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The difference between content marketing and great content #socialfresh

Find out practical tips and best practices for producing great content online. This is from Sarah Evans' talk at Social Fresh West in San Diego 2013.

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The difference between content marketing and great content #socialfresh

  1. 1. Sarah Evans FAVES + CO. ! Sevans Strategy! sarahsfav.es
  2. 2. -(How Clients Buy: The Benchmark Report On Professional Services Marketing And Selling From The Client Perspective)! 62% of buyers of professional services claimed they would be “Very” or “Somewhat” likely to learn more about a potential service provider through an industry website article or story!
  3. 3. GREAT CONTENT •  People remember it! •  Involves an emotional connection! •  Relatable! •  Written, visual and audio! Share, care or swear! !
  4. 4. WHAT DOES GREAT CONTENT LOOK LIKE? •  Read more than the headline or watch more than 3 seconds of your video (! •  Share on more than one social network! •  Email or text it to a friend or family member! •  Trends online (e.g. front page of Reddit)! •  Stands the test of time! Your readers will tell you.! •  80% of people will read your headlines. •  But only 20% of those people will read the rest of your content! KISSmetrics   CHECKLIST: trustworthy, credible, interactive, actionable, emotional, unique or relevant.
  5. 5. YOU THINK LOOKING THIS GOOD JUST HAPPENS? •  Editor •  Creative Director •  Copy Editor •  Photographer and Videographer •  Senior Writers •  Monitoring and analytics Great writers who “get people,” understand your industry and know how to create for the web and mobile.!
  6. 6. TREAT GREAT CONTENT WITH THE REVERENCE IT DESERVES And, no not everything is great.
  7. 7. DEFINE YOUR STYLE •  Headline: optimized for search, compelling, no more than 100 characters (approximately two sentences)! •  Teaser / subhead / lead / nut graph: optimized for search, link to access main story content, bold key words and phrases! •  Front page photo: square image, cropped, re-sized appropriately: .JPG, .png or .GIF! •  Full article main photo: 600 x 600, center!
  9. 9. TRENDING NOW! FUN AT THE CABLE SHOW •  National Cable Show 2013! •  Cox Communications Digital Correspondent! •  No news announcement! •  #3 trending topic on Twitter! Giveaway, Twitter chat, pre-recorded daily recap and announcement videos, live blog, tweet, Facebook!
  10. 10. LICENSINGEXPO2013 2013 Licensing Expo More than 19.5M online impressions over 2 days
 (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Blogs and RebelMouse)!
  11. 11. TIP: GREATNESS CHECKLIST ON YOUR ED CAL Check out Evernote, GatherContent or
 DivvyHQ—or a Wordpress plug-in.!
  12. 12. 5 to 10 posts per day, plus email, 
 plus social shares ! 1/3 of each  Curate. Aggregate. Original.!
  14. 14. Shared on Reddit where it reached the front page, more than 11K upvotes and inspiring others to share stories about their lost and found phones! http://instagram.com/p/c2VwmHpkgp/!
  16. 16. THE PINTRISTIFICATION & INSTAGRAMIZATION OF CONTENT If you like it, then you should have put
 a filter on it. #greatcontent! EVERY SINGLE POST NEEDS A PIN-WORTHY PHOTO
  17. 17. Photos on Facebook Generate 53% More Likes Than the Average Post HubSpot,  2012   And, let’s face it, animated GIFs are 
 pretty much gold on Tumblr.!
  18. 18. 7 APPS FOR CREATING GREAT VISUALS FROM YOUR PHONE 1.  Phonto ! 2.  Over! 3.  News Booth! 4.  Whims! 5.  Phoster! 6.  VSCOcam! 7.  Screenshot! *iOS recommendations!
  19. 19. GREAT WRITTEN CONTENT GIVES PEOPLE MORE W/O MAKING THEM ASK •  A winning combination: anecdotal, facts and stats, prescriptive to- dos! •  Recommends other content you’ve created! •  Links to important site tags within the article (e.g. umbrellas)! There are plug ins for Wordpress that will generate “related articles,” but also take the time to reference links in post and do curation “by hand.”!
  20. 20. GREAT CONTENT SOMETIMES NEEDS A LITTLE SEEDING (get by with a little help from your friends) Tweeting cuts indexation time by 50% and reduces the time it takes Googlebot to find your content from 2 hours to :02 seconds! WhiteFire, an SEO Company
  21. 21. LET IT BREAK ALL THOSE D@MN RULES “According to Alexa, Reddit generates more traffic than The New York Times, Fox News and Skype, with approximately 70 million unique visitors a month and around five billion page views.” ! -Jay Caspian King, New York Times!
  22. 22. SOMETIMES. IT. JUST. HAPPENS. Are you ready?! These Social Fresh peeps are wack!
  23. 23. •  IFTTT! •  Buffer! •  Pinerly! •  Evernote! •  Do Share! Use workhacks to optimize output and automate, where appropriate
  24. 24. I love to work with great brands! Email prsarahevans@gmail.com or tweet @Prsarahevans me. ! MORE?