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The Exciting Features of iPhone 8

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The Exciting Features of iPhone 8

  1. 1. (2017)
  2. 2. PEARL PHILLINE T. SOBERANO Bachelor of Science in Accountancy UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN PHILIPPINES COMP 101B (Fundamentals of Computer Software and Applications) MS. ARPEE M. CALLEJO INSTRUCTOR
  3. 3. Apple has always been a benchmark in making the smartest phones and immunizing them with lots of features and quality material. The next sensation in the market is said to be the Apple iPhone 8, Tim Cook himself said that: Don’t expect much from the iPhone 7 because iPhone 8 will create a real revolution and they are already planning and building it to revolutionize the future of smartphones.
  4. 4. Apple will reportedly continue to bundle a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter with its new lineup of iPhone.
  5. 5. Better version of Siri Apple’s 2017 iPhone models will likely ship with an enhanced version of Siri, reflecting growing competition in the Al assistant space.
  6. 6. Organic LED (OLED) Technology OLED screens can offer deeper blacks and are often thinner than LCDs.
  7. 7. Apple has released the first update to its new Clips app for iPhone and iPad. The new version improves Live Title text editing and includes a few other changes as well.
  8. 8. An unverified rumor from Israeli blog “The Verifier” claims that the IPhone 8 will feature Apple’s special Smart Connector for inductive ‘wireless’ charging and VR/AR accessories. Headphone adapter
  9. 9. One of the renderings shows the back of the phone with a vertical dual camera setup
  10. 10. The drawing shows a narrow earpiece at the top of the screen, with the selfie camera, microphone and other sensors on either side.
  11. 11. The latest iPhone 8 leak is an image of a purported case for the device.
  12. 12. Transparent iPhone You can pretty much bet that we’re going to see at least new iPhone 8 concept every week till the real thing launches and if it underwhelms even after.
  13. 13. In summary, here’s what you should expect: iPhone 8 release date: We reckon the iPhone 8 will debut on September 12 or 13, while the release date is more likely to occur on September 22 or 23. iPhone 8 specs: There’s plenty rumoured, but the major additions tipped to be added include: OLED screens, powerful 10nm A11 chip, wireless charging, a 3D-sensing front camera, and an “all-screen front” design. iPhone 8 price: The entry-level iPhone 8 is probably going to retail for at least £599, and could rise close to (or even beyond) £1,000 for the top- end model.
  14. 14. Resources: https://www.macrumors.com /roundup/iphone-8/ https://www.cnet.com/produ cts/apple-iphone-8/preview/ https://9to5mac.com/guides/ iphone-8/ Thank You!