success ▪ Social media ▪ Impact report ▪ Next steps (to sustain advantages) Communicating Success
  12. ▪ Key Communications Lacking: ▪ Identification of stakeholders ▪ Institutional coordination ▪ Sharing joint success Example: Accra Ghana Flooding
  13. ▪ Contribute / volunteer in doses ▪ Question complexity ▪ “Busyness” ▪ Wait on a great idea ▪ Avoid burnout Personal Growth and Sustainability
  14. ▪ Understanding cultural barriers ▪ Multitasking among different organizations and processes - Rotary, PMWB, EWB and local authorities ▪ Establishing great relationships in the field ▪ Learning self and other communities ▪ Contributing! Example: Ecuador Irrigation
  15. ▪ PMI Educational Foundation ▪ Other professional associations (IEEE, Rotary, etc.) ▪ Schools, clubs, chapter, or religious organizations ▪ Hospitals, relief efforts ▪ Non-profits/ NGOs aligned with your interests ▪ Volunteer matching organizations (e.g., PMWB, etc.) Opportunities to Contribute: Volunteer DIY
  16. ▪ Implement change through projects ▪ Effective humanitarian work ▪ How project management can help ▪ Sustainability ▪ Measurement and impact ▪ Opportunities to get involved Summary
  17. Making the World a Better Place Through Project Management Deanna Landers Peter Monkhouse