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Penn Valley Church Announcements 4 21-19

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Penn Valley Church Announcements 4 21-19

  1. 1. Announcements April 21, 2019
  2. 2. WEDNESDAY NIGHT IS… Dinner at 6:15 / Classes at 7
  3. 3. Call 215-723-5896 or email gcs@gcs-online.org to learn more and arrange a tour. NOW ENROLLING
  4. 4. SPIRITWEAR GCS’s online store is now open. These items make great gifts for family and friends and help promote GCS to the public! www.cafepress.com/Grace Christian School
  5. 5. Help Boost the GCS Financial Aid Fund! Purchase Giant and/or Landis Gift Cards through Grace Christian School and 5% of the purchase price will be added to their financial aid fund.
  6. 6. Meeting weekly on Thursday mornings. 10:30 a.m. - Coffeehouse
  7. 7. Momentum Youth Conference 2019 July 15-21, 2019 Indiana Wesleyan University Marion, IN
  8. 8. Check out our new online giving platform! See www.pennvalleychurch.org or https://pennvalleychurch.churchcenter.com/giving Questions? Contact the church office at 215-723-5890. Want to try to give by text? To start text 84321
  9. 9. The Telford Campus Nursery is where the gather. If you’d like to help in the Nursery, contact coordinators Stephanie Shaw (215-256-8316/267-254-8134) or Deb Zender (215-256-6824/267-342-1671).
  10. 10. A new Christian non-profit organization to help single mothers and their children by offering care. Along The Way is looking for women to be mentors for these single mothers. If you are interested contact ATW at www.alongthewaypa.org for info.
  11. 11. Online Church Directory Would you like to… …have your family added to the directory? …change your address or phone number? …have an updated family picture taken? Contact the church office or e-mail us at directory@pennvalleychurch.org Get the Instant Church Directory smartphone app or download the PDF from the website.
  12. 12. Fellowship Breakfast @ 9:15am Followed by Worship at 10am 1st, 2nd & 4th Sundays | Highland Park, Sellersville
  13. 13. Pray for those who serve us around the world.