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  2. 2. THE WORLD HAS SHIFTED TO THE SUBSCRIPTION ECONOMY. 6.8 billion potential subscribers on mobile, social and web. 80% of customers demand new consumption models. –The Economist, 2014
  3. 3. CUSTOMERS HAVE CHANGED AND HAVE NEW EXPECTATIONS. 70 percent of customers are through the buying cycle before they contact you. Customers are connected and in control – already informed on products, pricing, competitors and reviews. Subscribers expect services to be personalized, real-time and memorable.
  4. 4. BUSINESSES MUST CHANGE WITH THEM. “There is a fundamental mismatch between how organizations market and sell, and the way people actually shop and buy. Subscription-based models help businesses grow, but also hold companies accountable for long-term value to their customers.” Jim O’Neill, CIO of HubSpot
  5. 5. INDUSTRIES ACROSS THE BOARD ARE REINVENTING THEMSELVES. Regardless of the industry, businesses are shifting to the subscription economy. • Consumer • Communication • Entertainment • Manufacturing • Healthcare • Technology • Internet of Things MARKET EVOLUTION Product (1970s) Product + Services (1990s) Customer Centric (2000) Relationship Centric (Today)
  6. 6. BUSINESSES DELIVERING IN THE SUBSCRIPTION ECONOMY ARE WINNING. It’s the 21st century. Businesses are shifting focus from products to relationships. Businesses with subscriptions, like Adobe and Box, are disrupting their own industries, captivating customers and reinventing the way subscribers engage with their products and services.
  7. 7. 6 DRIVERS FOR SUCCESS Your customers want a new way to relate to you. Build a business that embraces the subscription economy by following these six key steps to success.
  8. 8. • Attract subscribers with personalized packages and plans. • Boost growth and increase the value of your existing relationships with add-ons and promotions. • Deliver a seamless introductory experience for your customers across mobile, web, sales, customer services or partner. Acquire
  9. 9. • Keep your customers engaged and happy through every aspect of the journey, nurturing them through trial, sign-up, changes and renewal. • Give customers the power and tools to control their relationship, move between subscription plans, and make the changes that are right for them. Nurture
  10. 10. • Allow subscribers to pay their way and in their local currency. • Automatically generate fast and accurate online invoices that include a rich set of subscriber data, usage, add-ons, prorations and more. • Optimize your payment gateways, allowing you to collect cash quickly. Collect & Automate
  11. 11. • Gain the right insight into your subscribers, enabling everyone in your organization to make smarter decisions. • Integrate subscriber data directly into ecosystem – from CRM to ERP, keeping your sellers, marketers, service and finance professionals focused and connected on subscriber results and changes. Measure
  12. 12. • Subscribers change rapidly, so build an infrastructure that allows your marketers, finance, and product professionals to deliver new approaches that drive more value to your customers. • Iterate and test constantly to discover the pricing and feature strategies that truly drive lasting customer relationships. Iterate
  13. 13. • Map out an 18-month global currency and payment gateway strategy. • Make sure your system is built on a secure, scalable technology infrastructure. Scale
  14. 14. OWN THE SUBSCRIPTION EXPERIENCE. Across the board, companies in verticals from cloud storage to oral hygiene are using subscriptions to rewrite their customer story and reinvent their industry. The time to pivot to the #SubscriptionEconomy is here.
  15. 15. About Zuora We build modern, flexible and easy to use enterprise software that enables companies to manage all aspects of their relationship with their subscribers. It begins at zuora.com Facebook.com/zuora FOLLOW US ONLINE: @Zuora #subscriptioneconomy