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  1. Understanding and Activating the Shopper’s Journey Manthan CPG Solutions Portfolio
  2. You just need to2© 2015 Manthan Tap into emerging trends in shopping segments to predict purchase paths. Collect data and magnify the shopper, understand total needs, desires that impact purchase. Ensure brand is on the shopper’s list— 75% of a shopper’s list is determined before entering a store. Leverage actionable insights to execute Marketing messages, promotions, and offers Quickly gain insights on likes and dislikes. Reinforce brand value proposition. Activation Opportunity Enabling Technology Shopper decides what she needs and wants Shopper researches for recommendations and reviews. Shopper develops product/brand consideration set Shopper chooses preferred retail channel(s) Shopper uses the product/brand, forms perception Shopper shares journey experience with others Shopper is a happy, repeat customer. Shopper is not happy 1 2 3 4 56 Today’s shopper has more choices than ever, demands more for less, and uses social media to make recommendations and share experiences—both good and bad. Here’s how CPG manufacturers can better understand and activate shoppers along the 6 key steps of the shopper’s journey: LOYALTY/CRM APPS DEMAND SIGNAL REPOSITORY DESCRIPTIVE & PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS DIRECT TO CONSUMER & IN-STORE PROMOTIONS MESSAGING AND SOCIAL APPSIN-STORE, DIGITAL LOYALTY APPS
  3. You just need to Analytics Services Portfolio: Understand the Shopper Journey 3© 2015 Manthan Establishing & Facilitating Deep Retail & Shopper Understanding & Collaboration Understand what you sell to your Shopper Maximize how you sell to your Shopper Leverage where you sell to your Shopper
  4. You just need to Wing to Wing Direct-to-Shopper (DTS) Platform Understand, plan and engage with Shoppers Shopper360 TargetOne Loyalty 247 Analytics Services Portfolio: Understand the Shopper Journey 4© 2015 Manthan Marketing Analytics Enhance ROI from Marketing MMX Media Optimizer Price Analytics Portfolio Gap Analysis Market Survey ECom Brand Analytics Improve and Measure Brand health Brand Health Assessment Portfolio Gap Analysis Portfolio Gap Analysis Store/Channel Analytics Optimize Store Assortment and Shelf location Shelf Optimization Channel Optimization Store Benchmarking Demand Signal Management Holistic view of Shopper and Market need states Activating Your Shopper
  5. You just need to Retail 2014/2015 – An Intensely Competitive Environment 5© 2015 Manthan A new competitive landscape has emerged, forcing CEOs to focus on and deal with increasing complexity • “Consumer economics are weak and are projected to remain so” – price drives the core purchase decisions • “Channel fragmentation continues as both non-traditional and digital competitors evolve retailing” • “Retail sales are being driven by increasingly non-productive deals/promotions” • “Both Retailers and Manufacturers are struggling to find real growth” • “Digital technology is positioned to transform the retail industry”
  6. You just need to Flattened Spend”–the New Consumer Norm 6© 2015 Manthan • We are in an “Every Dollar Counts Economy” • Fifth year of an economic non-recovery recovery – expect the same through 2020 • 54% of America now makes $30K or less per year – “affordability is the new shopping lens” • Disposable income and cost of living are the core concerns of today’s shoppers • Incomes have stagnated – average increases in 2013 = 2%; 2014 = 3%; 2015 = expected to be 3% • Consumers have learned to live with less – smaller baskets, smaller selection, smaller trips and more channel diversity
  7. You just need to How are CPG manufactures responding… (or attempting to) 13© 2015 Manthan Consumer Engagement Establishing and maintaining direct relationships with consumers via constantly changing digital technologies Insight Leveraging the consumer goods data ecosystem for insight that drives competitive advantage Innovation Using technology to enable new values to consumers and improve the timeliness and quality of product innovation. Retail Customer Engagement Developing profitable and new collaborative relationships with retail customers. Focus on fixing the basics. Using technology to achieve excellence in product life cycle management. PLM Managing the growing complexity of products as software and cloud connectivity deliver a greater percentage of customer-perceived value from products Product Development
  8. You just need to Ability to identify and enable “market- sponsored” innovation and create win/win ? How to begin to achieve demand signal management excellence ? Key challenges CPG industry is tying to solve for… 14© 2015 Manthan Need to effectively and efficiently turn data into insights that drive action ? Understanding how to drive profitable “engagements” with both customers and consumers ?
  9. You just need to So what does all this mean? 15© 2015 Manthan  Many Brands/Categories don’t hold same level of consumer trust, extrinsic and intrinsic values of the past  A lot of CPG Branded firms are in a real state of flux  Majority of consumers are more “Value Conscious” than ever before
  10. You just need to So what’s different now? 16© 2015 Manthan Ability to understand the market place in “Real time” Cost effective technologies to leverage both structured and unstructured data Capabilities to activate the Shopper on a more personal basis Predictive Analytics is becoming readily available…table stakes Unique opportunities to capture meaningful growth with “Retail/PL Brands”
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