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The Most Powerful Wowen in Tech

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Although there have been some improvements for women in the tech industry, they are still a minority. Currently, only 24% hold computer science jobs and occupy roughly 11% of executive positions in Silicon Valley.

Also, new revelations of sexism, like the case James Damore (who got fired from Google after penning a manifesto on why women are biologically inferior), have shown the ugly underside of the tech world in an unappealing new light.

But there's still hope...

Recently, Forbes released a list of the world’s most influential female tech leaders, who are in powerful positions to start turning things around in this industry. We've created a presentation where we include the top 10 women in tech as well as what are they doing!

These women come from companies like Facebook, Youtube, IBM, Apple among others. We hope you get some inspiration from their work, just as we did while doing the presentation! https://slidebean.com/presentation/women-in-technology

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