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Evaluation - Question 6

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Evaluation - Question 6

  2. 2. DEVICES I USED ● Mozilla Firefox ● LibreOffice Impress ● Apple Iphone 5 ● Adobe Photoshop ● Canon 600D ● Lighting
  3. 3. Mozilla Firefox I used Mozilla Firefox to help me research the codes and conventions of music magazines, this helped me gain an idea of what I should or shouldn't have on my own magazine. I also used this to help me google research tutorials and help sheets on how to use different features on Photoshop, most of these were found on Youtube. As well as this I used the internet to connect me to Blogger which is where I updated my production progress. I uploaded all developments I'd made and posted all the research I'd collected. This allowed me to keep a record of where I was in my production stage and was a lot easier to navigate than it would have been if I had used paper as I was able to to organise my posts and keep everything together.
  4. 4. Blogger Posts
  5. 5. LibreOffice Impress I used LibreOffice Impress to create PowerPoints for my research. I chose PowerPoint as it provides a clean and simple format but still looks presentable. It's very easy to navigate so it made referring to the Codes and Conventions whilst creating my magazine a quick and easy task.
  6. 6. Iphone 5 I used my phone to keep in contact with my focus group whilst I was creating the magazine. I did this via text message, I would either text them and ask them to meet up so we could discuss different stages of my production or I would send them different messages asking what they'd like to see in a magazine. I would then use Safari to post their opinions onto my Blogger account. I also used my phone to communicate with the models who would be featuring in the magazine. This was incredibly helpful as it allowed me to arrange suitable dates to actually take the photographs and made it possible for me to tell them what costume I'd like them to wear. The use of convergence in this piece of technology meant that not only could I use my phone to communicate with people, but I could also use it to easily upload post onto my blog.
  7. 7. Adobe Photoshop CS3 I used Photoshop throughout the creation of my magazine, this allowed me to manipulate my images and add text, improving the production greatly. To start with I struggled with understanding what all the features were for, however after watching several tutorials on Youtube my understanding of the programme increased and I was able to use this for my advantage. The overall effect of using Photoshop allowed me to create a professional and clean looking magazine.
  8. 8. Canon 600D I used the Canon 600D camera to take all of the photographs for my magazine. The digital aspect of it allowed me to see the image instantly; this was incredibly useful as it let me see what I would need to change in order to make the images look more professional. The camera let me adjust the focus, so the zooming in feature was very helpful as I could actually see the result of the change in focus. The fact that the camera takes such high quality photo's was one of the main reason's why I chose this camera in specific. I wanted the images to look as professional as possible which is something I wouldn't have have been able to achieve on my mobile phone camera for instance. Another benefit of this camera is the large storage, this allowed me to take a lot of images and keep them on their until I was ready to send them to myself.
  9. 9. Lighting It wasn't difficult to use different forms of lighting however it did take patience as it was quite time consuming. After researching other music magazines I'd seen patterns in how they lit their models so I aimed to light my models in similar ways. After watching a few lighting tutorials I managed to get a result I was happy with.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION To conclude without the use of the before stated technologies the quality of my magazine would have decreased drastically. The appearance of the front page, contents page and double page spread would have been lowered significantly and would look a lot less professional. The technologies didn't only help to make my production look more professional, they also helped to organise all my research and allowed this research to be displayed in a presentable way. I wasn't familiar with all the technologies I used to begin with but after researching them I.e watching tutorials and reading help pages, I found them very simple to use and wouldn't have been able to create a professional looking magazine.