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Salford Quays Edited

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Salford Quays Edited

  1. 1. I chose to edit this photograph because I like the leading lines and the angle it was taken on. I edited in the same way I edited the photograph from my college shoot, I did this to show I can edit in the same way with buildings and portraits. Also I liked how the other photographs turned out when editing in this specific way.
  2. 2. I edited this the same way as my other photograph above, I don’t think it worked as well here because of the colours. I chose to edit this photograph because I like the composition. When taking this I tried to achieve the depth of field technique.
  3. 3. 1. I added one of my photographs into Photoshop and used the Magnetic Lasso tool to mark around the building. 2. I locked the background and then added a new layer to add the building to, then I used the Brush tool to make the background black. Once I did this I flattened the photographs. 3. On the new layer I used the pen tool to make a path on the photograph to make it a spiral around the building. 4. Then I right clicked on the line and chose stroke path. I changed the tool to brush and clicked simulate pressure. 5. I clicked on the foreground colour and selected yellow. 6. I right clicked on the new layer and I went to outer glow and changed the colour to pink. 7. I deleted the path and selected the eraser tool to make the spiral look 3D by rubbing certain lines out. I edited using this technique in my college music Photoshoot, I tried it on a building to see if I could achieve the same look and to see if this editing technique worked well. I found it didn’t because of the white light at the top of the building.