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Retail industry : la course aux talents

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From discount supermarkets to the most exclusive fashion brands, PageGroup draws on its international networks to source the skills and experience the world’s retailers need. Whether you're in Melbourne, Madrid or Mexico City, we can help.

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Retail industry : la course aux talents

  1. 1. GLOBAL INSIGHTS TRENDS, RECRUITMENT REMUNERATION IN THE RETAIL SECTOR UK MATERNITY WEAR BUSINESS BLOOMS AS NEW ECOMMERCE DIRECTOR COMES ON BOARD Client requirement. A growing fashion business specialising in maternity clothing sought an Ecommerce Director. With revenue streams coming from stores, concessions and a webstore, the successful candidate would need to offer a blend of online experience, a proven sales record, and experience in systems and trading. Other desirables included international exposure and experience of managing teams in merchandising, logistics and ecommerce. The process. PageGroup visited the client to explore the brief and discuss the profile in detail with senior executives, always keeping in mind the company’s plans for expansion. PageGroup then sourced appropriate candidates using various headhunting techniques and met the best candidates based on the requirements specification. . Outcome. While 250 candidates were approached by PageGroup for this position, thorough screening helped in narrowing down the number of face-to-face interviews required before the right candidate was chosen. ITALY NEW BRAND LAUNCHED IN RECORD TIME Client requirement. A multinational clinical research organisation in Japan needed a clinical director with a perfect understanding of both pharmaceutical innovators and clinical sites. The client commissioned Michael Page to handle the search by targeting pharmaceutical company candidates and communicating the benefits of joining the organisation. The process. PageGroup drew on its strong knowledge of the retail sector and its national and international networks to respond swiftly to the requirement for candidates skilled in languages, sales and management. PageGroup drew on its strong knowledge of the retail sector and its national and international networks to respond swiftly to the requirement for candidates skilled in languages, sales and management. Outcome. The collaboration between PageGroup and the client organisation proved successful and suitable candidates were found within the challenging timeframe. SPAIN FASHION MULTINATIONAL RECRUITS MULTI-SKILLED MANAGER Client requirement. A European multinational in the fashion sector was looking to hire a Country Manager who could combine the responsibilities of this role with those of Retail Manager. The process. Once the client’s needs were clearly defined, the search began, using the PageGroup database and website to publish details of the role. A direct search was also conducted to source candidates who could empathise with the values and culture of . Outcome. Four candidates were presented to the company and a strong candidate with a successful career nationally and internationally received and accepted a job offer. FRANCE FRENCH HYPERMARKET BRINGS IN GLOBAL EXPERTISE Client requirement. A French food retailer with a large business on the Caribbean island of Martinique has had a strong recruitment partnership with PageGroup Retail France for eight years. The relationship began when the company sought help with recruiting a number of store managers. The process. Once the client’s needs were clearly defined, the search began, using the PageGroup database and website to publish details of the roles available. PageGroup also conducted a direct search to identify candidates who could relate to the values and culture of the business, and who were open to the prospect of swapping city life in France with island living – an 8,000-kilometre relocation. 5% of the candidates targeted and contacted were ready to consider a move of this nature. Outcome. The collaboration between PageGroup and the client organisation proved successful in finding suitable candidates, resulting in 10 store managers being appointed. PageGroup has helped the company to fill executive positions within the Group and to expand into other territories, such as Guadeloupe, Guyane and La Réunion. Þ CASES
  2. 2. MIDDLE EAST INTERNATIONAL SEARCH NETS BUYING DIRECTOR FOR KUWAITI GROUP Client requirement. A multi-billion dollar group in Kuwait planning further expansion needed a Buying Director with expertise in the home furnishings sector. The process. To reach out to qualified candidates, PageGroup implemented a package of advertising using Middle East and UK retail channels, with the search extending to South Africa and Australia. The outcome. Out of five candidates presented to the client, two went through to the final stage before one accepted the post. Both were strong candidates, being from the region and offering extensive experience in the field. TURKEY LINGERIE RETAILER IN A RACE AGAINST TIME CALLS ON PAGEGROUP FOR SUPPORT Client requirement. A global lingerie retailer about to open for business in Turkey needed to recruit a team quickly. With the clock ticking and only the store manager in place, they still needed 15 retail professionals to report to this senior manager. The process. PageGroup mapped the market and identified suitable candidates using active search and online tools. Following several interviews, a shortlist of candidates was drawn up for each role. The outcome. As well as successfully recruiting for the original 15 positions, PageGroup helped the retailer to recruit other new employees within a three-month period. AUSTRALIA SEARCH GOES GLOBAL FOR SPECIALIST PROGRAMMER Client requirement. A large American retailer had embarked on one of Australia’s largest ecommerce programmes: integrating a German ecommerce platform into its local business. Given that only one other retailer in Australia uses the platform, there was a very small pool of talent from which to recruit a programmer with the right skills. The process. PageGroup extended the search beyond Australia, with the Melbourne office taking the lead in mining its global databases and advertising the post through online campaigns and social media. Outcome. PageGroup was able to source an overseas candidate within a three-week period. The preferred candidate was interviewed at the local PageGroup office in Mumbai before being flown out to the retailer’s head office for interview. PageGroup also assisted with managing the offer stage and helped to facilitate the visa/sponsorship process.
  3. 3. CHINA CHINESE APPAREL COLOSSUS FORMS RECRUITMENT PARTNERSHIP WITH PAGEGROUP Client requirement. The largest apparel company in China planned to strengthen its management team by introducing candidates into the functions of general management, retail operations and merchandising. The process. PageGroup consultants met with the owner of the company, and helped him to devise an effective hiring plan. Two consultants dedicated to the project then conducted a search of PageGroup databases of both domestic and international candidates. The outcome. Within a very short period, PageGroup had filled all the retail vacancies. BRAZIL BRAZILIAN RETAIL GIANT PARTNERS WITH PAGEGROUP Client requirement. A large apparel and footwear powerhouse, with a global presence and a workforce of thousands, chose PageGroup as its recruitment partner. The company needed to hire for a variety of positions in areas such as brand management, product marketing and planning for two brands that it had brought under its direct control. The process. Drawing on their deep insight into the retail market and experience in using prospecting tools, PageGroup consultants created a pool of candidates, comprising of both those working for direct competitors and also former employees of the client. The outcome. To date, ten highly qualified professionals at management level have been hired, with more positions currently in the pipeline in Brazil and other Latin American countries. In addition to finding appropriate candidates, PageGroup worked behind the scenes to help structure the entire team. MEXICO INNOVATIVE APPROACH OVERCOMES SKILLS SHORTAGE FOR LUXURY BRAND Client requirement. With turnover in Client Advisers high across the Mexican retail sector as a whole, a luxury retailer with an international reputation approached PageGroup to look creatively at how the problem could be overcome. The process. PageGroup developed a method of assessment whereby multiple candidates could present to and be evaluated by store managers and HR representatives in a single day. The process proved both efficient and effective in matching candidates to available positions. The outcome. During the past six months, four assessment days have led to 18 Client Advisers being successfully placed. Candidates unsuccessful with this retailer were eventually placed with other retailers.