Dolibarr what's new in 6.0 - devcamp orléans 2017

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First Devcamp in Orléans, strongly foundation oriented, goal to work on next 6.0 release

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Dolibarr what's new in 6.0 - devcamp orléans 2017

  1. 1. DevCamp - Orléans 2017 Laurent Destailleur – Project leader 2017-03 Dolibarr ERP CRM What’s new in 6.0
  2. 2. Summary - New features reported by ChangeLog: xxx (xx for developers) Note: 102 for 5.0, 103 for 4.0, 131 for 3.9, 110 for 3.8, 76 for 3.7 - xxx files changed, xxx insertions(+), xxx deletions(-) - Less external libraries (jquery Layout, jMobile and php FPDFI removed).
  3. 3. New modules Product variants as experimental Note: First worldwide version. Module still need more maturity.
  4. 4. New feature for users SEPA Direct Debit generation is now mature. Can select several predefined recipients when sending email, can mix predefined recipient + other recipients. Experimental browser notification feature on agenda events. Explicit button to get list of last available Dolibarr version. Screen to install an external module from web interface in module setup. Document templates for supplier payments. Can set a project on a stock movement. Uploaded and generated files are indexed into database. We can define a
  5. 5. New feature for developers First “compute” field into export (example: pending amount to pay in export of invoices) Html tooltip can now be used to show tooltip in a popup after a click, not only on mouse hover (ex: help with list of substitutions variables on emailing edition). Upgrade of jquery (1.11 -> 3.3.1) and jquery-ui (1.11 -> 1.12) Tool to generate a “signature” of a distributed version, including modules and setup. A new demo page.
  6. 6. Full ChangeLog For a complete list of all changes:
  7. 7. Full ChangeLog For a complete list of all changes: