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What's new in iOS 9 ?

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iOS 9 is Apple's newest operating system. It brings a lot of updates for native apps, new features, and more proactivity and intelligence. Thanks to IOS 9, Apple devices are more intuitive and convenient for the users. More, it makes easier the work of developpers thanks to swift 2 and Safari view controller.

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What's new in iOS 9 ?

  1. 1. WHAT’S NEW IN iOS9 ? Keynote September 9, 2015
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION IOS 9 is compatible with iOS 9 is Apple's newest operating system. It brings a lot of updates for native apps, new features, and more proactivity and intelligence. Thanks to IOS 9, Apple devices are more intuitive and convenient for the users. More, it makes easier the work of developpers thanks to swift 2 and Safari view controller.
  3. 3. Siri answers to more complicated questions and understands the word "it" within context. It’s more proactive and Siri takes initiatives adapted to the habits of the user, the information shared by him and the context. It adds appoitments to calendar automatically and suggests appointments or pulls up photos with the sound of your voice Smarter Siri
  4. 4. The app now includes mass transit directions like routes for buses, trains, subways and even ferries. Apple Maps Thanks to the new feature “Nearby”, the user sees shops, restaurants, places to drink, and other types of businesses around him or near a destination. He is able to explore each categories to get more specific. When tapping on “Food”, it displays all food nearby like grocery stores, fast food, cafes…
  5. 5. Apple News is the new native app. It aggregates the articles from the best sources of information. Apple News It features a personalized feed according to your interests and your favourite thematics. The more you read the more the app suggests relevant articles for you. It displays the beautiful layout and typography of the printed version.
  6. 6. The update of Notes allows the user to insert interactive checklists, draw sketches and embed web links or map directions in a note. The user can add to his notes from whatever app he’s in and also shoot images and videos directly from the app. It works with iCloud so the user access his notes on every device. Apple Notes
  7. 7. Slide Over allows the user to open a second app without close the first one thanks to an overlay view. The primary app is visible but not active and the user could quickly access the secondary app to do some brief task. Multitasking for iPad Split view allows the user to have two active apps on- screen side by side. It lets the user interact with both apps at the same time. The Picture-in-Picture mode puts videos and FaceTime calls in the corner of the screen thanks to a pression on the home button.
  8. 8. The new features of keyboard in IOS 9 helps speed up writing and editing thanks to new gesture controls. The user can select words and paragraphs with double and triple tapping. New keyboard and shortcuts iPad's on-screen keyboard now includes a built-in shortcut bar which contains a variety of tools: copy/paste selection, attachments, bold, italic or underline option, and many other functions depending on the app you are using. IOS 9 provides new keyboard shortcuts. The user is able to do more commands like switching between apps or search with a wireless keyboard.
  9. 9. The user can see the notifications in chronological order, mixing all the apps. In previous versions of iOS, notifications have been grouped by app. With IOS 9, the Notifications center is ordered by recency. Notifications sorted chronologically IOS 9 provides a new settings option: the Wifi assistant. When it’s activated, the iPhone or the iPad is able to compensate for the weakness of a bad wifi connexion with a cellular network. A bad wifi connexion could be assisted by a good 4G network. New Wifi assist
  10. 10. Apple Pay will be launched in UK on July... The user can access Wallet by double-clicking the Home button from the lock screen. Passbook becomes Wallet Apple Pay The user will be able to add any type of attachments to an email message, not only the photos and videos. Also, it’s possible to attach files from iCloud Drive and others file storage service like dropbox directly from the Mail app Mail app
  11. 11. There’s a new search bar in the settings Settings With IOS 9, apps are treated like pages and the user can swipe them App switcher iPhone recognize when headphones are pluged-in and show music on the lock screen Headphones
  12. 12. App migrer helps to wirelessly switch from Android to iOS easier and transfer messages, photos, videos, contacts… Move from Android to iOS IOS 9 provides a better battery life. The user gains an extra hour Longer battery life IOS 9 only needs 1,3GB. The installation of iOS 8 needed a massive 4.5GB of internal storage. Smaller update to install iOS 9
  13. 13. Selfies will be automatically organised in Photos Selfies IOS 9 uses the new San Francisco font New font Go back to previous apps with tiny, new Back button Go back button It’s much harder for anyone else to access your personal information Improved security
  14. 14. What’s new for developpers Swift is a new innovative programming language. According to the developers, it is the most loved language (stackoverflow survey). The second version, available with IOS 9, includes new features that help developers write better code. It provides a more performant environment, easier and nicer to develop on IOS. Also, Apple makes Swift 2 open source to reach an even larger audience Swift 2
  15. 15. What’s new for developpers With IOS 9, Safari is charged with doing display the webview in the apps. With the previous version of IOS, it needed the development of a miniature web browser. So, IOS 9 represents a big benefit for developers. They delegates to Safari the functiun to display webview in the apps and they don’t have to write custom code for built-in web browser. It’s more easier and time saving. Moreover, the webview has the interface of Safari and not the bad interface of the most in-app browser. Easier to integrate webview in apps
  16. 16. What’s new for developpers The iPhone 6s and 6s plus includes the 3D touch. This new feature allow the user to interact with his phone thanks to the pressure sensitivity. It means that the latest iPhone detects the level of pressure. IOS 9 allows developers to integrate this functionality in the apps easily. Get the apps ready for 3D Touch
  17. 17. What’s next? IOS 9.1 Apple provided the first IOS 9.1 bêta for the developpers. This version includes a lot of new emojis and the iPad Pro features like Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard. IOS 9.1 should be available from november like the iPad Pro.
  18. 18. THANKS