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  1. 1. PORNPAT KHAWUBON 98/76, Chapter One The Campus, Soi Ladprao 1, Ladprao Rd. Chompon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Mobile: +6699-2266-997 E-mail: pkhawubon@gmail.com EDUCATION THAMMASAT BUSINESS SCHOOL Bangkok, Thailand Bachelor of Accounting (Integrative Approach) - GPA 3.54/4.00, First class honor - Awarded student of the year (2011) Master of Science in Marketing Management - GPA 3.83/4.00 - Thesis in topic of “The Influence of Country of Origin, Ethnocentrism ,Animosity on Vietnamese Customers’ Willingness to Pay Premium Price for Thailand Country of Origin Product” EXPERIENCE KPMG Phoomchai Audit Company Limited Bangkok, Thailand Intern Nov 2010 – May 2011 - Worked as Auditor Trainee to audit various kinds of companies’ financial statement for 1,096 working hours Master Ad Public Company Limited Bangkok, Thailand Work Experience June 2013 – now - Working as Project Management Trainee to find new business opportunities and develop business plan for company - Taking care of outdoor medias under flyover bridges around Bangkok (Flyover 2 Project) and other new projects CERTIFICATIONS - Securities Investment Consultant, License 075295 - Life Insurance Agent, License 5901020467 AWARDS - The winner of MACO Got Talent season1 - First-Runner Up, SIFE Thailand National Exposition 2011; one of the presenters of Thammasat SIFE in the national competition for the community development projects to develop KU Betong Chicken project in Thailand SKILLS AND INTERESTS Skills Presentation, Public Speaking, Strategic and Innovative Thinking, Leadership Languages Thai (Native), English (Milestone 3rd Level of Wall Street English, Tu-Get 660 ), Mandarin (Starter) Interests Personal Financial Planning, Teaching and Giving other people chances, Continuous Self-improvement