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The Future of Mobile Security

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Presentation by Dr Kimo Quaintance at Mobile Convention Paris - April 2016 : Beyond Privacy The Future of Mobile Security

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The Future of Mobile Security

  1. 1. Beyond Privacy The Future of Mobile Security Dr. Kimo Quaintance Mobile Convention Paris 5 April 2016 @kimoq
  2. 2. Use iOS Mobile Security: the easy version Use a password manager Have a recovery plan
  3. 3. Source: Ben Evans Source: Ben Evans, ‘Mobile Has Eaten the World’, 2016
  4. 4. Mobile Security in 2012
  5. 5. Data encryption by default, and no reselling of data Privacy only exchanged for value added services (machine learning)
  6. 6. We’re at the beginning of something huge…
  7. 7. The ‘Cambrian Explosion’ of the Smartphone Ecosystem
  8. 8. Source: Popular Science / Facebook - https://youtu.be/KhJrJvGI13k
  9. 9. Source: The Verge
  10. 10. The business plans of the next 10,000 startups are easy to forecast: Take X and add AI. This is a big deal, and now it’s here.  — Kevin Kelly, Wired
  11. 11. We’re talking about a living, breathing capability to improve.  — Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia
  12. 12. The ‘Long Tail’
  13. 13. Source: Bloomberg
  14. 14. How do we bring all of this into our organization to create value?
  15. 15. Observing from the sidelines Two losing strategies: Outsourcing innovation
  16. 16. How are you currently: Reimagining your business in the future? Incubating new ideas for products and services? Positioning yourself for growth, not just survival?
  17. 17. Security Innovation by Design 1. Understand Trends to Identify Risks and Opportunities 3. Activate & Enable Your Team 4. Constantly (and quickly) Prototype & Iterate 2. Connect and Share with Knowledge Networks
  18. 18. Questions? Kimo Quaintance George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies Mobile Convention Paris, 5 April 2016 @KimoQ kquaintance@gmail.com
  19. 19. Data Security Confidentiality Integrity Availability