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  1. ClariPhi Your World
  2. Our ClariPhi range of services are targeted towards helping you prevent and repair various kinds of skin issues inside out and help your skin glow and achieve the clarity you seek. All treatments are conducted under strict supervision of our Highly experieneced and qualified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons. ClariPhi
  3. Premium Medicated Facials Doctors at Phi, deeply analyze your internal deficiencies through tests and then suggest Facials according to the skin type and requirement, coupled with medicines to treat the deficiencies that cause the decline in your appearance and glow. Every time you come for your facial session the skin is reassessed (at no additional costs) & facial customized as per your present skin need. So your skin is treated in a fashion that is personalized and customized just for you individually.
  4. Types of Medicated Facials Aqua Facials To hydrate your skin and make it supple and fresh ! Its hydrating components work to penetrate deep into your skin & moisturizes at a very intense level. This service should be repeated once every month, for a consistently radiant glow. *Our Doctors customize the facial treatments as per individual skin type and needs. Brightening Facials To remove tan and bring that bright glow on your face! Skin is refined through deep cleansing and is followed by a light facial massage with lightening cream and application of an Ecocert Certified brightening mask. It helps retain moisture and revitalizes the skin. This facial ensures natural lightening of the skin, giving it an even skin tone.
  5. Collagen Facials To help in repairing damaged skin ! This facial is meant for dull sagging skin. It reinvigorates the skin by use of high end FDA approved Tripolar Radio Frequency machines. It stimulates new natural collagen production that increases the elasticity and firmness of your skin. Our doctors will diagnose the reasons and signs of aging and help customize your facial to suit your needs. It will help you achieve that ageless look and make your friends wonder about the secret of your everlasting beauty. *Our Doctors customize the facial treatments as per individual skin type and needs. Phi Express Facial The party facial you will swear by ! Specially formulated for getting that instant glow and brightness to make you shine in those parties and weddings, the very same day. Unlike salon facials it uses advanced technology to produce natural and effective results. It shows best results in people who actively care for their skin.
  6. Anti-Acne Facials Get rid of those nasty acne scars and lighten present acne ! Acne can be a real pain for people with oily skin. This facial involves use of a cleanser containing such proven anti-acne ingredients as benzoyl peroxide (which helps kill acne bacteria) or salicylic acid (which helps exfoliate the clogged pores). It is followed by use of a clay mask and other oil-fighting products, as well as products with anti-inflammatory ingredients like chamomile and tea tree oil. *Our Doctors customize the facial treatments as per individual skin type and needs. Rejuvenating or Detox Facials To detoxify and purify your pollution damaged skin ! Our skin gets damaged by pollution and sun exposure on a daily basis. This facial will help cleanse you pores & fight the harmful effect of free radicals, thereby helping your get smooth and fresh looking skin. It involves use of sea weed extract followed by an activated charcoal pack. Lastly the application of Vitamin C serum leaves the skin glowing with purity.
  7. Toning Facials To let them keep guessing your age! This is an effective non-invasive and painless therapy for defying the ageing skin. Nutrients known for their youth renewing properties are used along with a low-level cold laser treatment, which allows the specially developed hyaluronic acid serum to penetrate the skin smoothly without the use of a needle. The skin looks and feels smoother, with visibly fewer wrinkles and an enhanced glow *Our Doctors customize the facial treatments as per individual skin type and needs.
  8. Useful to Treat: •Acne •Large Pores •Hyper-pigmentation •Fine Lines •Sun Damaged Skin •Blackheads •Uneven Skin Tone Chemical Peels They help in skin rejuvenation and exfoliation. Single session of Chemical Peels can help bring about drastic changes in your skin quality. They are designed by our doctors after evaluation of your skin and customized as per your specific needs.
  9. Glycolic Acid Peel : This peel is made up of Alpha hydroxy acid. It helps remove blemishes and superficial acne scar and gives skin and even tone. It is also used as an anti aging peel since it stimulates collagen thus reduces and prevents fine lines & wrinkles. Lactic Acid Peel: AHA from fermented milk. This peel helps maintain skin pH and also useful in adjusting the pH of formulations. Moisturizes skin as is the skin’s own natural moisturizer Done in those people who have acne or pigmentation but have a sensitive skin. Yellow Peel : This Vitamin A peel is known for its skin lightening and brightening properties. It is an efficacious reversal method against hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, photoaging or scars. Types of peels we offer
  10. Black Peel : This peel is excellent for acne which does not respond to conventional medical treatments. Kojic Acid Peel : Kojic acid is produced by several different types of fungi. Kojic acid prevents production of melanin which makes it an excellent skin lightening agent. It reduces blemishes & pigmentation in skin. Blue Peels: It is designed to significantly improve the appearance and health of your skin. Blue Peel allows to monitor the appropriate depth to effectively remove the thin surface layers of aged and damaged skin from the face or other parts of the body. These dead skin cells are replaced by healthier ones, allowing the skin’s own clarity and tightness to resurface. Helps treat Wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, tightening, sun damage, blemishes, acne scars. Types of peels we offer
  11. Laser Treatments Useful For: • Tattoo Removal • Hair removal lasers • Acne and Acne scars Removal • Stretch marks • Pigmentations. LASER Photo-Rejuvenation Therapy • Can improve the color, consistency, and texture of the skin all at once. • Helps reduce the effects of aging, including facial wrinkles and skin discolorations. • It encourages the production of collagen, that fills in wrinkles, making the skin smooth and supple.
  12. Acne Treatments Acne, a hormonal condition characterized by the appearance of skin lesions that reduces skin clarity and confidence. Acne can leave scars which are permanent and lead to reduce self esteem and self consciousness. For Acne scars, prevention is better than cure. If treated at a nascent stage them chances of scars are reduced. For active Acne treatment requires proper diagnosis and targeted treatment. Treatment : • Micro Needling RF • Topical Application Anti-Acne Packs and Creams • Anti- Acne face Treatment • Chemical Peels • Lasers
  13. Dark Circle Treatment Treatment : Treatment is aimed at treating internal deficiencies and systematic problems that cause Dark Circles and providing localized treatment for affected areas in forms of specific eye treatment sessions at the clinic. Causes : • Increased pigment, either from sun damage or lack of sleep. • 99% are due to Internal Deficiencies
  14. Fairness Treatments Skin shade can be improved up to two shades lighter and brighter. A holistic treatment designed according to skin type, after identifying the excesses/deficiencies in your body. Treatment : 1. Fairness Injection Therapy 2. Topical Treatment 3. Chemical Peel The Clinic specializes in Melasma and Hyperpigmentation treatments for all skin types as well as in generalized skin fairness and whitening treatment.
  15. Stretch Mark Reduction Stretch marks are associated with increased hormone production as well as excessive or quick weight gain & weight loss Stretch marks are a cause of low self-esteem for many sufferers, and can affect their self-image and even their choice of clothing. Our cutting edge treatments can help to safely fade or clear the appearance of red, dark or silver-white stretch marks by up to 75% in most cases. Stretch Mark Lightening Treatment varies according to the nature and longevity of the marks.
  16. Sweating Treatment(Hyperhydrosis) Botox For Sweating Treatment Botox treatment for excessive underarm sweating has proved to be extremely safe and effective. It has consistently resulted in long-lasting improvements in patients’ symptoms, daily functioning and quality of life. Botox results appear in 10-14 days and dryness lasts on average over 7 months with about 25% of patients reporting. Excessive sweating is known medically as “Hyperhydrosis”. It can be excessive sweating in the palms, feet and most commonly underarms. Treatment In cases of excessive sweating antiperspirant applications can fail to provide you the relief you seek and can cause embarrassment in public. Iontophoresis, and Botox toxin injections to surgical options like removal of sweat glands, can be chosen as effective measures to help with sweating.
  17. Cosmetic Surgical Excision Our surgeons are experts in surgical removal of various kinds of skin issues like: • Swelling • Cysts • Lypoma • Warts • Moles • Skin tags • Unwanted Scars