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Planned Drinking Water Improvements
at East Park Reservoir
January 29th, 2014
History of East Park Reservoir
• 1869 – Reservoir planned 
following severe drought 
of 1869
• 1871 – 1889 Construction 
Evolution of East Park Reservoir
• Divided into multiple basins to provide operational flexibility
• Several basins decomm...
East Park Reservoir Current State
• One basin in service 
providing 147 million gallons 
of water storage
• Important for ...
Need for East Park Reservoir Improvements
• Service life of existing cover and liner is near the end of its life
• Concret...
Overview of East Park Reservoir Improvements
• Majority of construction activity will be inside the earthen 
berm of the r...
Similar Project Completed in Syracuse
• Aerial view of two tanks in Syracuse
Overview of East Park Reservoir Improvements
• Short‐term external construction activities
– Pipe connections near
• 33rd ...
Overview of East Park Reservoir Improvements
• Permanent changes to site
– New access road off Reservoir Drive
– Removal o...
Rendering of New Access Road on Reservoir 
Rendering of View from 33rd and Diamond 
Rendering of View from 33rd and Clifford Street
Summary of Design Changes

Full‐build out space provided for two future tanks
Minimized South Basin work to pipe a...
Aerial Rendering of East Park Reservoir At 
Project Completion
Reservoir Profile
Construction Related Items
• Construction duration – 3.5 years
• Traffic
– Average 10 truck trips/day throughout construct...
Community Leadership Input
Traffic concerns
Air Quality/Site Cleanliness
Preservation of historical landmarks
Landscaping ...
East Park Reservoir Improvements
East Park Reservoir Improvements
East Park Reservoir Improvements
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East Park Reservoir Improvements

This gives an overview of improvements and new construction taking place on the ground of the East Park Reservoir. PWD will be embarking on a multi-year project at this location which will include the construction of new water tanks, and some general facility upgrades and additional sight improvements.

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East Park Reservoir Improvements

  1. 1. Planned Drinking Water Improvements at East Park Reservoir January 29th, 2014
  2. 2. History of East Park Reservoir • 1869 – Reservoir planned  following severe drought  of 1869 • 1871 – 1889 Construction  of earthen berm reservoir
  3. 3. Evolution of East Park Reservoir • Divided into multiple basins to provide operational flexibility • Several basins decommissioned due to declining water  demand • Membrane liner and floating cover installed to protect water  quality
  4. 4. East Park Reservoir Current State • One basin in service  providing 147 million gallons  of water storage • Important for water supply  to majority of the City during  daily and emergency  operations
  5. 5. Need for East Park Reservoir Improvements • Service life of existing cover and liner is near the end of its life • Concrete storage tanks provide lower cost method to protect  water quality at the volume needed today • With good maintenance, concrete tanks are expected to last  over 100 years
  6. 6. Overview of East Park Reservoir Improvements • Majority of construction activity will be inside the earthen  berm of the reservoir site – Earthwork and grading – Installation of pipes, valves – Construction of two new 400’ diameter water storage  tanks (35 feet tall) – Construction of two small control buildings
  7. 7. Similar Project Completed in Syracuse • Aerial view of two tanks in Syracuse
  8. 8. Overview of East Park Reservoir Improvements • Short‐term external construction activities – Pipe connections near • 33rd and Diamond Streets • 33rd and Cecil B. Moore Avenue – Earthwork and grading • Reservoir Drive • 33rd and Clifford Street
  9. 9. Overview of East Park Reservoir Improvements • Permanent changes to site – New access road off Reservoir Drive – Removal of access road along 33rd Street • Storage tanks will not be visible from 33rd Street elevation • West Basin Renovations by Outward Bound/ Audubon nature  center with Parks & Rec
  10. 10. Rendering of New Access Road on Reservoir  Drive
  11. 11. Rendering of View from 33rd and Diamond  Streets
  12. 12. Rendering of View from 33rd and Clifford Street
  13. 13. Summary of Design Changes • • • • Full‐build out space provided for two future tanks Minimized South Basin work to pipe alignment South access road only used during construction Contractor laydown and parking in South Basin
  14. 14. Aerial Rendering of East Park Reservoir At  Project Completion
  15. 15. Reservoir Profile
  16. 16. Construction Related Items • Construction duration – 3.5 years • Traffic – Average 10 truck trips/day throughout construction – Site excavation/fill • 12 month duration • Average 40 truck trips/day – Tank construction • Two 1 month durations • Peak 100 truck trips/day • 24 hours/7 days/week
  17. 17. Community Leadership Input Traffic concerns Air Quality/Site Cleanliness Preservation of historical landmarks Landscaping along 33rd Street (maintained meadow behind  fence) • Educational/training opportunities • • • •
  18. 18. Questions?