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Patrick Seguin Experience

Brief presentation of my work experience, highlighting key projects completed for O2 Czech Republic and AVG Technologies

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Patrick Seguin Experience

  1. 1. Patrick SeguinWork Experience & Projects
  2. 2. Summary I help companies build strong relationships with customers by identifying market needs and communicating clear solutions. I have thirteen years of experience in online marketing and product marketing, gained through positions in major international companies operating in the Czech Republic, including:
  3. 3. Experience • Online marketing • Product marketing • Cross-functional team leadership • Partner marketing • (Consumer) Trendspotting • Digital metrics and analysis • Online marketing • Project management • Web design • Community project management (social media) • Cross-functional team leadership • Copywriting and editing • Translation (Czech to English) • Copywriting and editing
  4. 4. Projects - MultiMi Managed the marketing of AVG product MultiMi, a web-based email, social media, IM, and cloud storage aggregator. Activities included:Development, monitoring, and Coordination of MultiMi launch event inoptimization of www.multimi.com London (video at http://bit.ly/P8w8y3)Also: building the product’s social media presence, developing brand, style, andtone-of-voice guidelines, producing promotional videos (e.g. http://bit.ly/VNqd5u)
  5. 5. Projects – first direct Led AVG’s online marketing activities for its partnership with first direct, a member of the HSBC Group. Managed a copywriting and design team to produce a series of co-branded landing pages and pop-ups to communicate a special offer, exclusive to first direct customers, of two of AVG’s core products.Since launch, over 70% of visitors to the first landing page in the series haveaccepted the offer of a six-month trial of AVG Internet Security.
  6. 6. Projects – www.o2tv.cz• Initiated and managed redesign of the O2 TV website; online marketing of O2 TV.• Results: longer time spent on site, reduced bounce rate, increased acquisition Winner, Best Service Website, 2010
  7. 7. Projects – social mediaLed the initiative and coordinated a cross-functional team to develop and activateO2 Czech Republics social media strategy and tactics. One of the successes of thisproject was the companys widely-used O2 Guru Facebook application.
  8. 8. Thank youEmail: seguin.patrick@gmail.comMobile: +420 775 119 995LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickseguin