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what’s in a muslim name.pdf

what’s in a muslim name
M.A. Qazi
Chapter Page
1. Foreword............................................................................................
Dear Brothers & Sisters, The Readers,
I have been requested by Brother M.A. Qazi to read his b...
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what’s in a muslim name.pdf

  1. 1. what’s in a muslim name M.A. Qazi
  2. 2. CONTENTS Chapter Page 1. Foreword....................................................................................................................ii 2. Preface........................................................................................................................ ■■■ 3. Transliteration.............................................................................................................iv 4. Preface to Second Edition....................................................................................... v 6. Combination of Names............................................................................................vi 6- Ninty Nine Names of Allah..................................................................................1 7. Names of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)........................................................... 6 8. Names of Caliphs and Imaams of Islam........................... 9 9. Popular Muslim Male Names ................................................................................10 10. Biblical Namesand Arabic Equivalents...............................................................36 11. Popular Muslim Female Names...........................................................................38 12. Namesof Wives and Daughters of Prophet Muhammad.............................54
  3. 3. FOREWORD Dear Brothers & Sisters, The Readers, Assalam-o-Alaikum, I have been requested by Brother M.A. Qazi to read his booklet which he is intending to publish about the Muslim names. Once the Women's Committee of the Muslim Students' Association of U.S.A, and Canada prepared a handout sheet with a substantial number of male and female names intended for the newly bom infants of Muslim parents. This type of work, which has been prepared by Dr. Qazi, is a comprehensive approach and he is to be commended for his work. He included beautiful divine names of Allah, the names of Prophet Muhammad, his wives and daughters, a list of all Biblical names, the names of the Caliphs and Imaams of Islam, and a list of common male and female names. As Muslims we have been advised in the Holy Quran that we have to call upon Allah by His divine attributes. Allah says in the Holy Quran: L-rr o*-* >_~Jl "L-'SI UJ, Also Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) recommends that Muslims should be selective in the names of their children as part of the identity of a Muslim. He recommends that the most beautiful names are those which give the idea of servitude or praise to Allah. I am sure everyone who will be reading this booklet will be beautified, indeed. Salaams. January. 1974 Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr P.O. Box 140 Glen Ellyn, Illinois
  4. 4. PREFACE With the name of Allah, Most Merficul, Most Beneficient. This book has been written, with our Muslim brothers in mind, to assist them in their search for a beautiful Muslim name We welcome them to Islam, a religeon of Peace, Brotherhood and complete pledge and commitment to the will of Allah, guaranteeing Freedom, Justice and Equality to all mankind, irrespective of Color, Race or Creed. The Muslim community, in general, will find this book quite useful in selecting suitable names for their newborn babies. This book ful-fills my ambition for such a work and I feel greatly indebted, indeed, to the brothers and sisters joining the Muslim community here in the Americas, whose need created in me an urge to fill this vacuum. This work has been completed in a rush as it was my desire to finish this task during the month of Ramadhan, the holiest of all the months. I am fortunate in having been able to accomplish this. All praises are due to Allah and Allah only. This list may not be complete. There may be a few omissions and mistakes here and there. Suggestions for improvement are most welcome and will be included, with thanks, in the second edition of this book, if it be the will of Allah. My deepest gratitudes go to Dr. and Mrs. Ahmad Sakr, who encouraged me to undertake this work, and, in spite of their multifarious activities, were generous enough to devote their precious time in completing and correcting the manuscript. I am indebted to my wife for having shown the patience to bear with me during my work and also suggesting new names from time to time, throughout my research for more names. Thanks are also due to Mr. Eric Muller (Muhammad Abdullah Altahhan) and Dr. Seyed Salman Nadvi for having revised the pronunciation and meanings of some of the names Last but not least, I am grateful to Almighty Allah, who made me a Muslim and gave me the courage, wisdom and strength to undertake and complete this work. May He accept my humble contribution to further His cause. Aameen January, 1974 M A Q3*' 1260 S. Elmhurst Road Mt. Prospect, III. 60056 iii
  5. 5. TRANSLITERATION OF ARABIC NAMES The following svstem has been used in this book: Consonantal 1 a t Sound J> i Long Vovel T aa t. ■ b t gh t <-> f •A- th J <» c 1 J k c h J ■ c kh t m J d n u J ? • Jt h J r > w J z Long Vovel > oo w s Diphthong > au cr sh Consonant J V Long Vovel u ee U* dh Diphthong J ai Fatha z Short Vovel a Kasra z Z” Short Vovel i Dhamma Short Vovel u NOTE 1. No distinctive sign is used tor Hamza ( f- |. 2. The 'h‘ preceded by a short ’a’ in Arabic names is seldom pronounced hence has been left out; eg. Fatima for Fatimah as required in Arabic spelling. iv •
  6. 6. PREFACE TO SECOND EDITION The tremendous popularity and success of the first edition has encouraged me to re-write and revise some parts of this book. Popular Muslim Male and Female names have been arranged alphabetically and the meanings or pronoun- ciation of some of them have been corrected. More names have been added. Most of these names are of Arabic. Persians. Turkish or Urdu origin and are currently in use in the Middle East. Indopak sub-contrnent and Turkey. Some names may have two different meanings in two languages and still a different one in the third. Most common and popular meanings have been adopted. Combination of various names is a matter of personal liking and choice. Names of Allah should never be used alone. These should always be proceeded by Abdul or should be combined with another name In such a way that the final name does not remain a specific attribute of Allah. The prefixes Al etc. (Meaning The) are used to make these names specific attributes of Allah. Duplication of names has been avoided as far as possible. If one is looking for a specific name or its meaning, one r.tay have to go through one or two lists to find the same. Some names are difficult to translate. In such cases, though very few. only the pronounciation has been given. Any inconvenience because of this is regretted. This small booklet is meant to provide a list of some popular Muslim names for the benefit of new Muslims. I hope this will be a starting point for an Encyclopaedia of Muslim Names, if a brother or sister is contemplating writing one. I am thankful to all brothers and sisters who put forward their constructive criticism and sinoere advice which has been of groat help in revising and improving the contents of this booklet. In particular, I am highly indebted to my colleague. Dr. Zafar Ishaq Ansari, who very kindly devoted some of his most precious time in revising, correcting and improving the lists of most Popular Muslim Male and Female names. All praises are due to Allah alone who gave me the privilege and honour to be of some service to my fellow Muslim Brothers and Sisters who, I hope, will and have benefitted from this humble effort on my part. M. A. Qazi. U.P.M., Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. March. 1976 v
  7. 7. COMBINATION OF NAMES MALE NAMES Names can be combined with each other in a number of ways 1 Ahmad and Muhammad are frequently used both before and after the names of Allah, Muhammad or others; eg Muhammad Jameel, Basheer Ahmad. 2. Names of Allah can be preceded with Abdul; eg. Abdul Kareem Abdus If a name starts with ‘S' eg. Abdus Salaam. 3. Biblical names in Arabic may be combined with the names of Allah, Muhammad or others; eg Muhammad Yousuf, Haaroon Rasheed, 'Ali Zulkifl. 4 Abu added to the name of a married male indicates that he Is father of the child of the same name; eg. Abu Qaasim means father of Qaasim. 5. Ibn or Bin are used to indicate that the male person is the son of that person with whose name it is used; eg. Muhammad Bin Qaasim means Muhammad son of Qaasim. FEMALE NAMES 1. In case of a single woman or girl, the name of the father is used after the chosen name; eg. Maimoona Shafeeq. 2. If she gets married, the name of the husband replaces the name of the father; eg. Maimoona Mahmood. 3. If none of the above is applicable, the chosen name may be followed by Khaatoon, Aaraa, Begum, Jahaan, Akhtar. Nisaa', Khaanam etc; eg. Noor Jahaan. Najmun Nisaa', Zubaida Khaatoon, Jahaan Aaraa, Bareera Khanam. 4. In case of a married woman with children, the name of the child after Umm means she Is the mother of that child; eg. Umm Kolthoom means mother of Kolthoom. 5. Bint after a female name Indicates that she is the daughter of the person whose name follows Bint; eg. Salma Bint Hafsa means Salma daughter of Hafsa. vi
  8. 8. NINTY NINE NAMES OF ALLAH ARABIC NAME TRANSLITERATED MEANING 1. Ar-Rahmaan The Most Merciful 2. Ar-Raheem The Most Compassionate 3. cJJJI Al-Malik The King. The Monarch 4. Al-Quddoos The Holy One 5. fXJI As-Salaam The Peace. The Tranquility 6. o-yj' Al-Mu’min The Faithful. The Trusted 7. Al-Muhaimin The Vigilant. The Controller 8 AI-'Azeez The Almighty. The Powerful 9. Al-Jabbaar The Oppressor. The All Compelling 10 Al-Mutakabbir The Haughty. The Majestic 11. jJUJ« Al-Khaaliq The Creator. The Maker 12. UU» Al-Baaree The Artificer. The Creator 13. Al-Musawwir The Organise,, The Designer 14. ^UOJl AFGhaffaar The Forgiving, The Forgiver 15. A-al Al-Qahhaar The Almighty, The Dominant 16. ^.upl Al-Wahhaab The Donor. The Bestower 17. Ar-Razzaaq The Provider, The Sustainer 18. cUiJI Al-Fattaah The Revealei 19. Al'Aleem The All Knowing, The Omniscient 20. tAW Al-Qaabidh The Restrainer, The Recipient
  9. 9. ARABIC NAME TRANSLITERATED 21. -k_U' Al-Baasit 22. Al-Khaafidh tu th n H U iiih is Ar-Raafi' Al-Mu'izz Al-Muzill As-Samee' Al-Baseer Al-Hakam AI-'Adil Al-Lajeef Al-Khabeer Al-Haleem AI-'Azeem AIGhafoor Ash-Shakoor AI-'Ali Al-Kabeer Al-Hafeez Al-Muqeet Al-Haseeb Al-Jaleel MEANING Ha Who Expands The Abater, The Humbler The Raiser, The Exhalter The Honorer, The Exhalter The Degrader, The Subduer The All Hearing. The All Knowing The Discerning, The All Seeing The Arbitrator. The Judge The Justice, The Equitable The Most Gentle. The Gracious The Segacious. One Who is Aware The Most Patient. The Clement The Great. The Mighty The Forgiving, The Pardoner The Grateful. The Thankful The Most High, The Exhalted The Great. The Big The Guardian, The Preserver The Maintainer, The Nourisher The Noble, The Reckoner The Honorable, The Exhalted 2
  10. 10. ARABIC NAME TRANSLITERATED MEANING 42. Al-Kareem The Mon Generous. The Bountiful 43. Ar-Raqeeb The Guardian, The Watchful 44. Al-Mujeeb The Respondent, One Who Answers 45. c-M’ Al-Waasi' The Enrlcher, The Omnipresent 46. Al-Hakeem The Most Wise, The Judicious 47. Al-Wadood The Affectionate, The Loving 48. 1 _ —Il Al-Majeed The Glorious, The Exhalted 49. AIBaa'ith The Resurrector, The Raiser from death 50. •4— Ash-Shaheed The Witness 51. Al-Huqq The Truth. The Just 62. J-^P‘ AlWakeel The Guardian, The Trustee 53. «J' Al-Qawwee The Powerful. The Almighty 54. Al-Mateen The Strong. The Firm 55. Al-Walee The Defender, The Master 56. 1—II Al-Hameed The Praiseworthy, The Commendable 57. Al-Muhsee The Accountant 58. Al-Mubdee The Beginner. The Creator 59. »_ -- Il Al-Mu’eed The Restorer. The Resurrector 60. Al-Muhyee The Bestower, The Life Giver 61. ■ ■■■,-11 Al-Mumeet The Bringer of Death 62. Al-Hai'yy The Alive, The Ever Living 3
  11. 11. The Ever Indulgent ARABIC NAME TRANSLITERATED MEANING 63. Al Qayyoom The Eternal, The Self Sustaining 64 -u-V' Al Waajid The All Percieving, The Opulent 65. -—'P' Al-Waahid The One. The Holy 66 a_»LI AIMaajid The Noble. The Illustrious 67. ^•jh Al Ahad The Only. The Unique 68. . -.11 AsSamad The Perfect, The Eternal 69. Al-Qaadrr The Capable. The Omnipotent 70. Al-Muqtadir The Capable. The All Powerful 71. f J ajl AIMuqaddim The Presenter. The Advancer 72. Al-Mu’akhkhir The Fulfiller. The Keeper Behind 73. 4* Al-Awwal The First 74. AlAakhir The Last 75. Az-Zaahir The Apparent, The Exterior 76. Cr-J’tJ’ AIBaatin The Interior. The Latent 77. ^'P‘ AlWaalee The Ruler, The Master 78. AIMut’aal The Most High. One Above Reproach 79 Al-Barr The Beneficient. The Pious 80. At-Tawwaab The Forgiver, The Relenting 81. AIMuntaqim The Vindictive. The Avenger 82. AI-'Afuw The Forgiver. The Effacar 83. ^PlP' Ar-Ra'oof The Merciful. 4
  12. 12. ARABIC NAME TRANSLITERATED 84. 11 ALMuqsit 85. J_UJI AlJaami' 86. Al-Ghanee 87. AIMughnee 88. j-jUI Al-Maani' 89. JI Adh-Dhaarr 90. C-.UI An-Naafi' 91. An-Noor 92. AlHaadee 93. Al-Badee" 94. Al-Baaqee 95. Al-Waarith 96. Ar-Rasheed 97. As-Saboor 98. dlJI dJU Maalik-ul-Mulk 99. JXJt Zul-jalaal Wai Ikraam MEANING The Just. The Equitable The Collector. The Comprehensive The Rich. The All Sufficing The Sufficer, The Bestower The Prohibiter, The Defender The Afflicter. The Bringer of Adversity The Beneficial, The Propitious The Light The Guide The Wonderful. The Maker The Everlasting, The Eternal The Heir, The Inheriter The Concious, The Guide The Most Patient, The Enduring King of the Universe Lord of Splendid Glory and Majesty NOTE: Al. As. At. A{, Ar, and Adh etc. are used to make these names specific attributes of Allah.
  13. 13. NAMES OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H.) ARABIC NAME TRANSLITERATED MEANING 1. Ahmad Commendable. Praiseworthy 2. Aamir Commander. Orderer 3. *>*■’ Ameen Honest. Trustworthy 4. Basheer Forerunner. Percurser 5. •»'>* Jawwaad Generous. Bountiful a -L. l»- Haamid Thankful. Grateful 7. A 11 1 Habeeb-Allah Friend of Allah. Lo»er of Allah a Khaatim Last of. Seal, Stamp 9. JX- Khaleel Intimate, Bosom friend 10. Daa' Motive. Impulse 11. Rasool Messenger, Courier 12. c'z- Siraaj Night Lamp 13. Ae-~ Sayyed Chief. Head 14. •JLi Shaaf Curative, Tending to heal 15. -LA Li Shaahid Witness, Deponent 16. -*!• f -- Shaheed Martyr, Deceased warrior 17. y-t--1 Shaheer Well known, Famous 18. J> j'-o Saadlq Truthful. Righteous 19. jji y-o Safee-Ullah Best friend of Allah 20. ■t-X Tayyab Good. Chaste 6
  14. 14. 21. J jU "Aadil Judt. Right 22 >_J>U ’Aaqib End. Termination 23. ajt 'Abd-Allah Servant/man of Allah 24. jcU Faatih Opener. Conqueror 26. Qaasim Distributor. One who allots 26. Qareeb Near. Close 27. d- Maah Womout. Threadbare 28 or1* Maamoon Trustworthy. Safe 29. ^-~* Mubashshir Preacher. Evangelist 30. Mubeen Evident, Clear 31. o*1* Ma teen Hardwearing, Solid 32. Mujtabaa Selected. Chosen 33. rr- Mu(>arram Forbidden, Sacred 34. !-.».■ Muhammad Praiseworthy. Commendable 35. Mahmood Commendable. Praiseworthy 36. Mad'oo Pretender, Would be 37. Mu<akkir Reminder. Reminiscent 38. Murtadhaa Chosen, Agreeable 39. -’rt-1* Mashhood Attested. Proven 40. Musaddiq Credible. Believable 41. Mustafaa Chosen, Selected 42. Mutahhar Purifier. Clarifier 43. Mujee’ Obedient. Willing 7
  15. 15. 44. rA- Ma’loom Known, Famous 45. Muqtajid Wise. Intelligent 46. Mukarram Honored. Noble 47. cr Munajj Saviour, Rescuer 48. Mansoor Victorious, Triumphant 49. Muneer Luminous. Brilliant 50. Mahdee Leader, Guide 51. at Naah Prohibitor, Prohibiter 52. sT Nabee Prophet. Seer 53. ar Najl-Allah Confidant of Allah 54. Nazeer Forerunner, One 56. Head Guide. Leader. NOTE: Names of the Prophet common with the name* of Allah have been omitted. 8 ■
  16. 16. NAMES OF CALIPHS OF ISLAM ARABIC NAME PRONOUNCED AS 1. Abu Bakar Siddeeq 2. ’Umar IbnalKhaJuab 3. OU* o,|OU» ’Uthmaan Ibn 'Affaan 4. -JU» uxl 'Ali Ibn Abi Taalib. NAMES OF IMAAMS OF ISLAM 1. L-b ■Ali Ridhaa 2. Cr* Moosaa Kaajim 3. juU. Ja'far Saadiq 4. 0^*0- Hassan ’Askaree 5. C.u,LJI Zain-ul-'Aabideen 6. A Muhammad Baaqir 7. ST* J* ’Ali Naqqee 8. ’Abbaas ’Alamdaar 9. Muhammad Taqqee 10. ’Ali Murtadhaa 11. «>-*• Hassan 12. ee-* Hussain 9
  17. 17. POPULAR MUSLIM MALE NAMES MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 1. J-J Ajmal The total, More beautiful 2. Ihtishaam Pomp. Magnificense 1 O1—1 Ihsaan Benevolence. Charity 4. o—1 Ahsan Better. Most lovely 5. /Li' Akhtar Star. Good luck 6. Ikhlaas Frankness. Sincerity 7. Ikhlaaq Morals, Virtues 8. I_~ jl Adeeb Scholar, Literatteur 9. Arjumand Respected. Noble 10. Arsalaan Lion, King of Jungle 11. JIA,! Irshaad Guidance, Direction 1Z □-ijl Arshad Most honest. Better guided 11 fb' Arqam Writer. The best Recorder 14. Aazaad Independent Free 15. Azhar Luminous, Brilliant 16. i.L.1 Usama King of Jungle, Lion 17. J-J Asad Lion. Leo 18. Jz-1 Israar Secrecy, Privacy 19. J-*—,’ As'ad Happier, Luckier 20. f*-' Islaam Very safe. Peaceful 10
  18. 18. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 21. rl_l Aslam Safer, Freer 22. JjU—' Ishtiaq Longing, Craving 23. Ashraf Most noble, Superior 24. jU-ii Ishfaaq Compassion. Kindness 25. Aajaf Clear, Lined up 26. J • 1 Asghar Smaller. Younger 27. Z^' Athar Very pious. Pure 28. Z-*^' Azfar Most Victorious 29. zt^1 Azhar Clear, Evident 30. Izhaar Revelation. Declaration 31. j E'temaad Faith, Trust 32. E'jaaz Miracle, Astonishment 33. f_iu.1 A’zam Greatest. Biggest 34. o'j*1 A'waan Helper, Assister 35. U1 Aaghaa Lord. Master 36. u,L»T Aaftab The Sun 37. jUcJl Iftikhaar Honor. Glory 38. z-*1 Afsar Better, Explained, Officer 39. JU«I Afdhaal Causing to excel, Beautify 40. J-a»' Afdhal Excellent. Prominent 41. lil Aaqaa Master. Owner 11
  19. 19. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS Iqbaal MEANING Prosperity, Wealth •42. JU' •43. j' us»' Iqtidaar Capabi ?c..er 44. Akbar Greater, Bigger 45. f'/' Ikraam Esteem Veneration 46. f/' Akram More generous. Merciful 47. J^' Akmal Complete, Perfect 48. Altamish Vanguard, Commander •49. UlkJl Altaaf Kindness, Graces 50. Imaam Leader, Chief 51. □LI Amaan Protection, Without fear ’52. ojLI Amaanat Security. Deposit ’53. Imtiaaz Privilege, Distinction 54. Amjad Most glorious. Noble *55. Ameer Prince, Ruler "56. i-^' Anjum Stars 57. U-J' Anas Affection, Love ■58. In'aam Gift. Grant '59. Anwaar Multiple lights. Lustre ’60. Anwar Beautiful, Disclosed "61. ere-' Anees Companion, Genial 62. E>' Auj Zenith. Climax 12
  20. 20. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 63. U-J1 Aus To give. Gift 64 u-d1 Uwais Small wolf 65. eU' Aibak Slave, Messenger 66. Baabar Lion, King of jungle 67. Baaqir Deeply learned. Genius *68. Bakhtaawar Fortunate, Lucky *69. Bakhtiaar Lucky, Fortunate •70. Badr Full Moon 71. Birjees Jupiter. Planet 7Z Barq Lightening, Telegraph 73. Barakaat Blessings, Abundance '74. Barakat Blessings, Prosperity 75. iAz Burhaan Proof, Evidence '76. « Bashaarat Good omen. Prophecy 77. Bajeerat Insight. Perception 78. A Bakr Young, camel. First born 79. JX Bilal Muazrin, Companion of Prophet 80. ^4- Baleegh Eloquent. Vivid 81. Bahaadur Brave, Bold 82. f'z** Behraam Mars, Planet 83. J4-t-r Bahlol Leader of a tribe, Jester 13
  21. 21. Ml MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING "42 84. Pasha Pasha, a title '43 85. -»*% Peer Leader, Old 44 86. t>b Taabish Warmth, Brilliance 45 87. j>*b Taajwar King, Crowned 46 8ft _r~b Taatheer Effectiveness. Impression 47 89. Tatearak Hallowed. Magnified 48. •90. *" •' Tabassum Smile, Happiness "49. •91. Tajammul Beauty, Dignity 50. •92. J J-aC Tasadduq Giving alms. Donation 51. *93. Tasawwur Imagination, Conception '52. 94. J-aii Tafadhdhal Favour. Obligation •53. 95. Taqqee Godfearing, Pious 54. •96. Tanweer Enlightening. Illuminating "55. "97. Taufeeq Prosperity, Help ’56. *98. Tauqeer Honor, Respect 57. 99. <_j»U Thaaqib Piercing. Glistening •58. 100. Thamar Fruit. Profit "59. 101. •iz Thanaa' Praise, Eulogy ■60 102. zr'— Jaabir Bonesetter. Tyrant "61. 103. o'- Jaareh Wounding, Cutter 62. 104. uJU. Jaalib Motive, Cause 14
  22. 22. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 105. Jaaved Alive, Living 106. Jabraan Penalty, Reward 107. jl^* Jaraad Locust, Liberal 108. ■A** Ja'far Rivulet, Creek 109 JOU Jaleel Grandeur, Glory 110. Jalees Table companion, Associate 111. JI— Jamaal Beauty, Grace Ill Jamshaid Sun rays. Lights 111 J— Jameel Beautiful, Graceful 114. ■M— Junaid Soldier, Warrior 115. —a>»- Jauhar Gem. Pearl 116. jlf* Chiraagh Lamp. Light 117. r1* Haatim Inevitable, Unavoidable 118. Haarith Plowman, Tiller 119. LTJ1— Haaris Vigilant, watchman 120. J j** Haaiiq Skillful. Intelligent 121. j-il* Haadhir Present. Attending 122. Haalij Keeper, Guardian 121 Haakim Ruler. Sovereign 124. v—• Hubaab Aim, Friendship 125. Hareef Pungent, Hot IS
  23. 23. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 126. f1-* Husaam Sword. Sword edge *127. Hasrat Grief, Distress 128. U—* Hasan Handsome, Beautiful 129. C*— Husain Beautiful. Handsome •130. Hashmas Decency. Dignity 131. i_tf 1 Haleef Ally, Confederate •132. Himaayat Help, Support 133. Hamd Praise, Commendation 134. Hamza Lion, Sour leaves 135. Hammood Thankful, Grateful 136. Hannaan Beautiful. Compassionate 137. tfaneef True Believer,Orthodox *138. Hayaat Life. Existence 139. Haidar Lion, King of jungle 140. f JU. Khaadim Servant, Attendant 141. Khaazin Treasurer, Cashier 142. Khaatir Idea, Heart 141 uJU. Khaalid Immortal. Deathless 144. qU- Khaan Pathaan. Leader ‘145. Khaawar EastAVest, Vacant 146. P> Khurram Oelightful, Happy
  24. 24. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 147. Khidhr Guide. Leader i4a Khattaab Oratur. Speaker 149. 4^ k Khateeb Orator. Preacher 150. uxl*. Khalaf Successor, Heir 151. A 1A- Khaleefa Caliph. Successor 152. Khaleeq Competent. Well disposed 153. Khawaja Mister, a Title 154. Khursheed The sun 155. Khushnood Happy. Pleased 156. f1** Khayyaam Tent maker 157. _"U Khair Excellent. Benevolent 158. Khairaat Benevolence, Charity 159. bij Daanaa Wise. Intelligent 160. Daanish Knowledge. Wisdom 161. r—2 ’ J Daa'im Continual. Lasting 162. J*u Khaleel Innerself, Heart 163. Dastgeer Helper, Supporter 164. Dilaawar Hearty. Daring i6a Oalair Brave. Valiant 166. XJj Oaleel Conductor, Guide 167. O*J Deen Religion. Faith 17
  25. 25. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING t Used as s suffix eg., Abdur Rabb 168. Zaakir Remembering. Grateful 169. •tfj Zakaa' Intelligence, Acumen 170. Zakkee Intellectual, Ingenious 171. Zauq Taste, Perceptivity 172. Raajih Respondent •173. Raahat Rest. Repose fl74. Jib Raaziq God, Provider 176. C-b Raaiikh Oeeprooted, Stable 176. Raashid Concious, Pious 177. Raaghib Desirous, Willing 17& P'j Raaqlm Writer, Recorder 1179. 'r'j Rabb Lord. Master ’180. Rahmat Mercy, Clemency 181. Ridhaa' Acceptance, Satisfaction 18Z oWj Radhwaan Acceptance, Consent 183. Radhee Satisfied, Content •184. eJU, Rifaaqat Companionship. Society '185. Rifat Height, High rank 186. e*6 Rafee' High. Exhalted 187. Rateeq Kind. Ally 188. Ramadhan NinthMonth of Muslim Calendar 18
  26. 26. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING '189. Raushan Skylight. Bright '190. Riaasat Leadership, State 191. o’**? Raihaan Sweet basil 192. Ra'ees Head. Chief 193. Zaahid Hermit. Devotee 194. Zaahir Shining, Elevated 195. Zaalr Visitor. Guest 196. Zakaa- Purity, Honesty 197. Zamaan Time, Age, Destiny 198. Zakee Pure, Pious 199. Ziyaad Extra, More, Increase 200. •>u Zain Beauty, P-etty 201. Jp1— Saabiq Antecedent. Preceeding 202. -La-I- Saajid Prostrator. Adorer 203. Saahir Charming. Enchanting 204. cM- Saadaat Master, Gentleman 205. dJi— Saalik Follower of a spiritual path 206. rJI- Saalim Secure. F ree 207. Subhaan Holy. Glorifying 208. -k_ Sibt Grandson. Tribe 209 Sajjaad Wonhipper (of Allah) 19
  27. 27. Ml MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 1 1 1 1 1 •1 tl 1 1 1 1 tl ’I 1 1 1 •1 •1 1 1 1 t ‘210. C'i,*... Sakhaawat 211. Sakhee 212. Cbz- Sartaj 213. cAr- Sirhaan •214. jljz~ Satdaar ■215. Sarfaraat •216. Sarwar •217. Sa'aadat 218. U-K— Sa'ad 219. Sa'ood 220. •— Sa'eed 221. Safeer •222. e-X. Salaamat 223. jlkL. Sultaan 224. JA- Saleel ’225. Saleem 226. je- Sameet ’227. f lf—' Sehaam 228. J« (- Suhail 229. ‘X- Saif '230. Seemaab Suppleness. Generosity Generous. Liberal Husband, Crown Wolf Commander, Head Respected. Blessed Chief. Leader Happiness, Bliss Felicity. Good fortune Felicities. Good fortunes Happy, Lucky Mediator. Ambassador Soundness, Integrity Sovereign, Monarch Descendant, Son Safe. Mild Jovial. Entertainer Shares. Arrows Capropous, Canopus Sword, Sabre Mercury, Quicksilver 20
  28. 28. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 231. jU Shaad Happy. Cheerful 232. /u Shaakir Thankful. Grateful 233. .Li Shaah Shah, King *234. Shaaheen Hawk. Falcon 235. Shujaa' Courageous. Brave '236. ,.l - Shujaa’at Bravery, Courage •237. Sharaafat Nobility. Good manners 238. Shareef Noble. Eminent •239. Shafaa'at Mediation. Advocacy ’240. oiiui Shafaqat Compassion. Kindness 241. f**-i Shafee' Advocate. Mediator 242. J-*-: Shafeeq Kind, Compassionate 243. JXi Shakeel Handsome, Good looking 244. cr—1 Shams The Sun, a Planet ’245. jLi^i Shamshad Tree like Pine 246. . A- a Shamshair Sword. Sabre "247. f— Shameem Odour. Scent 248. Shauq Interest, Zeal *249. Shaukat Power. Dignity 250. Shahaab Shooting star. Luminous 251. j’-r-t-1 Shahbaaz White Falcon, King of Falcons 21
  29. 29. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCEO AS meaning 252. 4 Shahzaada Prince. King's son 253. Shaikh Head, Chieftain 254 Shaidaa Lover, Madly in love 255. Shjifta Lover, Intoxicated 256 Saabir Patient. Enduring 257. Saahib Companion, Follower 258. Saagh Listener, In order 259. j— Saaghir Submissive, Yielding 260. Saaleh Good, Virtuous '261. CU> Sabaah Morning, Bright 262. Sabooh Bright, Radiant 263. get-0 Sabeeh Pretty, Handsome 264. 3J-° Sidq Truth, Sincerity ’265. oil J-P Sadaaqat Sincerity. Truth 266. Siddecq Friend, Righteous 267. Sagheer Small, Minor 268 J Safdar Piercing lines. Fighter 269. Falcon, Hawk 270. Salaah Goodness. Peace 271. r*^ Sameem Real. Genuine 272. Soofee Islamic mystic 22
  30. 30. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS Dhaamin MEANING Responsible. Guarantor 273. o-’-» 274. Dhameer Heart. Conscience 275. •U-i Ohiaa' Light, Splendour 276. Ohaigham Lion. King of jungle 277. Taariq Nightcomer, Morning star 278. t-JU. Taalib Candidate. Student 279 Taahir Pure, Chaste 280. Tufail Mediator, Expedient 281. Zareef Elegant. Wittv 282. Zafar Victory, Triumph 283. Zuhoor Appearing, Arising 284 Zaheer Supporter, Ally 285 ■ule ’Aabid Worshipper, Adorer 286. •j_,U ’Aarif Acquainted. Devotee 287. 'Aashiq Lover, Fancier 288. 'Aasim Protector. Guardian 289 «_il> U ’Aatif Compassionate, Affectionate 290. sjtfU Aakif Given Attached 291. J5U ‘Aaqil Inte'lectual, Wise 292. rJU 'Aalam World. Universe 293. ‘Aalim Man of learning. Wise 23
  31. 31. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 294. XjU 'Aalamgeer Conqueror ot the world 295. >■ 'Aamir Amply settled. Civilized 296. J.U ’Aamil Worker. Effective 297. Abbaas Frowner, Gloomy 29a ■A ■Abd Slave. Servant 299. -V* 'Ubaid Servant (domestic). Small slave 300 'Adnaan Ancestor of North Arabia 301. ’Irfaan Knowledge, Wisdom 302. 'Urooj Rise. Mount 303. 'Askary Army, Soldier ’304. 'Ishrat Intimacy, Companionship •305. ■Ismat Chastity, Purdy 306. ■Ik. •aim’ Gift. Favour '307. e-Ja. Azamat Grandeur, Pride '308 C-j. ’Iffat Virtue, Chastity 309. 'Aqeeb Following. Subsequent 310. Jr** 'Aqueel Wise. Intellectual 311. 'Alavi Heavenly, Divine 312. jL* ‘Imaad Support. Confidence 313. r* ’Umar Age. Lifetime 314. "Umraan Prosperity. Populousness 24
  32. 32. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING ■315. ‘Inaayat Concern Attention 316. *Aun Help, Assistance 317. Ghaazee War champion, Hero 318. t—Jli Ghaalib Conqueror, Dominant 319. uJU Ghaa'ib Absent, Away 320. Ghadhanfar Lion, King of jungle 321. Ghulaam Slave, Servant 322. Ghauth Help, Succour 323. Ghiyaath Succour. Help 324 Faakhir Excellent, Proud 325. ou Faareh Glad. Happy 326. Faarooa Distinguisher, Differentiator 327. J-o'j Faadhil Meritorious, Abundant 328. Faatir Maker, Creator 329. Faa'iq Surpassing, Excellent 330. Fath Opening. Introduction 331. Fakhree Glorious, Proud 332. lai Fidaa Ransom. Sacrifice 333. Faraaz Elevation '334. Faraasat Keen eye. Discernment 335. O**> Far|>aan Merry, Gay 25
  33. 33. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 336. Farhat Joy. Happiness 337. Farrukh Young bird, Sprout 338. Furqaan Evidence, Proof 339. Farmaan Decree, Edict 340. ■*<> Fareed Lonely. Unique 341. Faseeh Wide. Ample 342. C-*. '-a>j Fafaahat Fluency. Eloquence 343. Faseeh Eloquent, Literary 344. J-a» Fadh-I Reward, Favour 345. Faqeer Poor, Sufi mendicant 346. C* Falaah Success. Progress 347. Fuwaad Heart t j 1 vnv PantKrr 349. rarm Faheem i_yiiA, roniiici Intelligent. Judicious 350. j’J** Fairoae Turquoise. Precious stone 351. Fayyaadh Generous. Liberal 352. Faifal Decisive, Arbitrator 353. Faidh Superabundance, Favour 354. J-li Qaabil Acceptor, Next. Able 355. Oaaree Reader, Reciter 356. Qaadhee Magistrate, Justice 26
  34. 34. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 357. Qaani* Satisfied. Content 358 Qaahir Conqueror. Victorious 359. jJli Qaa'id Steerman, Leader 360. Qaa'im Upright. Stable 361. □udrat Faculty, Power. Nature 362. Qadeer Powerful, Capable 363. Qadeem Ancient, Antique 364. j'y Qaraar Rest. Firmness 365. cAy Qurbaan Martyr. Sacrificed 366. Qutb Pivot, Celebrity 367. Qamar The Moon. Satellite 368. Qaiser Emperor. Caesar 369. uiuilS Kaashif Revealing, Discoverer 370. Kaazim Restrainer, Controller of anger 371. J-tf Kaamil Complete, Perfect 372. Kibriyaa" Grandeur. Glory 373. Katheer Abundant, Copious 374. Karraar Impetuous. Attacking violently 375. Karaamat Micacle. Nobility 376. f-5 Karam Noble nature. Magnanimity 377. Kifaayat Sufficiency. Competence 27
  35. 35. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 378. Kafeel Responsible, Sponsor 379. Kaleem Speaker, Interlocutor 380. Kamaal Perfection. Completeness •381. Kauthar Ample. Abundant "382. Kaukab Star 383. Kaif Pleasure. High spirits 384. Laa'iq Able. Oeserving ■385. C-»U) Liaaqat F itness, Ability 386. La'eeq Able, Fit •387. Mubaarak Blessed. Auspicious 388. f -uc. Mutaqaddim Preceding. Advanced 389. Muttaqee God fearing. Pious 390. Mutawakkil Having faith in Allah 391. Mujaahid Crusader. Warrior 392. Muhibb Lover, Fancier •393. Mahboob Beloved, Dear 394. f>*- Muhtaram Respectable. Honoured 395. vi. -L»- Muhaddith Transmitter. Interpreter 396. O— Muhsin Benefactor. Benevolent 397. Mahfooz Preserved, Safe ’398. jb*- Mukhtaar Chosen. Authorized 28
  36. 36. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 399. Makhdoom Master. Employer 400. Mukhlis Sincere, Frank 401. Mudabtxr Prudent. Manager 402. u-C Maraatib Degrees, Dignities 403. Muraad Desire. Object 404. Marjaan Small pearls. Corals 405. by Mirza Title for Mogul. Sayyad 406. J-r Mursil Envoy, Missionary 407. j-iz Murshid Spiritual Guide, Advisor 408. Marghoob Desired. Agreeable 409. Ay Mureed Follower. Desirous •410. Masarrat Happiness. Delight 411. Ar- Masroor Pleased, Happy 412. •b—- Mas'ood Happy, Lucky 413. r1- Muslim One who submits to the will of Allah 414. Mushtaaq Longing. Desirous 415. Musharraf Elevated, Honoured 416. j4-=- Mashkoor Praiseworthy. Thankful 417. Musaaleh Peacemaker. Mediator 418. £ U-o. Misbaah Lamp, Light 419. CJ^. Musleh Reformer. Advisor 20
  37. 37. t Used as a suffix e.g., Abdul Ma'bood. MU MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 371 420. Mudaq Absolute. Unlimited 37! 421. ■—,jk- Matloob Wanted. Unknown 381 422. Mazaahir Exteriors, Appearances "38 423. .A Muzaffar Victorious. Triumphant •38: 424. zA Mazhar Phenonmenon. Manifestation 38; 425. Mu'aawin Helper, Assistant 38 t426. Ma'bood Worshipped, Adored •38! •427. iA Ml'raaj Ladder, Ascent 38i 428. Ar** Ma'roof Known, Celebrated ■38 ’429. Ma'shooq Beloved, Sweetheart 381 *430. Ma'joom Infallible, Innocent 38 431. A- Mu'azzam Magnified. Respected 39 432. A Mu’allam Educator. Perceptor 39 433. Mu’een Assistant. Helper 39 434. Mugheeth Helper, Succourer *39 435. A Miluah Key, Opener 39 436. Multee Expounder of Islamic Law 39 437. A Muqbrl Coming, Next 39 *438. Jj-i Maqbool Accepted. Popular 39 439. Muqaddas Sanctified, Holy ■39 440. Maqsood Intended, Proposed 30
  38. 38. t Used as a suffix e.g., Abdul Ma'bood. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING •441. Mumtaaz Distinguished, Exquisite 442. C’J~ Mamdooh Praised, Commended 443. cA Mannaan Benefactor. Bountiful 444. Muntasir Victorious, Triumphant 445. Manzir Warner, Cautioner 446. — Mansab Office. Dignity 447. Munsif Justice, Righteous 448. A- Manzar Sight. View 449. Manzoor Acceptable. Admired 450. Mun'im Mania's* Benefactor. Generous 1. •452. Mania at Munawwar Profit, Useful service Illuminated. Enlightened 453. Minhaaj Way, Program 454. J5Jr Maudood Attached. Friendly t455. iP>* Maulaa Master, Lord 456. Moonis Companion, Consoler 457. z*- Meer Mayor, Leader 458. Naaji' Useful, Beneficial 459. Naadir Rare, Precious 460. fJU Naadim Repentant. Regretful ■461. Naaz Pride. Delicacy 31
  39. 39. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 462. 463. 464. 465. 466 467. 468. 469. 470. 471. 472. 473. 474. 475. 476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482. cL-U Naasik Pious. Devotee jUIs Naashaad Unhappy, Morose C^b Num), Counsellor, Advisor J—°b Naasir Protector, Granting victory f.__ oU Naasi' Obvious, Evident c j—^b Naazir Observant. Spectator f_fet Naazim Arranger, Organiser Naayaab Rare, Precious Naa’ib Delegate, Substitute Nabee1 Noble. Magnanimous A Nathaar Scattered, Tiny pieces f— Najm Celestial body, Star Najeeb Excellent. Noble Najee’ Beneficial. Useful Nudrat Rarity. Uniqueness -u Nadeem Companion, Confidant Najr Vow, Solemn pledge C— Nuzhat rdirnn m Recreation. Amusement -kli; ••dseem Nishaa£ Fresh Air. Breeze Liveliness, Energy Nishtar Scalpel, Surgeon’s knife 32
  40. 40. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 483. Najr Help. Victory ’484. Nujrat Victory, Help •485. Najeeb Share, Participation 486. Naseer Supporter. Protector 487. Nazaam Order, Discipline 488. Nazar Eyesight, Vision 489. Na«er Similar, Comparable 490. No'maan Blood ’491. Ni’mat Blessing, Grace 492. Na'eem Happiness. Benefits 493. Nafees Precious, Exquisite 494. jlij Naqqaad Critic. Reviewer 495. Naqqaash Painter. Artist 496. Naqqee Pure, Clean 497. Naqeeb Chief, Lawyer ’498. S' Nawwaab Ruler, Governor ’499. Nawaaz Cherishing, Caressing 500. Nawaazish Caress, Kindness 501. jijT Nauroze Persian New Year's Day 33
  41. 41. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 502. Naweed Good news. Glad tiding 503. Niyaaz Desire, Offering 504. Nayyir Luminous, Brilliant 505. Waathiq Confident. Strong 506. it*J Waa’iz Preacher, Advisor 507. dr'. Waamiq Loving, Friendly 508. Waahib Liberal. Donor 509. Wajaahat Esteem. Credit 510. Waieeh Notable. Eminent '511. Wahdat Unity. Loneliness 512. Waheed Unique, Single ’513. Wiraathat Inheritance. Legacy ’514. J—6) Wazeer Minister. Vizier 515. Wane* Wide, Spacious 516. r^~3 Waseem Graceful, Handsome 517. Waqaar Dignity, Sobriety ’518. '•—X? Wilaayat Power, State 519. Wahhaaj Glowing, Sparkling 520. «/U Haanee Happy. Delighted 34
  42. 42. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING ’521. C-J JJS Hidaayat Guidance, Instruction 522. OX1*-*1 Humaayoon Blessed. Auspicious 523. Yaasir Towards left, Easy 524 Yaaseen Sura in Quran 525. Yaameen Towards right 526. jJ1* Yaawar Adjutant, Aid-de-camp 527. Olj>r Yaadaan Merciful. Kind 35
  43. 43. BIBLICAL NAMES AND ARABIC EQUIVALENTS BIBLICAL NAME ARABIC NAME PROUNOUNCED AS 1. Aaron Haaroon 2. Abel Haabeel 3. Abraham Ibraaheem 4. Adam Aadam 5 Aesep OUJ Luqmaan 6. Amran o’z* 'Imraan 7. Cain Qaabeel ft Da«id Daa'ood 9. Elisha C-J' Al-Yasa" 10. Elyas (Elijah) u-W llyaas 11. Enoch LW>' Idrees 12. Etakiel JiSJi, J Julkifl 13. Ezra >> Utair 14. Gabriel Jibreel 16. Hud Hood 16. Isaac lsl)aaq 17. Ishmael Ismaa'eel 18. Jacob Ya’qoob 19. Jesus Eesaa 20. Jethro Shu'aib 36
  44. 44. BIBLICAL NAME ARABIC NAME PRONOUNCED AS 21. Job S->r’ Ayyoob 22. John Yahyaa 23. Jonut Yoonus 24. Joseph Yoosuf 25. Lot Loot_ .26. Michael JaSfie- Meekaa’eel 27. Moses Cr-r Moosa 28. Noah Nooh 29. Peter u-A Butras X. Saul Taaloot 31. Seth Sheeth 32. Solomon OM- Sulaimaan 33. Zach’das Zakanyyaa FEMALE NAMES 1. Eve '>* Hawwaa 2. Mery rv Marilyam 3. Sheba (Queen of) Bilqees. 37
  45. 45. POPULAR MUSLIM FEMALE NAMES MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS Aatoon 1. 2. Ibtesam 3. '7 Aaraa 4. Ibtehaj 5. ♦ Ay** Aafreeda 6. H.T Aamina 7. a—, jl Adeeba a f7 Iram 9. r^1 Ahlaam 10. •U_l Asma 11. Afroze 12. Afzaa 13. urUJI Almaas 14. Ilham 15. b-' Ameera 16. Ameena 17. "4-^1 Aneesa 18. >i,t Baano 19. Batool 20. Bakht MEANING Educator. Teachress Smile Embelhshing, Adorning Joy. delight Created. Produced Secure. Protected Literary woman, Authoress Heaven Dreams. Utopia Beautiful Illuminating. Enlightening Augumenting, Increating Diamond, Adamant Inspiration Princess. Rich woman Trustworthy. Reliable Affectionate Lady, Princess Virgin, Maiden Luck. Lottery 38
  46. 46. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS Bushra MEANING Happy news. Glad Tiding 21. 22. a_w~ Basheera Glad Tiding, Happy news 23. XL Bulbul The Nightingale 24. u-AL Bilqees The Queen of Sheba 25. «-L-L Baleegha Eloquent. Lasting 26. Bint Daughter. Girl 27. Babur Spring 28. Bahjat Splendour. Magnificense 29. rX Baigum Princess, Lady 30. oex- Parveen Pleiades. Cluster of Stars 31. Panhan The fairy 32. cb Taaj Crown 33. Tahseen Praise, Beautification 34. Tohta Present, Gift 35. a-^ Tahiyya Greeting, cheer 36. vjX— Taskeen Satisfaction, Peace 37. f ■'' **"• Tasleem Total submission. Salutation 38. Tasneem Fountain of Paradise 39. Tahzeeb Culture. Education 40. Tharwat Wealth 41. Thurayyaa Star, Pleiades 39
  47. 47. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 42. 4^ Thameena Precious, Generous 43. Jabeen Forehead 44. kU* Jaleela Great. Exalted 45. 4-V-^ Jameda Beautiful. Elegant 48. kL*. Jannat Heaven, Garden 47. Jawaahar Precious stones 48. Jauhara Jeawl, gem 49. o't- Jahaan The World 50. xl*. ••• Chaand The Moon 51. Chandani Moonlight 52. kLxsl*- Haafiza Memory, Governess 53. Habeeba Beloved. Sweetheart 54. - _ Haseena Beautiful, Pretty Beautiful, a Belle 55. SJ—*. Husna 56. J-3A*. Hafca Cub. Young Lioness 57. - _ t. Haleema Clement. Humane 58. «Ar— Hameeda Commendable, Praised 59. ba­ Humaira Redstart. Reddish 60. lk*. Htnnaa Henna, Myrtle 61. 4-L*. Hanna Tainted, Dyed red 62. aa—L*. Haneefa True Believer 40
  48. 48. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 63 Hoot Virgin of Paradise. Nymph 64. oj3'-*- Khaatoon Lady. Noble womar 65. Khaalida Immortal. Deathless 66. r'^ Khaanam Lady 67. JJ* Khadeeja Premature daughter 68. Khateeba Orator, Preacher 69. 4lj 1 «L. Khaleeqa Well mannered 7a Khawala Servant, Dancer 71. 4J< Jj J Durdaana Single pearl 72. 4— Deeba Brocade, Gold tissue 73. Our-re-Shahwar Pearl worthy of kings 74. Zaakira Memory, Remembrance /b. Zakkiyya Sharp. Intellectual 76. Raabia Fourth 77. Raaheel Rachel 78. a J-i'j Raashida Sensible, Rightly guided 79. •A Raanee The Queen 80. Raheema Merciful. Kind 81. ... Rakhshanda Shining. Brilliant 82. Rasheeda Concious, Pious 83. 1;!^ Ridhwaana Pleasure, Acceptance 41
  49. 49. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 84. Radhia Well Satisfied 85. Ra’naa Beautiful, Graceful 86. Rafee’a Exalted, Sublime 87. Rafeeqa Sweetheart, Companion 88. Ruqayya Spell. Superior 89. Roobee Ruby. Precious stone 90. Roohee Spiritual, Of spirit 91. '^jSj Rozeena Daily pay 92. k;L5j Romaana Romantic. Fascinating 93. Raihaana Aromatic, Sweet basil 94. Ol-A'J Reshmaan Silky. Of silk 95. Ra’eesa Leadress, Matron 96. Raheela Departure. Exodus 97. i -ualj Zaahida Hermit. Ascetic 98. » Ar-J Zubaida High hill 99. Zarqaa Having bluish green eyes 100. Crtjj Zarreen Golden. Of gold 101. Zareena Of gold, Golden 102. Zakkiyya Pure. Pious 103. Jrj Zamurrad Emerald. Precious stone 104. Zuhra Venus, Star 42
  50. 50. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS Zahraa' MEANING Radiant 106. 106. Zaib Decoration, Beauty 107. Zaibaa Beautiful, Adorned 108. Zeenat Decoration. Beauty 109. •L- Sabaa' The Queen of Sheba 110. i Jj.1— Saajida Prostratoress. Adoress 111. b* u Saahira Sorceress, Witch 112. IjU Saaraa Pure, Happy 113. Sitaara Screen, Star 114. Sehar Enchantment Fascination 115. Suraab Mirage. Phantom 116. Irf U-a— Se'diyya Luck. Good fortune 117. i Sa'eeda Happy, Lucky 11& Sakeena Tranquility. Devout 119. XilkL- Sultaana Queen. Empress 120. Salma Peaceful. Pacifist 121. Saleema Safe. Mild 122. j>u Salwa Quail, Consolation 123. 4y*—’ Sameera Jovial. Companion 124. Sameena Fatty, Plump 125. Sunbul Ear. Spike (of grain) 43
  51. 51. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 126. Saudaa Lady. Gloomy 127. aL-t— Suhaila Canopous, our 12ft J J-— Sayyada Lady, Mistress 129. u- Seemaa Mark, Sign 130. Seemean Of Silver, White 131. izLi Shaa'ira Poetess 132. 5/Li Shaakira Thankful, Grateful 133. a Shaahida Witness, True Copy 134. IXjeLi Shaheena Falconess 135. ki—! Li Shaa'ista Well bred. Polite 136. 4i L-i Shabaana Belonging to night, young lady 137. Shabnam Dew 13a Shabeeba Godmother, Sponsor 139. 'Ar* Sharaara Spark. Lightning 140. Shareefa Distinguished, Noble 141. Shareeka Partner. Participant 142. A_La—i Shu'la Flame, Blare 143. Shateeqa Kind. Compassionate 144. dSJk-i Shaqeeqa Real Sister. Migraine 14a Shagoofa Bud, New 146. Shagufta Blooming. Flourishing
  52. 52. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 147. 0 Shakoora Very thankful 148. Shakeela Well shaped. Beautiful 149 r- Shama' Candle, Wax 150. Shammee Olfactory 151. Shameema Scent. Flavour 152. Shahzaadee Princess 153. Shahlaa Having bluish black eyes 154. j L—t—1 Shahnaaz Bride. Pride of a King 155. Sheereen Sweet, Pleasant 156 Saabira Patient, Enduring 157. ii jl-o Saadiqa Truthful. Sincere 158. iicLo Saa’iqa Thunderbolt. Lightning 159. ru Saaim Fasting 160. i*JLo Saaleha Right. Pious 161. i^jlat Saa’iba Straight. Pertinent 162. cu> Sabaah Morning. Dawn 163. U-O Sabaa Eastern wind 164. Sabeeha Forenoon, Beautiful 165. Sabeeya Young Girl, Girl 166. ii_, Siddeeqa Friend, Righteous 167. Sughraa Small, Less 45
  53. 53. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 168. Sagheera Small. Minor 169. §afia Lion's share, Pure 170. Sanobar Pine tree. Fir 171. Sahba Red wine 172. Taahira Pure, Chaste 173. ».-• »1b Tal'at Seen, Risen 174. Tayyaba Pleasant, Well 175. ijjlla Zaahira Outstanding, Distinguished 176. Zaheera Backeress 177. i -uU 'Aabida Worshippess. Adorcss 178. iJ jU 'Aadila Just. Honest 179. 'Aajima Capitol. Protectress 180. ajiiU 'Aatifa Affection, Sympathy 181. i_JU 'Aalia High, Exalted 182. irU 'Aamira Well populated 183 i all* ■Aa'ida Retumess 184. IjOA 'Ajraa Virgin, Virgo 185. 'Aieeza Respected. Darling 186. ajyks "Atoofa Kind. Merciful 187. A -kc ‘AMyya Gift, Present 188. 'Uzma Greatest 46
  54. 54. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 189. 'Afeefa Modest. Chaste 190. wu 'Aqeela Gifted with reason. Wise 191. •Wa •Alia Lofly. Sublimity 192. 'Aleema Learned 193. 'Anbar Ambergeris 194. ’Anbreen Of Ambergeris 195. lu-* 'Andaleeb Nightingale 196. Ul> Ghazaala Gazelle, Deer 197. Faatin Fascinating. Charming 198. Faakhira Glorious, Magnific ent 199. Faaria Tall. Pretty 200. JJ-oU Faadhila Meritorious. Plentiful 201. kill Faatima Weaning. Ablacating 202. Faatin Clever. Smart 203. i/U Faaghira Jasmine flower 204. J>!U Faa'iza Victress. Winner 205. i-kJU Faaidha Rewarding. Generous 206. iaSli Faa'iqa Superb. Excellent 207. Fakhriyya Glory. Pride 208. O* Farah Joy. Cheerfulness 209. kj Farhaana Happy. Joyful 47
  55. 55. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 210. i Farkhanda Happy. Blessed 211. Firdaus Garden, Paradise 212. Farceda Precious jam. Unique 213. Farzaana Intelligent. Wise 214. Faseeha Literary. Eloquent 215. >—L-o» Fadheelat Virtue. Excellence 216. Fauzia Victorious. Triumphant 217. • -L—H Fahmeedt Wise. Understanding 218. W Fairoza Turquoise. Precious stone 210. iXli Oaabila Accoucheuse 220. ij Jla Qadira Powerful, Potent 221. Kf-Ji Qudsiyya Glorious, Holy 222. Ourra-tul-'ain Delight of eye. Darling 223. V* Qamra The Moon 224. Qaisara Empress. Wife of Caesar 225. Kubraa Great, Senior 226. Kabeera Great 227. Kareema Precious. Magnificent 228. Kithwar Country, realm 229 A--J5 Kaleema Speaker. Mouthpiece 230. Kanwal Water lily 48
  56. 56. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 231. Kaneez Slave girl, Servant 232. J? Gul Flower, Rose 233. Gulaab Rose. Flower 234. Gulnaar Pomegranate flower 235. Gulshan Garden 236. Gulzaar Garden 237. Gauhar Jewel, Pearl 238. tii'i Laa'iqa Suitable. Deserving 239. Lubna Mouthful 240. A».l Labeeba Wise. Intelligent 241. Lutfiyya Kindness, Delicate grace 242. 1 Lateefa Witticism, Jest 243. Lo'loo Pearl. Gem 244. ai-jJ La'eeqa Elegant. Representative 245. urW Lailaa Night. Sweetheart 246. « ju>.L Maajida Glorious, Powerful 247. L Maamoona Trustworthy. Safe 248. «L Maah Moon, Mouth 249. Maahpaara Piece rf Moon 250. Maahjabeen Forehead like Moon 251. ■<U. Mubaarika Blessed. Auspicious 49
  57. 57. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 252. 1^- Mubeena Evident, Clear 253. Mujaahida Crusader, Warrior 254. «-W?- Mujeeba Respondent. Answering 255. » Am- Majeeda Respected. Eternal 256. A>M- Mahbooba Beloved, Sweetheart Mubsina Benevolent. Benefactor 40/. 258. Muhsana Well-protected, Married 259. ‘Jr-— Mahmooda Praised, Commendable 260. i.. J-4- Makhdooma Served 261. Cwrr Marmareen Like marble 262. Au'jr Marwaareed Pearl, Jewel 263. Mastoora Hidden. Chaste 264. ~6 Mas'ooda Happy. Lucky 265. <u_L_ Muslima Muslim lady 266. Jr- Mushu.ee Jupiter 267. “r- Musharrifa Elevated. Exalted 268. a-w'-va. Musaahiba Companion. Friend 269. Mutahhara Purified, Chaste 270. L^ZUl. Maa'sooma Innocent, Infallible 271. Mu'azzama Exalted. Respected 272. k— Ji* Muqaddasa Sacred, Holy 50
  58. 58. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 273. 4 jy-zuu Maqsooda Intended, Objective 274. Malika Queen 275. •> Munazza Infallible. Free 276. Munawwara Lighted, Illuminated 277. Muneera Luminous, Brilliant 278. Mo'mina Faithful, Truly believing 279. -t-f- Mahtaab The Moon 280. Maimoona Safe. Trustworthy 281. Meena Starling, Heaven. Glass 282. iuu.1; Naaji'a Beneficial. Useful 283 i-j-L Naajia Free, Escaped 284 JjjU Naadira Rare. Scarce thing 285. a, jL Naadiya Caller, Announcer 286 Naazneen Delicate, Belle 287. Naajiha Advisor. Sincere 288. ■*z-b Naasira Helper, Supporter 289. 4j-oL Naadhira Blooming. Flourishing 290. 4 Naazira Onlooker 291. Naazima Poetess. Matron 292. j-jeb Naaheed Elevated. Venus 293. SJJb Naa'ila Winner. Catastrophe 51
  59. 59. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 294. Nabeela Noble. Magnanimous 295. ♦A Nathaara Fragments, Prose writer 296. Najam Star, Celestial body 297. k-_»- Najma Star, Precious 298. 4^»- Najjiyya Beneficial. Useful 299. Najeeba Excellent. Intelligent 300. Nargis Narcissus. Flower 301. Nazaakat Delicacy. Neatness 302. Nisaa' Woman, Lady 303 Nasreen Jonquille, Jonquil 304. ■ ■ Naseema Gentle Breeze, Zephyr 305 4--A Naseeba Luck. Share 306. 4 Naseera Helper Supporter 307 Nadheera Head. Foremost 308 4— Na’eema Happiness. Benefit 309. d-_A- Naghma Melody. Song 310. Nafeesa Precious. Delicate 311. Nikhat Smell, Flavour 312. 4-X Naqeeba Soul. Group leader 313. Nlghat Sight, Glance 314. -4-^X Nageena Gem. Pearl 52
  60. 60. MUSLIM NAME PRONOUNCED AS MEANING 315. Nawaar Blossom, Flower 316. O—<£• Nooreen Of light, Luminous 317. J—iy Naufa Excess, Surplus 318. Neelam Blue gem. Precious stone 319. j-’A- Neelofar Lotus, Water lily 320. * J-*1, Waajida Finder, Excited 321. Wafieeda Sole, Single 322. Waseema Graceful, Pretty 323. “v-’J Waseefa Servant, Lady-in-waiting 324. 4 AfJj Waleeda Newborn girl, Product 325 Waliyya Holy lady, Saint 326. 5^ La Haajira Meridion, Migrant 327. 1_____Jl_a> Haala Lunar Halo, Glory ’328. Huraiva Kitten 329. •La Humaa' Lucky bird. Phoenix 330 •La Hanaa' Bliss. Felicity 331. Yaasmeen Jasmine, Flower 332. Yaaqoot Haycinth, Sapphire • Unisex names used both for male and female persons. 53
  61. 61. NAMES OF THE WIVES OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD ARABIC NAME PRONOUNCED AS 1. Khadeeja 2. Sauda 3. 'Aai'sha 4. —— Hafta 5. Zainab Khaaeema 6. Umm Salma 7. •ud* Javairia 8. Maimoona 9. Safia 10. A_ _ • • -T-U Zainab Jahadi 11. « Umm HabMba NAMES OF THE DAUGHTERS OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD 1. Zainab 2. •-A Ruqayya 3. Umm Kolthoom 4. Faajima. 54