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PB Valley the Birth Place of the Khao Yai Wine Region

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PB Valley Khao Yai Winery is the birth place of the Khao Yai Wine Region and one of the finest wineries in Thailand located at the edge of the Khao Yai National Park at 300 to 380 meters above the sea level. Its two scenic restaurants PB Valley offer Western and Thai specialties which are partly matched to the wines grown in the estate. PB Valley also offers professional conducted wine tasting tours for which it received an award from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Only 146km’s northeast of Bangkok it’s the perfect destination for a short trip.
Accommodation at PB Valley Khao Yai Winery is limited to only 1 deluxe bungalow with a fantastic view of the vineyards and gardens the perfect place for Honeymoon Couples or a small family looking for a quiet retreat.

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PB Valley the Birth Place of the Khao Yai Wine Region

  1. 1. PB Valley Khao Yai Winery New Latitude Wines @ 14.3º north Google Map GPS 14.575565 101.234830 For perfect memories… …all you need is the perfect place
  2. 2. Bangkok Reservation Office & Contact for Corporate Customers and Travel Trade 59/3 Soi Sukhumvit 39, Sukhumvit Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 / Thailand Tel: +66 2 262 0030 Fax: +66 2 262 0029 Email: info@khaoyaiwinery.com (Restaurant Booking & Wine Tasting Tour Reservation ) Email: heribert@khaoyaiwinery.com (Contracting - Travel Trade ) Email: hospitality@pb-partners.com (Marketing & Business Development & Media Contacts) Web: www.pb-partners.com Web: www.khaoyaiwinery.com Address of PB Valley Khao Yai Winery 102 Moo 5, Phaya Yen, Pak Chong Nakorn Ratchasima 30320 / Thailand Google Map: PB Valley or Khao Yai Winery Tel: +66 81 7338 or +66 85 4811 741 Email: info@khaoyaiwinery.com for vineyard and winery tour reservations dining@khaoyaiwinery.com for restaurant reservations) event@khaoyaiwinery.com for party and outside catering bookings UPDATED July 18, 2017
  3. 3. Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/PBValley.Khaoyai/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/pbvalleykhaoyai/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PBKhaoYai YouTube: • A virtual visit to PB Valley https://youtu.be/pHSe3smBM34 • The vineyard and winery tour https://youtu.be/dWMvtomBvi0 • The cooking class https://youtu.be/dm-ECZIAVuo
  4. 4. Transportation to the estate Kindly note that PB Valley cannot offer or provide any transfers or pick up services ! In order to be able to explore PB Valley and surrounding attractions i.e. the Khao Yai National Park amongst others you need your own car; alternatively a rented car or limousine service from your hotel. Rented vans with driver at reasonable cost are available in Bangkok. Companies which are providing this service can be found in the yellow pages. Also your hotel concierge will have a list of companies. We are often asked about public transport services. All stations bus, van and train are located about 8 km’s away from our estate, however please note that Taxi or Tuk Tuk services do not exist in our area! If you stay in one of the many resorts or hotels which are surrounding PB Valley then please check with their guest services about transportation as we are featured in many of their activity programs Please also check tour details and availabilities of programs with your Travel Agent for a smooth and perfect trip experience
  5. 5. Driving Directions from almost anywhere in BKK Take the expressway or any other road direction to Din Daeng and take elevated Toll Way to Don Muang Airport and onwards to Rangsit (after airport) Follow Highway No 1 to Saraburi until Km Marker 106 then turn right into the highway No 2 to Nakorn Ratchasima Follow this highway up the hills to the Muak Lek intersection at km 35 and continue straight on for another 4 km After KM 38 on the left is a Caltex Station and a PTT Station On the right hand side at km 39 is a PTT - Station When at this station make a U-Turn After the U-turn keep on the left for about 2.7 km’s and turn left into rural road 1016; at the corner is the Dairy Home restaurant Follow the rural road 1016 for about 6 km’s by following the signs of PB Valley, PIROM at Vineyard and Phu Patra Real Estate. After about 6 km’s turn right still following the same signs After about another 2 km’s you will reach a fork in the road Take the left side for cars and follow for another kilometer thereafter where you will reach the gate of the PB Valley Estate at the right hand side. Drive up to the Great Hornbill Grill where our customer service staff will take care of you. Google Map Location: please see next page
  6. 6. Scan the QR Code to a mobile phone and use the map as navigator from anywhere to lead you directly to the entrance of PBValley KhaoYaiWinery
  7. 7. PB Valley Estate is located 150 km’s northeast of Bangkok a comfortable drive of less than two hours from Bangkok Metropolis on a 6 lane highway. PB Valley Estate is situated on the edge of the Khao Yai National Park and is the birthplace of the Khao Yai wine region. PB Valley Estate and the Khao Yai region can be visited all year around as this mountainous region northeast of Bangkok is always a few degrees cooler than Bangkok. But similar to all of Thailand the best time for travelers is November to March which is the dry or so called winter season. The Winery is open to visitors daily from 09.00 am to 05:00 pm; please see information in the Vineyard and Winery Tours section. Harvesting of wine grapes is from end of January to the beginning of March each year but fresh seedless table grapes are grown and harvested all year around.
  8. 8. Traditionally, grapes for wine-making have been grown between the 30th and 50th parallels in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Thailand has pioneered wine production in a narrow band in the north between the 14th to 18th parallels. Years of research, testing and development have opened up new frontiers in viticulture resulting in ‘New Latitude Wines’ Premium wines made from grapes grown in the exotic tropical latitude of 14.3º north.
  9. 9. In 1989, Dr. Piya Bhirombhakdi - a visionary entrepreneur with a great appreciation for the finest things in life set about his mission to produce wine with a world-class taste for the people of Thailand. In the pioneering years of Thai wine-making history, this was indeed a very significant challenge. The first vineyard spread over a total of 20 hectares and was planted with Shiraz for the red wine and Chenin Blanc for the white, featuring French rootstock, and Tempranillo from Spain. With the harvest of 1998, PB Valley Khao Yai Winery celebrated its first milestone. The 1999 vintage proved that quality wine could be successfully produced in Thailand. The first marketing success followed soon after and the vision of Dr. Piya Bhirombhakdi had become reality.
  10. 10. When Khao Yai Winery started it was the only wine maker in the region, however as more wineries emerged it was felt inappropriate to use the regional name on its wine labels. Thus Khao Yai wine has been renamed PB Valley wine after the owner’s initials. The logo of the hornbill sitting on a cluster of grapes has an interesting cultural significance. The bird does not feast on grapes during the harvest as the logo could suggest, but is a symbol of Khao Yai National Park. The Hornbills habitat is one with fertile forests and the bird is a sign of fertility for which it was selected as the symbol of the vineyard. The present wine selection available at the PB Valley Estate are Chenin Blanc, Colombard, Shiraz, Tempranillo, Durif, Dornfelder and Cabernet Sauvignon but the expansion to more varieties of grapes in order to produce more PB Valley Quality wines include Pinot Noir and others…
  11. 11. PB Valley Estate the largest vineyard in Khao Yai has introduced professional guided Wine Tasting Tours to promote the Khao Yai Wine Region as a new local and international tourist destination in Thailand. Please see following pages or contact our customer service for additional information. Contact numbers and info are on page 2 of this presentation. Private Tours are available on request. Advance bookings are strongly recommended Please note - Children and young adults under the Legal drinking age will be served with 100% fresh Grape Juice, a produce of PB Valley Estate! Tourism Awards of the Tourism Authority of Thailand • 2008 Award for outstanding performance • 2013 Award for outstanding performance • 2015 Award of Excellence
  12. 12. Vineyard and Winery Tour (Tour only) Guided tour of the vineyards with explanation about the various wine grapes in the estate. The tour also includes other fruit orchards such as dragon fruit, passion fruit and others as this is a point of interest to many visitors A tour of the Winery including a wine tasting at the wine tasting and education center is next. 3 wines are being served “PB Khao Yai Reserve Chenin Blanc” “PB Khao Yai Rose” and “PB Khao Yai Reserve Shiraz” The tour is conducted 5-times daily at 09:00 am +10:30 am, +12:00 noon + 01:30 pm and 03:30 pm and takes about 75 minutes Rates: Baht 300 net / adult Baht 200 net / children aged 4 to 12 Rates are valid until September 30. 2017
  13. 13. Vineyard and Winery Tour (Tour only continue) (The Perfect Picture Stop) Wine grapes i.e. ; Shiraz, Tempranillo, Chenin Blanc and Colombard the main varieties at the estate are growing once a year only; pruning is end of September beginning of October and are harvest starts by end of January until about middle of March; However fresh Table Grapes – “Marroo seedless” originally from Australian are growing all year around in a protected area of the estate. The guided tour of the vineyards will lead visitors to this area for a perfect picture stop but sorry no picking of grapes is allowed.
  14. 14. Wine & Dine a la carte Before or after the wine tasting tour you have the option to dine at the Great Hornbill Grill. Besides a great view of the vineyards the restaurant offers a wide variety of tasty Thai, Western or Fusion specialties as well snacks, which guests can choose from our ‘A La Carte Menu’ at reasonable prices. Also available are superb home-made desserts and premium fresh Grape Juice, Passion Fruit Juice and Green Mango Juice as well PB Coffee freshly brewed to your liking. Opening hours daily from 9:00 am to 08:00 pm (Fridays and Saturdays until 10:00 pm)
  15. 15. The Wine & Dine Package includes: The regular vineyard & winery tour followed by lunch at the Great Hornbill Grill Please select a main dish ❖ Spaghetti Bolognese ❖ Spaghetti Carbonara ❖ Fried Rice with pork, chicken or crab meat ❖ Phad Thai Goong Dessert is a portion of home-made ice cream Beverage is a glass of fresh Shiraz Grape Juice Depending on the time of your tour you can enjoy your lunch before or after the vineyard and winery Tour at the Great Hornbill Grill. Restaurant opening hours daily from 9:00 am to 08:00 pm (Fridays and Saturdays until 10:00 pm) New
  16. 16. Wine Tasting Sets 1. Standard Tasting Sip Set (30ml) Baht 150 PB Chenin Blanc, PB Shiraz Rose, PB Shiraz 2. Sawasdee Tasting Set (75ml) Baht 250 Sawasdee Chenin Blanc, Sawasdee Shiraz 3. Premium Tasting Set (75ml) Baht 350 PB Chenin Blanc, PB Rose, Pirom Tempranillo 4. Pirom Superior Tasting Set (75ml) Baht 450 Pirom Chenin Blanc, Pirom Tempranillo 5. Grand Tasting Set (75ml) Baht 750 PB Chenin Blanc, Pirom Chenin Blanc, Pirom Tempranillo, Pirom Supremacy 6. PB White Wine Tasting Set (75ml) Baht 480 Sawasdee Chenin Blanc, PB Reserve Chenin Blanc, Pirom Reserve Chenin Blanc 7. PB Red Wine Tasting Set (75ml) Baht 480 Sawasdee Chenin Shiraz, PB Reserve Shiraz, Pirom Reserve Shiraz
  17. 17. “Kinnaree Award” for Outstanding Performance 2008 in the sector Agro-Tourism from the Tourism Authority of Thailand . “Kinnaree Award” of Excellence 2015 in the sector Agro-Tourism from the Tourism Authority of Thailand The Golden Award of Excellence is the “Oscar” for the Thai Travel Industry “Kinnaree Award” for Outstanding Performance 2013 in the sector Agro-Tourism from the Tourism Authority of Thailand .
  18. 18. Located amidst the vast vineyards is the Great Hornbill Grill a country-style restaurant serving An exquisite selection of Western and Thai Specialties as well some Fusion dishes ranging from simple snacks to complete gourmet lunches and dinners. The Kitchen and service teams of the Great Hornbill Grill also frequently organizes monthly and seasonal Specials as well themed events for up to 150 persons in its indoor and outdoor facilities. During high season monthly concerts are organized and famous bands from Bangkok will perform on every first Saturday of the month, this activity compliments the regular live music sessions on every Saturday A wood fired Pizza Oven compliments the large BBQ area and the PB Pizza a thin crust Italian Style pizza became on overnight success.
  19. 19. The Great Hornbill Grill offers Western. Thai and Fusion Specialties in great surroundings and beautiful views of the vineyards and the valley and the mountains of the Khao Yai National Park. Besides the an extensive A La Carte Menu offering Thai, Western, Fusion, as well Vegetarian cuisine The Great Hornbill Grill also features a wood- fired Pizza oven. The thin-crust Pizzas especially the signature PB Pizza have proven to be very popular with visitors from near and far! The Great Hornbill Grill is open every day; Sundays to Thursdays from 9:00 am to 08:00 pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm The Great Hornbill Grill also caters for functions i.e. birthday parties or other family parties as well for company outings and other get-together parties up to 150 persons.
  20. 20. The PB Flower Park is the new attraction at PB Valley Khao Yai Winery during the winter months. Open from November to February The new flower park is an “add on” for our 5 times daily Vineyard and Winery Tours but cam also be reached easily by a leisurely walk from our Great Hornbill Grill.
  21. 21. PB Valley also offers superb settings for romantic weddings with its large lawns and vineyards as party location or as background. For great memories … … all you need is the perfect place
  22. 22. The Culinary Team of The Great Hornbill Grill organizes cooking classes on request starting at 10:00 am with a tour of the vineyards where also some ingredients for cooking will be selected. Reservation well in advance is necessary. Minimum 4 Maximum 10 Persons
  23. 23. Khao Yai Winery sits amidst a lush 320-hectare plantation, of which 80 hectares (500 Rai) is dedicated to growing grapes. PB Valley is the birthplace of the Khao Yai Wine Region and now with over two decades of operation the estate has become the home of Thailand’s premium wines. PB Valley Khao Yai Winery employs 2 fully accredited Thai oenologists – winemakers. With its professional, large-scale wine Operation featuring state-of-the-art technology, it strives to produce world- class wines for Thais, as well as for export, and is the leading winery in Thailand and Southeast Asia.
  24. 24. Winery Profile  600,000 bottles per year full capacity  Soil conditions: loam, clay loam  Average yearly temperature: 15-28° C  Elevation: 320 to 360 meters  Vines: originated from France, Spain, Italy and Germany  Grapes: Shiraz, Tempranillo, Chenin Blanc, Colombard, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dornfelder, Merlot and Durif  Harvest is once per year from end of January to the beginning of March
  25. 25. All wines produced at PB Valley Khao Yai Winery are grown within the estate and are aged up to 21 months in Stainless Steel Tanks, large Oak Vats as well in French Oak Barrels (Barrique)
  26. 26. Since 2006 wines of PB Valley Khao Yai Winery have been awarded many Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals. Furthermore our wines have received Certificates of Approval and other local and international recognition from the various prestigious organizations like  The AWC Vienna – The largest yearly blind wine tasting in the world  The Decanter Magazine UK  The Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition  APEC Australia  The Thai Wine Challenge
  27. 27. PB Khao Yai Reserve Shiraz 2012 PB Khao Yai Reserve Shiraz 2011 PB Khao Yai Reserve Shiraz Rosé 2014 Pirom Khao Yai Reserve Tempranillo 2013 Sawasdee Khao Yai Chenin Blanc 2014 Sawasdee Khao Yai Shiraz 2013 PB Khao Yai Reserve Chenin Blanc 2013 Pirom Khao Yai Reserve Chenin Blanc 2014 Pirom Supremacy Khao Yai Reserve Shiraz 2013  awc vienna 2015 is setting the benchmark for the renowned wine tasting competitions in the world.  awc vienna 2015 is the international leader of the officially recognized quality awards for wine.  11.611 Wines of 1.708 producers from 40 countries have faced the international challenge!
  28. 28. Dr. Piya Bhirombhakdi CEO Boonrawd Brewery Co., Ltd. Chairman PB Partners Group of Companies Khaoyai Winery Co., Ltd. B.B. Development Co., Ltd. B.B. Holding Co., Ltd. Piya International Co., Ltd. B.B. Group Trading Co., Ltd. Northern Food Complex Co., Ltd Piya Bhirom Co., Ltd. Born in Thailand on January 30, 1942 Master Piya Bhirombhakdi attended Primary and Secondary School in Thailand; to further his studies he was later sent to Schlee Schule at Hamburg, Germany where he attended High School. He then continued his studies at the DOEMENS Lern-und Versuchsanstalt fuer Brauer und Maelzer in Munich, Germany where he graduated as Master Brewer.
  29. 29. Dr. Piya Bhirombhakdi Dr. Piya Bhirombhakdi a visionary entrepreneur with a great appreciation for the finest things in life set about his mission to produce wine with a world-class taste for the people of Thailand. In the pioneering years of Thai wine-making history, this was indeed a very significant challenge but with the harvest of 1998, PB Valley Khao Yai Winery celebrated its first milestone. The 1999 vintage proved that quality wine could be successfully produced in Thailand and the vision of Dr. Piya Bhirombhakdi had become reality. Dr. Piya Bhirombhakdi received a Doctorate Degree Honoris causa in Engineering from Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai – Thailand as well a Doctorate Degree Honoris causa in Agricultural Development from Kasetsart University, Bangkok – Thailand
  30. 30. Mr. Prayut Piangbunta Managing Director and Winemaker Khao Yai Winery Co., Ltd. Khun Prayut comes with a pacesetting pedigree, as Thailand’s first native-born Oenologist. He received his Bachelors degree in the Faculty of Agro Industry, Department of Food Science and Technology at Chiang Mai University in 1993, followed by a career with Boonrawd Brewery Co., Ltd. There, he realized his passion was in winemaking, and in 1995 was sent to Germany to further his education while the Khao Yai Winery was being established. In 1998, he graduated in Viniculture and Oenology at Lehr und Versuchsanstalt fuer Weinbau und Obstbau Weinsberg (LVWO). Upon returning to Thailand he was appointed manager of Khao Yai Winery (PB Valley). Nowadays Khun Prayut is Chief Winemaker and the Managing Director of the company.
  31. 31. Mr. Joolpeera Saitrakul Assistant Winery Manager and Winemaker Joolpeera “A” Saitrakul heralds from Hat Yai in Thailand’s deep south, but is now firmly ensconced in Khao Yai as PB Valley Estate's second winemaker. He received his oenology degree at the University of Canterbury, having lived in New Zealand for nearly 10 years working in celebrated Antipodean wineries.
  32. 32. Mr. Yosawat Thanakitnithisak (Khun Sak) General Manager (Hospitality) Khun Sak has 25 years of experience in the hospitality business. He worked at the Hard Rock Café in Bangkok and also was part of the opening team of the Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya. He worked on in various positions at the Plaza Athene, A Royal Meridian Hotel in Bangkok the Pattaya Marriott Hotel & Resort and the restaurant complex at Hua Hin Hills Vineyard by Siam Winery before joining PB Valley Khao Yai Winery to take care of the visiting center, the vineyard and winery tours, the Great Hornbill Grill as well the Retail Shop as General Manager in 2014 Khun Sak was born in 1973 is married and has 3 children
  33. 33. Mr. Heribert Gaksch Marketing & Business Development (Hospitality) PB - Partners Heribert, has been involved in food and hospitality all his life, as his parents owned a small hotel in a summer and winter resort in Germany’s Bavarian Alps. There, he apprenticed in its bakery, before foraging overseas to specialize in the international hotel industry and inflight meal services (airline catering). He is former general manager of the Tawana Ramada hotel in Bangkok, and currently in charge of the Hospitality Division of PB Partners and PB Valley Estate in Khao Yai. Heribert was born Austria, grew up in Germany, and considers Thailand his permanent home since 32 years.