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Service Sectors in Your Community

  1. Adventure #4 – Service Sectors in Your Community Pavraj Kailey 300277973
  3. Newton Recreation Centre  Address:  13730 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2P4  This is a public sector because recreation centers provide an opportunity deemed valuable by society to “…reinforce values and ideals of establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle” (Lunn, 2020, p.3).  SPSC 2210 connection  The Newton Recreation Centre is an example of recreation because “…general public are directly addressed through the offering of recreation services” (Lunn, 2020, p.5). This recreation center offers every individual with an opportunity for leisure activities. Newton Recreation centre has a weight room, a gym, ice rink, and a pool. The gym has different activities every day which include basketball, badminton, paddle ball, and volleyball. There are time slots for each activity as seniors, youth, adult, and special needs individuals have their specific time slots to enjoy the activities and build relationships.
  4. Princess Margaret Secondary School  Address:  12870 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2M9  Princess Margaret is a public high school which means it is under the public sector. There is no fees for education however extracurricular activities do have fees. The school district decides the curriculum for physical education to provide students with movement skills, develop knowledge, and build relationships.  SPSC 2210 connection  At Princess Margaret, students are required to have a physical education class every year. Physical education classes include developing basic skills such as catching, throwing, running, kicking and much more. Physical education ”…is essential to a person’s physical and social well- being and to overall quality of life” (Lunn, 2020, p.5). The main goal of physical education classes is to help students have a healthy active lifestyle.
  5. Guildford Recreation Centre  Address:  15105 - 105 Avenue Surrey, BC V3R 7G8  The Guildford recreation center is in the public sector because the municipal government provides these centers ”to encourage the development of recreation programs and facilities” (Lunn, 2020, p.5).  SPSC 2210 connection  The Guildford recreation center is an example of recreation because there are many leisure activities that are provided which are swimming, variety of sports in the gymnasium, and an ice rink.“Recreation services play a significant role in the creation of cohesive and quality communities” (Lunn, 2020, p.5). The services are available to the general public and provide an opportunity to the community to live a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness  Address:  10153 King George Blvd Unit 3400, Surrey, BC V3T 2W1  Club16 is in the commercial sector because the service is provided for a cost which is monthly or bi-weekly payments, and the business is profit orientated (Lunn,2020). This gym is considered an indoor commercial recreation because the gym is indoors, and the land is bought by the business.  SPSC 2210 connection  Club16 is an example of recreation because it “is recognized [as] the need for innovative leisure and recreation goods, supplies, and services” (Lunn, 2020, p.6). Club16 has dozens of machines that help the consumers work on their fitness. Paying for the membership allows for you to have access to the gym and in return the gym makes a profit from the services. Club16 is considered a recreation however, the gym also provides personal trainers for an extra cost. The personal trainers are an example of coaching as they provide techniques on movements as well as specific training plans.
  8. Birdies and Buckets Family Golf Centre  Address:  5228 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3S 9M1  Birdies and Buckets Family Golf Centre is in the commercial sector because this is a specialized service which is provided to anyone who can afford it (Lunn, 2020). The service is privately owned, and the land is bought by the owner to make a profit.  SPSC 2210 connection  Birdies and Buckets Family Golf Centre is an outdoor commercial recreation and commercial recreation “…is a major contributor to the creation of capital, resources, and wealth within our society” (Lunn, 2020, p.7). The driving range is a leisure activity enjoyed by many people of the general public. All the activities at this centre are outdoor activities which is why it is an outdoor commercial recreation. There are also coaches available for training in this specialized sport. The coaches have their own fees and are available to anyone who can afford the service.
  9. Elevation Fitness  Address:  15110 54a Ave #208, Surrey, BC V3S 5X7  Elevation Fitness is in the commercial sector because “the consumer pays and for which the supplier expects to make a profit” (MacLean, Peterson, & Martin, 1985, p. 220, as cited in Lunn, 2020). There is membership options along with a variety of different programs which are offered.  SPSC 2210 connection  Elevation Fitness provides after school programs, summer camps, and sport specific camps for all ages. The programs are led by experienced trainers which is connected to the coaching aspect. Elevation Fitness provides high level training to athletes with sport specific movements. Elevation Fitness is not limited to one sport as they provide training to all sports with integrated performance training. There is also a full gym in the facility which can be used as an indoor commercial recreation.
  11. Field Hockey BC  Address:  7455 132 St Suite 101, Surrey, BC V3W 1J8  Field hockey BC is in the non-profit sector because it relies “…on the efforts of members and volunteers for sustained survival” (Lunn, 2020, p.10). The athletes are subject to fees, but this is only “…to generate enough profit to cover costs only” (Lunn, 2020, p.8).  SPSC 2210 connection  Field hockey BC has a list of experienced coaches who have been trained with the NCCP. The coaches have training schedules, fitness programs and development programs from U-7 to U-18. Field Hockey BC ties to coaching, recreation, and physical education. For some athletes, field hockey is a leisure activity which they enjoy. Athletes at a young age go through developmental training to improve their physical education. The organization supports the growth and development of the athletes in field hockey.
  12. Surrey United Soccer Club  Address:  6410 168 St, Surrey, BC V3S 3Y1  Surrey United Soccer Club is a non-profit sports organization which relies on athlete admission fees and sponsorships. “They rely on the efforts of members and volunteers for sustained survival” (Lunn, 2020, p.10).  SPSC 2210 connection  Surrey United Soccer club is an example of coaching along with recreation. Sport Activity Leader program certification is mandatory for all the coaches in this organization. The organization values fairness and integrity along with the respect for others. The players play to have fun and enjoy the sport which ties to leisure. The voluntary sector is “critically important for addressing the needs of society, including leisure and recreation” (Lunn, 2020, p.10)
  13. Tong Louie Family YMCA  Address:  14988 57 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 7S6  The Tong Louie Family YMCA is a non-profit organization which is sponsored by many including the Government of Canada and the Province of BC. The organization makes profit for sustaining services “…to generate enough profit to cover costs only” (Lunn, 2020, p.8).  SPSC 2210  Tong Louie Family YMCA has a weight room, gymnasium, and a swimming pool. This facility ties into the leisure/recreation aspect as there are many fun activities to do. YMCA also has personal trainers which is an aspect of coaching because the trainers teach individuals correct form along with training plans. This organization offers the youth with day camps and many other programs. The day camp has a lot of activities which include sports and games. “They rely on the efforts of members and volunteers for sustained survival” (Lunn, 2020, p.10). The facilities provide the general public with a place to enjoy the many activities provided.
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