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vSphere7 with Tanzu

Virtual Event: vSphere 7 with Tanzu
Date: December 9, 2020
Presenters: Keith Kaplan & Brian Ragazzi

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vSphere7 with Tanzu

  1. 1. Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. VMware Tanzu Free your apps. Simplify your ops. Keith Kaplan / Brian Ragazzi Modern Applications Platform December 9, 2020
  2. 2. Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. 2 Agenda • vSphere7 with Kubernetes Deep Dive • Managing Containers • Understanding Tanzu Editions • Q&A
  3. 3. Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. 3 • Leveragesolutions fromthe broader Kubernetes ecosystem. • Stay currentas new Kubernetes versions arereleased. • Manage clusters without knowledgeof the underlying infrastructure. • Upstreamaligned delivers a conformantexperience. • Leveragebest of class upstream tooling for cluster lifecycle management. • Community aligned removes worry of “lock in”. Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters Value For Developers For Everyone • Run many Kubernetes clusters within a single vSpherecluster. • Providetenants with administrativeaccess to Kubernetes clusters. • Preservequotas and policies from the Supervisor layer. For vSphere Admins
  4. 4. Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. 4 Transforming vSphere into the App Platform of the Future Rearchitecting vSphere Developer ITOperator vSphere with Tanzu | App-focused Management | Dev & IT Ops Collaboration Improved Economics | Controlat Scale | Increased Velocity vSphere Supervisor Cluster vCenter ESXi Cluster Networking Storage Kubernetes cluster Virtual machines vSphere pods App
  5. 5. Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. 5 vSphere Namespaces Each Namespace has its own Resource Pool Resource Isolationwith Quota for CPU/Memory/Storage All Workloads in a Namespace are boundedby Namespace Quota • Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters • Native Pods • Virtual Machines Application-focused Management SDDC Supervisor Cluster Supervisor Cluster Namespace Namespace Namespace Namespace
  6. 6. Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. 6 TKG Service Simplified Workflow vSphere Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster … … … Local Machine or VMAs an IT Operator or VI Admin: 1. Enable a vSphere cluster for Workload Management to create the Supervisor Cluster 2. Create a vSphere Namespace with configurations for RBAC, Storage Policy, Content Library access, CPU and Memory quota, etc. As a Developer or DevOps role: 1. Use kubectl vsphere to authenticate to the Supervisor Cluster using vSphere SSO 2. Set context to the desired vSphere Namespace 3. Create a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster by applying the cluster spec to the Supervisor Cluster. 4. Authenticate to the Tanzu Kubernetes cluster and deploy applications 5. Repeat Cluster Services Cluster Services Supervisor Cluster Local Shared Services Local Control Plane Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster Namespace
  7. 7. Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. 8 Namespace A Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Cluster API Controllers Pod Pod Service Namespaces Cluster API Provider VM Service Pod Pod TanzuKubernetesCluster Resource ClusterResources Machine Resources VirtualMachine Resources VM VM VM AuthCNICSI vCenter UI Integration UI Integration UI Integration Supervisor Cluster ESXi ESXi ESXi ESXi …… vSphere Namespaces Developer Self Service VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service for vSphere CPI
  8. 8. Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. 9 Demo Objectives This is vSphere with Tanzu What WCP Adds Ops Actions Dev Actions Ops Revisited Tanzu Mission Control
  9. 9. Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. 10 The path to application modernization Tanzu Editions Summary Tanzu Basic Tanzu Standard Tanzu Advanced Tanzu Enterprise Objective Run Kubernetesin vSphere Run andmanage Kubernetesacross multipleclouds Embrace DevOpsdeliveryof workloadsonKubernetes Drive developervelocitywith automatedappplatform Business impact Improvedresource utilization Operational simplicity and efficiency Software inproduction Developerproductivity Availability AvailableNow AvailableNow AvailableToday! Availablelater Components vSphere with Tanzu + TKG multi-Cloud + TMC Basic + TMC Enterprise + TanzuBuildService + TanzuApplicationCatalog + TanzuService Mesh Capabilities K8s-basedcontainermanagement ┼ Global control plane withpolicy engine ┼ Opensource loggingand monitoring ┼ DeveloperEfficiency ┼ ValidatedandVerifiedImages ┼ Multi-datacenterapps Primary audience VIAdmin SystemAdmin Infrastructure Lead CloudArchitect DevOps PlatformOps VPApplications CIO Details at time of general availability *Tanzu Basic is available standalone oras a bundle with vSphere 7 Ent+ ^Tanzu Standardis available standalone or as a bundle withVCF 4
  10. 10. Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. 11 Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Portfolio Overview (60 Minutes) Follow on session options: • Managing Clusters - From Developers & Operators perspective - Demo (45 Minutes) • Deploying Containers - New Superpowers for Developers & how Operators can establish secure guard rails - Demo (45 Minutes) • Security & Networking Architecture Discussions (45 minutes) Tanzu Mission ControlWorkshop (60 Minutes) Tanzu Observability Workshop (45 Minutes) Tanzu ServiceMesh (45 Minutes) Tanzu Build Service (45 Minutes) Tanzu Application Catalog (60 Minutes) Tanzu Application Service (60 Minutes) Next Enablement Session (recommended): CustomCaaS Workshop Next step -> pick a session and lets go! “Containers and Coffee” or “Lunch and Learns”
  11. 11. 12Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. More Questions? Keith Kaplan: kaplanke@vmware.com Brian Ragazzi: bragazzi@vmware.com
  12. 12. Confidential │ ©2019VMware,Inc. Thank You