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Cold Chain IQ - Event Display

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Cold Chain IQ - Find out the benefits to joining the most innovative and interactive online Cold Chain community from Pharma IQ

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Cold Chain IQ - Event Display

  1. 1. introducing Cold Chain IQ .com www . Cold the premier resource for the Cold Chain community from the Pharma IQ network Chain IQ
  2. 2. Exchange ideas, network with your peers and share solutions Connect with thousands of Cold Chain professionals online
  3. 3. Podcasts Articles White Papers Video Features Reports Download in depth and exclusive content including… … All for free!
  4. 4. Continuously Updated by Industry Experts
  5. 5. Cold Chain IQ Is Global
  6. 6. Visit Cold Chain IQ to discuss, exchange ideas and solutions and to download exclusive free content from one of the leading global pharmaceutical conference producers www. ColdChainIQ .com
  7. 7. Share your experiences and learnings at this event with your colleagues via Twitter @PharmaIQ #ColdChainIQ
  8. 8. Upload your photos from this Cool Chain IQ event to our Facebook page Facebook.com/PharmaIQ
  9. 9. Visit Cold Chain IQ now on your Smart Phone ! Scan this image now using a QR Code App