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AMI - Implementation in China

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AMI - Implementation in China

  1. 1. MARKET ANALYSIS Understanding the environment in which AMI operates is fundamental to plan our strategy and will enable us to discern the threats and opportunities of our sector in the Chinese.
  2. 2. The GRDI method allows us to show that the Chinese market is attractive because of a high consumption. The market does not involve a huge risk however it begins to be slightly saturated due to the very large number of players already present. 2015
 Rank Country Market 
 Attractiven ess Country Risk Market saturatio n Time Pressure GRDI 
 Score Populati on (million) GDP per capita (thousan d) 1 CHINA 66,7 55,7 42,3 96,6 65,3 1 364 13 7 E.A.U 97.6 84 16,5 33,9 58 9 65 8 BRAZIL 98 60,4 45,2 28 57,9 203 15 15 INDIA 30,5 39,8 75,7 58,5 51,1 1 296 6 0 = Low attractiveness 100 = High attractiveness 0 = High risk 100 = Low risk 0 = Saturated 100 = Not saturated 0 = No time pressure 100 = Urgency to enter As you can see, our market is mature, which means that buyers have become experienced and that the market is segmented into buyers. The maturity of the market must be used as an asset. MarketingWhy China ?
  3. 3. OPPORTUNITIES THREAT POLITICAL - The chinese government has decided to delete the one-child policy. This will increase the Chinese younger generation in the next decade. - 80% of the world's counterfeit comes from China and the Chinese government prefers don’t take care about this phenomenon. - The important taxes that make the prices of ready to wear are very high. - Since the anti-corruption policy in China, the Chinese consumer is less attracted by the major European luxury brands and prefer invest in cutting edge fashion brand. ECONOMIC - The younger population are becoming more and more wealthy => spend more money. - China represent 55% of the Asia pacific menswear market value in 2014. - Global economic environment contrasted and subject to geopolitical tensions. - Actors which are on the market for a very long time, very difficult to reach a market in full maturity => very expensive. - Chinese apparel market is tough and is likely to remain challenging in 2016 due to oversupply, a softer economy and fast changes in consumer preferences. Menswear space is one of the worst performing sub-segments SOCIAL - Increase of men interest in Fashion - Chinese consumer are attracted by French and Parisien brand because it represent the cutting edge fashion. - The young generation tend to seek brand that offers better design and quality, they prefer products with affordable prices. - Men in China care more about brand reputation and product quality that illustrate their taste and social status, they prefer foreign brands with better design and cut to indicate their personality. - Distribution channels: 13% buy via social networks, 25% through mobile applications, 40% through web platforms, and 45% through offline shops. - Volatile customers: The Chinese represent approximatively 50% of luxury buyers and the problem is that the Chinese consumer buys in the most attractive country in terms of currencies and prices of products leaving Hong Kong and Macao. - Anti-brand Resistance Phenomenon: Wearing a counterfeit becomes a militant act. - China is a big country and therefore the collections must be adapted to geographical areas (high demand or low demand by zone) TECHNOLOGIC - E-commerce and M-commerce are at the forefront of technology in China. - China’s tech industry is currently very successful as it is useful in order to reach a wider audience. - The success of Chinese online retail giants which dominate Chinese online markets (Tmall, JD,…) ECOLOGIC - High pollution of the environment => Awareness of the fact that resources are now limited (air and water) LEGAL MarketingPESTEL
  4. 4. The Chinese are attracted by ready- to-wear French / Parisian brands => represents for them the quality and products at the forefront of fashion. Being able to buy online luxury goods, is something logical. For the Chinese consumer, the argument of "HEALTH" is the first quoted for the increase of expenses (quoted by 75% of the Chinese consumers as criterion justifying an increase of expenses) Consume abroad to avoid counterfeits and have the lower fees on their purchase. Also the shops in China = Showcase of the brand in Asia He is constantly connected, he inquires about the internet before, during and after the purchase, he’s a mobile first Chinese from 18-35 years old (275000) looking for quality and authenticity. In addition, Quality/ price ratio and loyalty are the pillars of the Chinese millennials preference for Western brands. MarketingCore Target
  5. 5. BRAND ANALYSIS We will now proceed to the analysis of the brand, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses that it can exploit in the market.
  6. 6. Vision AMI sees the world as a playground. The brand establishes its own rules. Mission The brand wants to propose a ready to wear collection with the best quality creativity report price. She wants to be able to dress the maximum number of people identifying with the brand regardless of age, gender and social position. Ambition Be the reference in terms of creativity quality price. Values The brand wants to be the brand "for friends" , it could be a man or a woman. « Today man is a woman like the others one » "The AMI brand is the only player in the market to offer a creativity-quality-price aspect to its targets" MarketingBrand Platform & Positionnement
  7. 7. MarketingAspects Multiculturels Friendship Positivism Love Happiness Sincerety Authenticity Timelessness Deliver a smart, comprehensive wardrobe of both casual and chic pieces
  8. 8. MarketingAspects Multiculturels More than a brand, AMI is a lifestyle. 
 Alexandre Mattiussi describe the brand as «  a friend’s story ». 
 AMI won the ANDAM fashion award in 2013
 Co-Branding is an integral part of the brand strategy; Specificities Leadership style Management style Often called the democratic leadership style, participative leadership values the input of team members and peers, but the responsibility of making the final decision rests with the participative leader. Participative leadership boosts employee morale because employees make contributions to the decision-making process. This style meets challenges when companies need to make a decision in a short period. A participative manager intentionally seeks employee input in the decision-making process. 
 This openness to input can make employees feel involved and part of the broader organizational goal. Additionally, it supports the notion of teamwork by encouraging sharing of ideas, conflict-resolution and collaboration in work groups. With participative management, the team influence is typically indirect. It is the cultural tone established by the manager that impacts teams.
  9. 9. Strenght Weaknesses - Creator recognised : Alexandre Mattiusi, former stylist at Dior, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs + ANDAM awards - Increasing awareness in the world of fashion - A commitment based on the authenticity and quality of its products. - French and Parisian brand - Exclusive and multichannel distribution (clean shops, network of partners, ..) - The red cap as the brand's emblem (red: color of happiness in China) - Investment of BPI France " - "Young brand, founded in 2010 = Budget not as important as its competitors already present on the market. - Fixed costs and high costs - Manufactured mainly in Portugal => high transport cost to China Opportunities Threats - The Chinese consumer is a connected and mobile client (1 billion mobile users in China). - High demand for high-end products in emerging countries such as China. - The number of millionaire is increasing - Parisian brand = image attractive to the Chinese consumer. - The Menswear sector is healthy in China - Preference for brands with a rich brand content as well as sharp design and quality products. - China represents more than half of the Asian Menswear market 55% - Increasing trend in Casual wear, especially among younger generations. - E-commerce: allows greater price transparency and affordability for international brands in the Chinese market. (e-shop currency in $) - "The AMI brand evolves in a contrasted global economic environment and subject to geopolitical tensions. - 80% of the global counterfeiting comes from China and consumers prefer to consume luxury abroad = guarantee of quality. - Volatile customers: The Chinese represent a little less than 50% of luxury buyers and the problem is that the Chinese consumer buys in the most attractive country in terms of currencies and prices of products leaving Hong Kong and Macao. - Anti-Marks Resistance Phenomenon: Wearing a counterfeit becomes a militant act. - High pollution of the environment and Chinese realize that resources are now limited because of pollution - Many competitors already on the market (competing brands, multi-brand stores, e-commerce brand, etc.) - Little known brand ; unknown to the Chinese public. - Chinese apparel market is tough and is likely to remain challenging in 2016 due to oversupply, a softer economy and fast changes in consumer preferences. Menswear space is one of the worst performing sub-segments " Swot Analyse Marketing
  10. 10. Product - The brand offers a collection: Ready to wear, Accessories / Leather goods, Shoes. - Typically Parisian product - The brand has a wide and deep range. Product qualities (major stake of the mark). The collections include seasonal products as well as permanent products present throughout the year. - In addition to the Chinese market, we will develop a line of products more sportswear => Important market in China, sport is in the heart of the country + Chinese want clothes in which they feel good. - Pollution: Transforming the negative aspect of pollution into a positive aspect by creating products targeting the antipollution market (booming market) Price At the level of prices / product segments: - Ready to wear: 350 € => 1790 € - Accessories / Leather Goods: 80 € => 520 € - Shoes: 260 € => 450 Certainly the brand offers high priced products but is always in search of the best creativity quality price ratio which is one of the differentiating characteristics of the brand. " Promotion - "AMI communication : on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Wechat, Weibo) and via its website. - Purchase pages in press paper + Purchase digital press + communication campaign + Fashion week + showroom - Press Office - Newsletter, Keywords and referencing, Lead management Mobile, Brand content, Advertising Native Influencers Blogger (RP) - Creation of an event with KOL (Asian ambassadors). Place - Distribution of the brand: own shop as well as multi-brand resellers => Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America and Oceania with more than 300 points of sale. AMI has internationalised its distribution network with opening New stores and new retailers + Transition to dollars on E-commerce brand. - The entire ready to wear collection and AMI offer is available in all its store in China. In China the brand is distributed in own shop and in multi- brand boutiques. Personal - Managers in boutiques are trained in France and are deployed on the Chinese market as well as sales staff. We really want to transcribe the Parisian atmosphere in our points of sale. Process - In retail: Use of Beacon technology; Will offer a unique buying experience tailored to each customer link to Wechat. We will use this new sell canal. 7P Analyse Marketing
  11. 11. Objectives Strategy Product Develop Notoriety and Sales on the chinese market - Develop product which answer to an insight (sportswear and pollution) Price Price that fit the market - Adapt AMI’s prices to the market, chinese policy and positionning of the brand Place Extend the brand territory and sales Extend the distribution : +5 Multibrandstores
 + 3 E-retailers +1 store People (STAFF) Keep parisian DNA of the brand - Managers and staff are trained in France and are deployed on the Chinese market Process offer a unique buying experience tailored to each customer link to Wechat Use of Beacon technology Stratégie Marketing Marketing
  12. 12. PRODUCT
  13. 13. MarketingSegmentation, Offre, Innovation Euromonitor international « Chinese government is excepting to the expansion of the sport industry shares in GDP to reach 3000 billions yuans (450 billions $) in 2020 and 5000 billions yuans (745 billions $) in 2025 » « Chinese fitness industry represent more than 19 billions $, soit an increase of 89% since 2009. » Vice PM of State Council of PRC The Metrosexual is dead. Long live to the spornosexual. 78 billions $ 0,7% GDP
  14. 14. MarketingSegmentation, Offre, Innovation In 2015, the market for antipollution masks was nearly 560 millions euros. Within 5 years, the market is expected to reach 1.3 billion €. One million death per years
 Chinese government warns its people about air pollution
 Between 75 000 and 180 000 demonstration per years since 2010 This is an opportunity
 Negative ==> Positive 
 Integrate fashion in health 
 Create clothing around pollution like masks integrated into sweater or coat
 Sanitize the air in shop with green areas
  15. 15. MarketingSegmentation, Offre, Innovation Based in Portugal
 Expert in quality textiles. Jogging, Short 100% coton fabric 4,75€/m2; 1000m for 500 joggings;
 0,18€/ minute of labour cost;
 15 minutes de travail/jogging 25,5€ /jogging 12 750€ cost
  16. 16. MarketingSegmentation, Offre, Innovation Co-Branding with Chinese company 4€/ mask for 1000 « the most advanced pollution mask yet … » fabric 4,75€/m2; 500m for 1000 masks;
 0,18€/ minute of labour cost;
 12 minutes de travail/mask 6,16€ /mask 6 160€ cost Limited Edition 1000
  18. 18. MarketingSegmentation, Offre, Innovation AMI AMI 300 millions MAU 70% are younger than 30 and come from big cities 1/2 is a men 60% follow at least a brand Main source of information in the country 50% of total mobile traffic Use Weibo to start building the brand awareness
  19. 19. MarketingSegmentation, Offre, Innovation 850 millions MAU 2/3 are Male 50% spend between 30 min and 2 hours 1/3 use mobile payment Create a service account for the brand and certifie it for 300 yuans (40 euros) to have access to advanced functions like m-commerce integrated. WELCOME TO OUR STORE Use WeChat to build in more depth and to connect.
  20. 20. MarketingStratégie de marque/segmentation et lancement de produit Non Media Communication Press Release Social Media KOL Website haibao.cn (+1.2M registered members) yoka.com (2M visits/month) Han Huohuo’s weibo (+1M visits)
 Peter Xu’s weibo (1.3M followers) GQ.cn Weibo WeChat Chen Kun 40, actor, chinese
 Hu Ge 34, singer & actor, chinese
 Kim Soo-hyun, 28, actor, korean 
 Lee Min-hu, 29, actor & model, korean
 Han Huohuo, 32, blogger, chinese 
 Peter Xu, blogger, stylist, journalist, chinese
  21. 21. MarketingStratégie de marque/segmentation et lancement de produit Non Media Communication Events Fashion Week Fair In Store Séoul March & October Paris January & June Rent a showroom during those periods in order to increase the sales East China Import and Export Shanghai in March during 5 days About 35 000 buyers, ,14 000 Chinese Hong Kong and Shanghai (2019) Chinese New Year Shop Opening Shanghai (2019)
  22. 22. MarketingPlan de communication Hors Media January February March April May Juin July August September NovemberOctober December Social Media SS Collection Press Release AW Collection Co-Branding Event Shop Opening (2019) KOL Co-Branding Shop Opening (2019) Shop Opening (2019) SS Collection Social Media Weibo & WeChat AW Collection Chinese NY Chinese NY (2018) Chinese NY (2018)Seoul Fashion Week Social Media Weibo & WeChat Seoul Fashion Week Shop Opening (2019) Paris Fashion Week Paris Fashion Week Paris Fashion Week Paris Fashion Week Paris Fashion Week Paris Fashion Week
  23. 23. Marketing Year 3Year 2 Objective KPI’s Generate engagement with our communication 100k Engagement on WeChat & Weibo
 90k articles views Generate a number of qualified visits (M25-40) Bounce rate 30% +40% visit after 1year; X2 after 2 years Generate visibility in order to increase sales Retail : +1% after 1 year and x2,5 after 3 years E-Shop : +40% after 1 year and x3 after 3 years Chinese New Year Chinese New Year Seoul Fashion Week x2 Seoul Fashion Week x2 Shop Opening ShanghaiParis Fashion Week x2 Paris Fashion Week x2 Plan de communication Hors Media
  24. 24. Target Objectives Ressource Communication 
 Action Cost Early adopters KOL Make known the brand Make love the brand Talk about the brand Press Release Event in Shop Fair & Fashion Week Fashion Week 4 times in a year (SS & AW at Paris & Seoul) 2 Event in shop/ year 59400 € Core Target (M25-40) Make known the brand Make love the brand Buy products from the brand Presence on WeChat & Weibo Advertising, contest Event in Shop Presence during all the year on social media 2 Event in shop/ year 52400 € MarketingPlan de communication Hors Media
  26. 26. Considering the geographical position of Guangzhou and Shenzhen and people‟s preference to purchase in Hongkong and Macau or even abroad, because of price and tax issues, we can neglect the low dispersion of luxury stores in this two Cantonese cities. Despite the current economic situation, consumers in tier-2 cities show their strong capacity of luxury consumption, with 54.6% saying that prices have little impact on their purchasing decision Distribution
  27. 27. MarketingDistribution
  28. 28. PROCESS
  29. 29. Beacon is a transmission system at low energy consumption. It allow you to have a better knowledge about your consumers and deliver them a bespoke experience. Detect Recognize Analyze Counting people who come in store Counting by zone Classification men and women Classification per age group Transformation rate Attraction rate Occupation rate Heat map in store Identify cold and hot zone in store Waiting time at pay station Waiting time in fitting room Waiting timein store shelf Calculation of the recency Calculation of the frequency Calculation of the traffic peaks MarketingSegmentation, Offre, Innovation
  30. 30. The client is next to the store and receive a push notification via We Chat. Beacons are disposed in store (with a range of 200m) and detect one of our clients. The client open We Chat, his data is analized. Those informations will help the sales assistant to deliver a beskope service. Beacons can detect where is the client and offer him a service connected to it. Exemple :A client stop in front of a shirt, We Chat send him a push notification offering him to watch a video showing the shirt’s manufacture Furthermore the client will be able to pay by phone MarketingSegmentation, Offre, Innovation
  31. 31. FINANCE
  32. 32. FinanceBusiness Plan, Excel et Gestion Comptabilité
  33. 33. FinanceBusiness Plan, Excel et Gestion Comptabilité
  34. 34. CRÉATIVITÉ
  35. 35. CommunicationCréativité Stratégique & E-Réputation 巴黎男⼈人出版物
  36. 36. CommunicationCréativité Stratégique & E-Réputation MOODTAPE