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Pivotal Digital Transformation Forum: Accelerate Time to Market with Business Innovation

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Disrupt or be disrupted.
Faiz Parkar, Director Product Marketing, Pivotal EMEA

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Pivotal Digital Transformation Forum: Accelerate Time to Market with Business Innovation

  1. 1. Accelerate Time To Market with Business Innovation in the Digital Era Faiz Parkar Director, Product Marketing EMEA Pivotal
  3. 3. EXPERIENCES ARE BEING REIMAGINED See a Doctor in minutes at a time and location that suits you Get offers for stuff you like when you’re where you can buy Get meals from the best local restaurants in under 10 minutes
  4. 4. In a world of digital interactions, organizations will deliver business innovation through software: Every business will be a software business
  5. 5. Software is a Core Differentiator Ÿ  In-sourcing software development Ÿ  Shift from off the shelf to custom purpose-built Ÿ  Building internal expertise “In the past 90% of car value was in hardware, we expect 50% of value will be in hardware and the other 50% divided by software and experiences” Don Butler Executive Director, Connected Vehicles
  6. 6. Business Expectations Exceed IT Capabilities Cloud IT Technology Eras Mainframe Client-Server The exponential increase in business expectations is unsustainable for IT MILLIONS OF APPS BILLIONS OF USERS * Source: Gartner, 2013: “Hunting and Harvesting in a Digital World: The 2013 CIO Agenda” $ $ $ $ $ $ ABILITY OF IT TO DELIVER S/W STEADY IT BUDGETS* BUSINESS EXPECTATIONS
  7. 7. 0! 3.25! 6.5! 9.75! 13! 16.25! Sources: “Electric Cloud LinkedIn Survey to software developers” Administrative tasks Design and Coding Brainstorming Waiting for Test/Build Managing Environments Average Hours/Week Software developers spend too much time NOT writing software 7
  8. 8. What if you could … … accelerate time to market for new cloud- native applications? … deliver updates to your cloud applications continuously? … focus developers on innovation instead of infrastructure operations? … dynamically scale cloud applications without code changes? … avoid being locked in to any particular cloud vendor?
  9. 9. Software is CHANGING 9 Spring Boot Continuous Delivery
  10. 10. 10 Cloud Native DevOps Continuous Delivery ContainersMicro services
  11. 11. Becoming Cloud Native
  12. 12. 12 Then Now assume fragile infrastructureassume reliable infrastructure release code every 3 months release code early and often works in my environment shared Dev & Ops responsibility tightly coupled loosely coupled
  13. 13. Assume FRAGILE infrastructure 13 Applications Infrastructure Infrastructure Cloud Native Platform Applications ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ✔ ✔ ✔ tight coupling
  14. 14. Continuous Delivery Release once every 6 months More Bugs in production Release early and often Higher Quality of Code DevOps Not my problem Separate tools, varied incentives, opaque process Shared responsibility Common incentives, tools, process and culture Microservices Tightly coupled components Slow deployment cycles waiting on integrated tests teams Loosely coupled components Automated deploy without waiting on individual components
  15. 15. 15 IAAS PAAS Cloud Platform Evolution BEFORE Virtualization Platform Operating System Database Web Server Messaging Your Application Code Physical Servers App AFTER Infrastructure concerns Technology silos Matrix of specialization Business focus All about the applications Line-of-sight to customers App App
  16. 16. Cloud Foundry: The Industry’s Open Cloud Standard PLATINUM GOLD SILVER
  17. 17. Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Open Cloud Computing
  18. 18. Removing Developer and Operator Constrains BUILD APPLICATION PUSH FIRST RELEASE MAINTAIN APPLICATION UPDATE APPLICATIONS RETIRE APPLICATIONS •  Auto-detect frameworks •  Link to PaaS •  Self-service deploy •  Dynamic routing •  Elastic scale •  Integrated HA •  Autoscaling and APM •  Log aggregation •  Policy and Auth •  A/B versioning •  Live upgrades •  Self-service removal
  19. 19. Flexibility without getting locked in “It’s definitely around speed to market, but it’s also about getting it right faster” “Should the bank elect to use public cloud services… we don’t have to touch the apps to do it” “Bank provisioned 2 transaction processing apps onto Cloud Foundry in half a day” George Sherman CIO Global Technology Infrastructure
  20. 20. Faster Time to Market People have taken notice of the rapid rate in which we’re able to deliver applications. With Cloud Foundry we’ve transitioned to a situation where those same people who were moving files before may be managing Cloud Foundry Ops manager in a role of being a partner instead of being a barrier. MyHealth By Humana Delivered: 2.5 months Cue by Humana Delivered: 5 weeks “ ”
  21. 21. “Think of a product on a Monday and deliver on Friday.”
  22. 22. “It wasn’t a natural journey […] to go and change everything we know about software. Cloud Foundry was paramount in our ability to lift the focus of what we’re doing to a completely different level.”
  23. 23. “We felt like there was a 360-degree view that Pivotal brought to bear. This was more than just a technology transformation. It was a business transformation. It was about how we could deliver products faster. Cloud Foundry was a huge part of that.” Originally Allocated 12 Software Engineers Entire QA Team 14 months Actually Required 6 Software Engineers 1 UX & Product Manager 6 months
  24. 24. Platform to Transform your Enterprise BUSINESS •  Align IT with business goals •  Respond to changes in marketplace quickly •  Capture new business opportunities DEVELOPMENT •  Self-service with automated provisioning •  Rapidly iterate, deploy to production faster •  Framework with integrated tools OPERATIONS •  Operational agility •  Deploy consistent platforms with application visibility •  High availability with instant scaling
  25. 25. IoT Digital Strategy NoSQL LOB CIO Dev IT/Ops MOBILE BI-MODAL IT Agile Enterprise MULTI- CLOUD DEVOPSPrivate Cloud MICRO- SERVICES CONTINUOUS DELIVERY NoSQL CONTAINERS Is Pivotal Cloud Foundry for you?
  26. 26. Digital Transformation Forum Disrupt or Be Disrupted 19 OCTOBER · BMW WELT EVENT CENTRE · MUNICH