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PET Power Sustainability Program

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Here's our contribution to a more sustainable future for plastic packaging!
More info: https://bit.ly/2LU0d4H

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PET Power Sustainability Program

  3. 3. SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAMME PET POWER Inform relationships More and more renewable materials! Less & less waste Inspire employees Fewer CO2 emissions
  4. 4. WHAT DID WE DO ALREADY… We continue to investigate further, a.o. : ▪ The use of LED lighting on our premises ▪ Renewal with more energy efficient cooling systems ▪ Looking into wind- and solar energy opportunities ▪ Use of bio based materials
  5. 5. SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS PCR BioPET Weight reduction Co- polyesters
  6. 6. POST CONSUMER RESIN (PCR) ▪ It can be compared with standard granulate ▪ It can be produced in the same way as virgin PET ▪ There is a colour difference with virgin material ▪ PCR is granulate recycled from bottles used in the markets ▪ PCR has different barrier properties than virgin material ▪ PCR is not FOOD approved material! ▪ It is cheaper than virgin PET ▪ PCR needs to be used always 100% and can’t be mixed with virgin material ▪ PCR bottles can’t be recycled anymore
  7. 7. BIOBASED ▪ These are made of renewable raw materials, such as starch, glucose, vegetable oils and cellulose. ▪ Bio-based plastics are not biodegradable. ▪ In general, they have the same properties as their fossil predecessors. ▪ They can be processed in an existing recycling process. ▪ They can be re-used as basis for plastic products. ▪ Our BioPET is based on 30% renewable raw material and 70% oil-based raw material. ▪ The mechanical and thermal properties of BioPET are similar to other oil-based PET products. ▪ The colour tone may slightly differ, depending on the type of BioPET. ▪ BioPET can be easily processed (ISBM).
  8. 8. BIODEGRADEABLE Biodegradable plastics can be made from renewable raw materials and/or fossil fuel- based raw materials. They can be decomposed biologically by the action of living micro-organisms or by means of (industrial) composting.
  9. 9. OUR BELIEF ▪PET Power believes in the circular economy ▪PET Power believes in the possibility to reduce our usage of fossil fuels and wishes to contribute to this, for future generations.
  10. 10. OUR BELIEF ACTIONS PET Power works according to the 4-R principles : Reduce / Re-use / Recycle / Renew : ▪ Reduce: PET Power actively works with clients to reduce weight and internally lower scrap rates. ▪ Re-use: PET Power promotes and develops durable and multi-use materials as eg Tritan™. ▪ Recycle: PET Power encourages the use of R-PET, educates in recycling and internally recycles. ▪ Renew: PET Power looks at opportunities for usage of bio-based materials that can be used in normal waste streams and recycling streams.
  11. 11. OUR BELIEF RECYCLING PET Power promotes the use of recycled materials : ▪ This concerns the recycling of our own scrap, inherent to our production process. ▪ This concerns the recycling and even upcycling of post consumer recycled plastic. ▪ PET Power actively participates in the education of the public on recycling and waste management. ▪ PET Power stimulates and joins in removing waste, e.g. by active participation in plastic fishing !! &
  13. 13. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY WE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY… ▪ Starting and proud partner of the Plastic Whale foundation ▪ Member of the Dutch Rethink initiative ▪ Through RPC member of the UK-based British Plastics Federation ▪ Committed member of the NRK Clean Sweep initiative ▪ Active promotion of the use of PCR material as alternative to virgin material ▪ Research and tests of bio based materials in ISBM processing
  14. 14. Marius Smit - Founder In 2013 presenting the first boat First professional plastic fisher in the world Now 5 full-timers New “wasteboard” line ONE MAN CAN.. Fleet with now 10 complete recycled boats Clean Oceans!! A tweet in 2010
  15. 15. COLLECTING POINT… PET Power has established an internal site collection point for plastic caps. These deliver a return value and proceeds go to the Guide Dog Foundation. Full staff participation !
  16. 16. RETHINK DO WE LOOK WITH THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVES… RETHINK! Dutch initiative: www.rethinkplastics.nl / English initiative: www.bpf.co.uk