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Shifting real estate markets are upon us

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http://realtor.paris911.com/what-is-a-market-shift-in-real-estate-as-it-pertains-to-buyers-and-sellers/ There is no need to panic, as I remember being stated in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. But the present market in the Santa Clarita Valley and Greater Los Angeles areas, have been shifting for a while. However, we don't have enough inventory to completed the shift from a Total Sellers market to a buyers real estate market. The sellers that have had their homes listed for sale are reducing their listing prices, currently 80% percent on average. Not 80% in price reduction, but at the rate of over 80% of the current real estate sellers will reduce their price at least once during the advertising and marketing process. We are REMAX of Valencia CA's Paris911 Team, Please check out our main Real Estate website and let us know if we can be your Realtors for Life, or at least if we can have a shot at representing you http://paris911.com

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