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Waterfall video

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'Waterfall' was written for a friend of mine who had his partner leave him for another.

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Paul Antony
Paul Antony Group

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Waterfall video

  1. 1. Waterfall The Paul Antony Group
  2. 3. When dreams so real and true Fade and fall away
  3. 4. When life’s idillic dreams I thought were here to stay
  4. 5. Just like a waterfall
  5. 6. My heart is lost and thrown away
  6. 8. You wrote a note to me that you had flown away
  7. 9. Left me for another who could give you more than me
  8. 10. Just like a waterfall
  9. 11. fallen heart dashed upon the shore
  10. 16. Don’t you understand my pain I’m calling out to you
  11. 17. My hearts an open wound
  12. 18. as tears fall like the rain
  13. 19. Just like a Waterfall my heart is calling out to you
  14. 24. Waterfall The Paul Antony Group © duntz hill music