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Patrick Duffy resume

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resume for Patrick Duffy

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Patrick Duffy resume

  1. 1. PATRICK DUFFY 641 HUBERT BLVD HUBERT, NC, 28539 517-358-6925 Patrickjduffy92@gmail.com United States Marine Corps Career Planner with 6+years ofexperience in counselingMarines, preparinganddelivering presentations pertaining to retentionof unit. Possess effective communicationskills to helpensure each Marine is informed in unit. Currently working towards B.S. in Sports Marketing and Media to enhance career potential post Marine Corps. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE United States Marine Corps Camp Lejeune NC Career Planner May 2015 – Present  Provide specificone onone counselingtoMarinesinunitto enhance knowledge andtoimprove retentionforUnitedStatesMarine Corps.  Have successfullyreenlistedover150 Marines.  Preparedanddeliveredover50presentationstoprovide clarityonoverallretentiongoalsand standards.  Developedcampaignplanfor2D Tank BN to ensure retentiongoalsare met.  Received2DMarine DivisionCareerPlannerof the monthawardfor December2016. United States Marine Corps Camp Lejeune NC AmphibiousAssaultVehicleSection Leader June2011 - April 2015  Responsible forover$1.3 Million of equipmentassectionleaderof 3 AmphibiousAssault Vehicles(AAV)  Responsible fortactical employmentof 3 AAV duringgroundandamphibiousoperations.  MaintainedbasiccrewsuppliesforsectionwhiledeployedtoJapan  Providedinformationand knowledge duringfleetweekNew Yorktoinformgeneral public. EDUCATION Full Sail University Bachelorof Science inSportsMarketingand Media,ExpectedGraduationApril 2019 ADDITIONAL SKILLS  ExperiencedinMicrosoftWord, Excel,andPowerPoint  Passionate aboutsportsandwriting. PREVIOUSLYCOMPLETED WORK PublishingSite- www.theskyboat.com http://www.theskyboat.com/purdue-boliermakers-football/archives/11-2016 http://www.theskyboat.com/nc-state-mens-basketball/archives/02-2017