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Horror alice in edit annotation

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Horror alice in edit annotation

  1. 1. Horror Alice in Wonderland Edits Paige Ward
  2. 2. Edits I edited this photograph in a few different ways because it is my favourite shot from my first horror Alice in wonderland Photoshoot, I wanted to see how I preferred the photograph when edited. Edited the first one by making it black and white and then changing the contrast and brightness to see how it looked best, I like this photograph in black and white but I do prefer the middle photograph with a filter off Photoshop on, I wanted the photograph to look like before sunrise or during sunrise and I think this worked well, even though it didn’t turn out how I wanted to it do like the edit and it is my favourite. For the last edit I wanted to make the photograph have a ‘fantasy’ edit look, I looked online for Original tutorial and step by steps to see how to add snow to my photograph, once I added the snow I thought it looked too bright so I turned the contrast up and the brightness down.
  3. 3. Edits Original I edited this photograph because I like the angle and depth of field, while editing I blurred the background out more to get a better depth of field. I also added a filter and changed the contrast and brightness to get the colour of the photograph. I think the edit has made the photograph look sunnier than the original and I prefer this.
  4. 4. Edits I edited this photograph by adding filters to it and changing the contrast, I think this photograph tells the story. I also like how the photograph is taken with a ‘natural’ look, even though it’s obviously been set-up no one is looking at the camera and they all look like they’re just having a tea party. I also wanted my photograph to be different than the ‘typical’ Alice in Wonderland photographs. Original
  5. 5. Edits I edited this photograph completely different to the others, instead of adding filters and changing the brightness/contrast I followed a tutorial and cut around the model and added her into another photograph. Then I used the brush to change the colour of the model so she went well with the edit. I like this photograph because I think it shows the Alice in wonderland and horror theme together really well. Original
  6. 6. Edits I edited this photograph wanting a lost look, I took a photograph in the woods with just the background and edited the photograph to give it a darker fantasy/horror look, once doing this I cute the model out of the other photograph and made her slightly transparent. I think it works really well with the ghostly/ lost look. original
  7. 7. Edits original Instead of just taking portraiture photographs I also wanted some of the props so I got a few books and opened them up and added the pocket watch and some cards and taken the photograph on different angles and this was my favourite. I like the angle and depth of field in this photograph, while editing this photograph I changed it to black and white and then change three brightness and contrast. Once I did this I added a light reddish colour to the photograph with the brush, I think it worked out really well.
  8. 8. Edits I gave this photograph a depth of field while editing, I used the blur tool on Photoshop on the background to make the photograph look slightly 3D and I think this worked compared to the original. Once I did this I added a filter to make the colours brighter. original
  9. 9. Edits original This photograph was a simple edit I just added a filter and changed the contrast and brightness, I like the original but I just thought it could be brightened up because it looked slightly dull since I did photograph on quite a dull day.
  10. 10. Edits original I wanted this photograph to look ‘obviously’ edited, I also wanted to give it a fantasy look. I did this by adding a brighter green to the grass and then adding some white to the model, once I did this I changed the brightness and contrast and I like the final result.