Metalogix roadshow 2016 Paris - Keynote SharePoint et Office 365

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Le monde change, SharePoint change

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Metalogix roadshow 2016 Paris - Keynote SharePoint et Office 365

  1. 1. @xGokan SharePoint 2016, Office 365, Hybrid New ways to reach the Collaborative Power @xGokan @patricg
  2. 2. @xGokan Gokan OZCIFCI SharePoint Architect. Microsoft Regional Lead. MVP @xGokan
  3. 3. @xGokan Patrick GUIMONET Founder and owner of Abalon specialized on aOS platform (Azure - Office365 - SharePoint) MVP Office 365 – Microsoft Regional Director @patricg Fondateur et Gérant Abalon, Société de Conseil et d’ingénierie spécialisée sur la plateforme aOS
  4. 4. @xGokan Festival SharePoint et Office 365 Paris 26 au 28 Mai 2016 Jeudi 26 Mai: Vendredi 27 Mai: Samedi 28 Mai: Metalogix SharePoint and Office 365 Roadshow Préconférences SharePoint Saturday SharePoint Saturday Paris 2016 Jeff Tepper Microsoft Corporate Vice-President OneDrive and SharePoint
  5. 5. Office 365 L’état de l’Union Agenda SharePoint Server 2016 #FutureOf SharePoint Le monde change
  6. 6. Patrick Guimonet @patricg
  7. 7. @patricg L’océan numérique nous engloutit
  8. 8. @patricg L’humain se dépasse
  9. 9. @patricg
  10. 10. @patricg The smartphone is the defining technology of the age L'Age du smartphone
  11. 11. @patricg L'Age du Cloud
  12. 12. Patrick Guimonet @patricg
  13. 13. @patricg L’espace de travail numérique 5 composants et 5 activités clés La communication La collaboration Gouvernance Adoption Expérience utilisateur de haute qualité Technologie robuste et sécurisée Travail agile et de n’importe où Planification stratégique Applications métiers Stocker, trouver et partager
  14. 14. Cloud Productivity and Collaboration
  15. 15. @patricg Démonstration Groupes Office 365
  16. 16. @patricg Inspired from Recapping Yammer highlights and key takeaways from Ignite and Ignite 2015 BRK3114 Office 365 Groups Identity Office 365 Groups Office Graph Azure Active Directory In the browser Outlook 2016 Outlook Groups app
  17. 17. @patricg 17 Démonstration Office Graph
  18. 18. @patricg Gouvernance SharePoint sans Gouvernance, c’est comme un aéroport sans tour de contrôle ! Office 365 sans Gouvernance, c’est comme un pays sans contrôle aérien !
  19. 19. @patricg Les sujets de Gouvernance pour Office 365 • Où stocker les fichiers ? • OneDrive • Groupes Office 365 • Sites SharePoint • Où créer des sites ? • SharePoint classique • Blog • Sway • Next-Gen portals Discus sions Fichie rs Colla- bora- tion Sites Organisation Groupes Individus • Où collaborer ? • Messagerie • Sites SharePoint • Yammer • Groupes Office 365 • Skype Entreprise
  20. 20. @patricg Individuel SociétéÉquipe Ad-hoc Urgent Degréd’urgence Audience Matrice des usages
  21. 21. @patricg Individuel SociétéÉquipe Ad-hoc Urgent Degréd’urgence Audience Matrice des usages
  22. 22. @patricg Office 365 Outils tiers Communication Gmail, … Collaboration Trello, Google Docs, … Stockage de fichiers DropBox, Box, … Recherche Pinterest, Google, … Applications métiers SAP, Salesforce, … Mobilité Beaucoup ! Les briques de base
  23. 23. @patricg La gestion de projets, de l’individu à l’équipe Faible Moyen Haut Equipes PMO, Management, Equipes Projets N i v e a u d e c o m p l e x i t é G e s t i o n d e s t â c h e s G es t i on des t ra va ux Contributeur individuel G es t i on de proj et et de port efeu i l l e M e r c i à V i n c e n t C a p i t a i n e , M i c r o s o f t F r a n c e
  24. 24. Gokan Ozcifci @xgokan
  25. 25. @xGokan SharePoint Server Jussie Roine
  26. 26. @xGokan Product Differences
  27. 27. @xGokan What’s new? Enhanced simple controls (for document library). Larger content databases sized at TBs not GBs Increased the list threshold more than 5000 items per viewquery Increased the maximum file size to 10 GB up from 2 GB for SharePoint 2013 Search index size increased from 250 million supported items per farm to 500 million items Added the support of the BITS Protocol instead of COBALT for file transfer Microsoft Project Server 2016 (PWA) is now part of the SharePoint product Active Directory Direct Sync DLP Introduced Fast Site Creation Added 115 new PowerShell commandlet Added durable Link
  28. 28. @xGokan Business ProductivityInfrastructure Azure & O365 Exchange & Lync + Voice Private & Public Cloud Windows & SQL Server Identity, Active Directory System Center 2012 ITSM / ITIL Migrations & Integrations Desktop & Win upgrade Portals, Intranets, Business Critical, Doc Imaging, Workflow… (SharePoint) Sales, Marketing, Dashboards, Account Management, Etc. (Dynamics CRM) Business Apps Application Development Messaging, Conference, Presence, Video, Voice (Lync) Office Designing a new topology from an IT perspective.
  29. 29. @xGokan Business ProductivityInfrastructure Designing a new topology from an Business perspective.
  30. 30. @xGokan SharePoint Topology Topology is the physical architecture of a farm which service(s) run on which server(s) * There is no perfect farm that you can download that rule them all.. Any SharePoint topology should be create by Business Requirements and Budget. The next-next-Finish ideology is not the way to go. * Spencer Harbar Session #SPSMuch
  31. 31. @xGokan What is MinRole By using the new MinRole feature in SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint farm administrators can define: • Each server’s role in a farm topology. • The role of a server is specified when you create a new farm or join a server to an existing farm. • SharePoint automatically configures the services on each server based on the server's role, and the performance of the farm is optimized based on that topology.
  32. 32. @xGokan Types of server roles in SharePoint Server 2016 Special Load Reserved for services to be isolated from other services, I.e. 3rd party, PerformancePoint, etc. Web Front End Services end user requests, optimized for low latency. Single Server Farm Provisions all services on the server for a single server deployment. This role is provided for evaluation and development purposes. Search Reserved for Search services. Application Services the backend jobs or the requests triggered by backend jobs, optimized for high throughput. Distributed Cache Services distributed cache for the farm. Optionally, the server assigned to this role can load balance end user requests among the web front ends.
  33. 33. @xGokan I never pay therefore This is Daniel, Jacques
  34. 34. @xGokan MinRole server deployments Do I need MinRole? No. But by utilizing a combination of MinRole : For example two front-end servers and two custom role servers can provide all the services needed. However, only the two front-end servers will benefit from the additional logic built into MinRole roles.
  35. 35. @xGokan Zero Downtime According to Microsoft: there are a few methods available to minimize the amount of downtime; however it’s just not possible to achieve a zero downtime solution for your upgrade. A common way to minimize downtime is via implementation of a parallel upgrade farm. [.SP2010 | .SP2013] With SharePoint 2016, the patching of your Infrastructure is zero downtime with a HA MinRole. Who know’s minimum required server for HA MinRole
  36. 36. @xGokan MinRole • Smallest supported MinRole farm is 4 servers • Smallest MinRole with high availability is 9 servers Search Application Distributed Cache Web Front End Jussie RonnieSession SPSDXB
  37. 37. @xGokan How many servers needed for the following MinRole MinRole high available Custom apps/add-ins Workflow Manager Office Online Server Databases 4 +3 +2 +3 +2 +2 +16 JussieRonnieSession SPSDXB
  38. 38. @xGokan Recommended MinRole topologies Server role Required for Content Farm ? Required for Shared Services Farm ? Required for Search Farm ? Front-end web Yes No No Application Yes Yes No Distributed cache Yes Yes No Search Yes, if hosting Search Yes, if hosting Search Yes Custom Optional Optional Optional
  39. 39. @xGokan Frequently asked questions (FAQ) • Do I have to deploy servers in a certain order? • Can I convert a single-server farm into a multiple-server farm? • Does the MinRole features support cross farm services? • Do I have to use MinRole? • Will Search automatically crawl web applications using the application server role instead of the front-end server role?
  40. 40. @xGokan The three layers of hybrid Credits William Baer:
  41. 41. @xGokan Compliance • Protect your data where it is stored, when it is moved, and when it is shared • Information protection controls to IT
  42. 42. @xGokan Cloud Search Service Application Search Service Application for cloud storage Unified on-premises and cloud indexes Provides support for Office Graph/Delve experiences on-premises Audio text And search indexpropertiessignals Metadata extraction and processing
  43. 43. @xGokan Hybrid Wizards
  44. 44. @xGokan Scenario Picker  Hybrid deployment automation  Enables scenario selection (I.e. Search, OneDrive for Business, etc.)  Automated configuration of prerequisites and core infrastructure  UI-based configuration
  45. 45. @xGokan Sites Hybrids  SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 distributed sites  Follow Sites, Documents, and People across on-premises and cloud (documents are mastered in Office 365)  Managed Metadata  Promoted Sites  Self-service site creation across on-premises and cloud
  46. 46. @xGokan SharePoint Insight
  47. 47. @xGokan SQLAzure ContentDB • 99.9% SLA • Azure world class management • < 1 ms ?
  48. 48. @patricg #FutureOfSharePoint
  49. 49. @patricg Des symboles !
  50. 50. @patricg #FutureOfSharePoint 4 mai 2016
  51. 51. @xGokan Demo Flow PowerApps
  52. 52. @xGokan Remote Working Cloud SSA External Sharing SharePoint Hybrid Compliance features Durable links Encrypted Connections Fast Site Collection Creation Filenames - special characters IRM Large file support MinRole Mobile experience Open Document Format (ODF) Project Server Sharing improvements Site Folders view SMTP ports (non-default) WOPI SharePoint Search New Recycle Bin in OneDrive and Team sites Image and video previews Storage Life Cycle Management Monitoring Delve Work Everywhere Enterprise Level SLAs Office Online Server Groups PowerApps Inline Social (Yammer) Planner Power BI Clutter Insights Office Graph Videos Apps Delve Analytics