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PSFK Future Of Retail Report 2011

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This report presents key trends and macro themes that retailers, service providers and product manufacturers can leverage to enhance the shopper experience in order to drive sales. It is designed to inspire anyone involved in creating touchpoints that lead a customer through the purchase path.

While we recognize that there is tremendous change across all aspects of retail, the focus of this report is the vibrant innovation that revolves around the physical store.

After analysis of numerous data points that pointed to change in the shopper experience, PSFK's Consulting team spoke to the people behind key projects leading this change. This research yielded 10 key retail trends that sit within 3 broad themes - Online Expections Offline Experience, Shopper Knowhow and Redefined Retail Cartography. To understand the implications and opportunities we interviewed dozens of senior retail and brand executives and their recommendations are listed throughout the document.

We hope that you find inspiration in every section of the 2011 issue of the Future of Retail report. For copies or an in-person presentation, please visit http://www.psfk.com/future-of-retail

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