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Market snapshot system for Santa Clarita real estate

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http://paris911.com The Santa Clarita real estate system for individual neighborhoods by property address. This system will also use Zip Codes. The intel received is something that is akin to a Top Realtor constantly monitoring a specific property in and around of Southern California. We are with RE/MAX of Santa Clarita's Paris911 Team of Realtors.

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Market snapshot system for Santa Clarita real estate

  1. 1. Market Snapshot System Neighborhoods RE/MAX of Santa Clarita Connor T. MacIvor Realtor CABRE 01238257 The Paris911 Team 661-400-1720 www.Paris911.com
  2. 2. Market Snapshot System Research www.Paris911.co m Southern California Specific by property address by zip code No Spam Guaranteed
  3. 3. Market Snapshot System Just relevant Real Estate Comparisons Same Neighborhoods Same Housing Types Same Blocks Same Housing Configurations Same Elevations
  4. 4. Get answers to your Market Questions ❖ What homes are for sale? ❖ What are the Listing versus Sales Prices? ❖ What homes have sold? ❖ How much were the sale prices? ❖ How much did my neighbor’s home really sell for?
  5. 5. Market Snapshot System Equity Happens Do you have enough equity to make your move? How much home can you buy in a specific neighborhood?
  6. 6. Market Snapshot System Weekly Updates Self Sufficient Updates Set It and Forget It Delivered securely to your email address Set the delivery time frames: Weekly, every two weeks, four weeks, six, eight, every 6 months or every year.
  7. 7. Still Upside Down? ❖ Where does your equity stand? ❖ Who will be your competition? ❖ How long are homes on the market before they sell? ❖ What homes are listed without for sale signs? ❖ Where are the distressed homes in your neighborhood?
  8. 8. Local RE/MAX Brokerage ❖ Top Realtors ❖ Local Agents ❖ 1% of Realtors Nationwide ❖ Award Winning Team ❖ Top Internet Presence ❖ Just Google Paris911
  9. 9. Paris and Connor MacIvor Your Realtors The Paris911 Team Connor and Paris MacIvor RE/MAX of Santa Clarita California 25101 The Old Road Santa Clarita CA, 91381 661-400-1720 www.Paris911.com