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Primary research analysis

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Primary research analysis

  1. 1. Paige Ward Primary Research Analysis I created a questionnaire on survey monkey to find out what different people would like to see in my Alice in Wonderland photoshoot. 22 people answered my questionnaire. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JNVS3YY The first question I asked was if they’d ever seen any type of Alice in Wonderland, 90.91% (20) people said they have. I’ve chosen to add a theme/genre into my photoshoot to make it different, so instead of just choosing a theme/genre which I like I asked what theme do they think will work well and I gave them three options which were horror, comedy and romance. Also 2 people commented with different themes which they thought would work well, these are quirky and futuristic. The theme which I am going to add into my photoshoot is horror, 14 people answered this.
  2. 2. Paige Ward I wrote a list of characters which I thought would work well in my photoshoot, but I only wanted to use a few so I asked which characters do they think I should use in my photoshoot. The characters which were chosen the most are Alice, Mad hatter, Queen of hearts and the Cheshire cat. I also asked what kind of costumes and make-up my models should have, I gave them three options which were the original Alice in Wonderland, Natural and casual fashion. The option which has been chosen the most is the original Alice in Wonderland.
  3. 3. Paige Ward The last question which I asked is how they think I should present my final photographs. I gave them 4 options which I thought would work well, these options are posters, magazines, blog and a picture book. I also gave them an ‘other’ option, but no one commented with their own ideas. The two options with the most Reponses are posters and a picture book. Creating a survey helped me find out what people thought would be the best ideas when taking and presenting my photographs. The questions gave me an insight into what different people would want to see in my photographs and also in how they would like to see them being presented. The results have helped me decide what theme my audience would want to see most, what characters they want to see, what kind of make-up and costumes they want to see my models wearing. This has helped me with planning my photoshoot because not only do I know what I want to include in my photoshoot I also know what my audience want to see.