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Travel Documents - Dont Leave Home Without Them                                                 If youre planning to work ...
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Travel documents job hunting abroad

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Travel documents job hunting abroad

  1. 1. Travel Documents - Dont Leave Home Without Them If youre planning to work overseas, always makesure that you have with you all the pertinent travel documents. Your passport, which is yourmost important travel document, should always come handy. Before exiting your country oforigin and entering your new destination, you will have to present your valid passport.Be informed that countries have different rules regarding passport validity. To be safe, make surethat your passport has at least six months validity from your planned date of return to yourcountry. It is also a good idea to take with you photocopies of your passport just in case yourpassport is lost or stolen and you need to replace it while youre away.Another important travel documents that you should prepare when planning to work abroad arethe residency permit, working permit or working visa. Before leaving your country, find outthe rules and regulations of the country you plan to work in regarding residency permits, workpermits or working visas. Get in touch with that countrys foreign mission (embassy, highcommission or consulate) to know what you need to get these important travel documents. Thereare countries that require your prospective employer to sponsor you before your work permit orvisa can be issued so make sure you have all the necessary papers.Remember that these documents are very important and failing to take them with you can leadyou to trouble. Working abroad without these documents is considered a criminal act in somecountries and could result in your detention and/or deportation from that country. Also check thevisa requirements of countries you might be transiting on your way to your final destination. Ifyou plan to depart and re-enter the country youre working in, inquire about a multiple-entry visa.Having a tourist visa may not allow you to undertake any form of work, including voluntary orunpaid activities. Don’t attempt to violate these rules for your sake.To be safe, make sure you have the contact details of your native countrys foreign missions inyour destination so you can easily ask for assistance if the need arises.http://www.incomeabroad.com/travel-documents-dont-leave-home-without-them/
  2. 2. http://www.incomeabroad.com/