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Teaching With Technology Presentation

  1. 01 Teaching with Technology By Pablo Pinel project date 02/04/2016
  2. How we know what we know? • Challenging the conventional approach to learning Educational researcher Sugata Mitra is the winner of the 2013 TED Prize. His wish: Build a School in the Cloud, where children can explore and learn from one another. The School in the Cloud
  3. • The Role of the educator in the modern classroom? • How Technology can improve your teaching? • How Technology can enrich the learning experience? – Are you ready? Welcome, where are you headed?
  4. Technology, what are we using? Standby
  5. Where do you fit in? • Important tips to consider • Learning outcomes • Learning experience • Learning Time • Technological Proficiency • Educators role
  6. The Modern Learning Environment • The Teachers side of the desk • Some tools to consider • The Learners side of the desk Open source has massive benefits and even though mostly limited, great for trial running.
  7. The Modern Learning Environment • Absent learners can catch up with audio or video lessons • Educators can maintain contact with learning groups and stakeholders • Learners can receive and submit content based data • Learners can take notes in class even if handwritten, can be scanned and uploaded • Stores and retrieves all notes in one central location • Learners can capture and convert images, photos of words will be filed automatically • Learners can complete serious outcomes in a playful and creative manner • Educators can create simple yet engaging instructional videos/ presentations • Easily downloaded for viewing and sharing • Allows educators to set up engaging quizzes and questionnaires with immediate audience • Gammifies the learning experience which is highly engaging • Learners can participate using various devices all using a pin code to enter • Educators can set up streams of discussions, set up streams of topics in which collaboration can be facilitated and monitored and is easily integrated, GoogleDrive
  8. Blended Learning or Technology Integration?
  9. Flipping the classroom?
  10. Flipping the classroom? Rethinking Space and Time Overcoming Common Hurdles Formative Assessment Which Tech Tools Are Right for You? Getting Stakeholders on Board
  11. Where do you fit in? Click to Relax
  12. What you need to know
  13. Where do you fit in?
  14. How are you going to execute? The Weapons of knowledge Information literacy Media literacy Digital literacy
  15. How are you going to execute?
  16. How are you going to execute? Start collaborating aggressively
  17. Technology to Enrich Learning?
  18. Technology to Enrich Learning? What is an LMS? Benefitting from a Learning Management System The e-Book
  19. Integration tips to consider The SAMR Model After experimentation Confidence in core competencies How to integrate the SAMR Model
  20. I love it when a plan comes together