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Plunder Design Catalog

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Plunder Design Vintage Jewelry

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Plunder Design Catalog

  1. 1. 2014
  2. 2. For me, starting my own business had a lot to do with the desire to be in control of my future. The year 2008 taught me many “life lessons.” Until that year, I believed that with a desire, hard work, faith, and prayer one could safeguard their life from the trials that we all face. In 2009 my family’s finances took a steep nose-dive, we were bankrupt and I felt hopeless. With a love for all things vintage, and the creative adrenaline that keeps me awake all hours of the night. I began my journey designing various pieces of jewelry. I loved wearing items that I had designed, and also sentimental pieces, as a reminder of what is most important to me. It was not long until friends, family, and local boutiques were requesting similar items. I spent hours handcrafting designs, in the late evenings, while my children slept. As I became better acquainted with my trade, I sought instruction from all over the country. As my talents expanded into many different facets and styles of jewelry, so did its popularity. I could no longer fill all the orders for my products single handedly and began recruiting friends and loved ones to help. My company started to change the lives of the people that I love. In 2013, I decided that we needed to share the fun and the blessing that “ ” has been to all of us. I began gathering a team of experts and transitioned from retail to a Party Plan business. The excitement grew as I saw this opportunity come to life. Now, it is my hope to share my success and personal style with all of you. Whether you choose to indulge yourself in our designs, pamper your friends with an array of unique gifts, or start your own business, Take our challenge, Change your life. “Choose to .” 2
  3. 3. Where else do you get to plan a great party with friends, enjoy yourself and earn rewards? We suggest keeping it simple , invite your girlfriends provide light treats and your stylist will handle the rest! At we feel as though we cannot thank our hostesses enough and therefore our hostess rewards are extremely generous. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Because you LOVE choose to PARTY! Party Requirements / Rewards Minimum for Qualifying Party = $300 $300 + $400 + $500 + $750 + $1,000 + $1,200 + $45 product Credit $60 product credit $75 product credit $150 product credit $200 product credit $250 product credit 1 - Half-Price Item 2 - Half-Price Item 3 - Half-Price Item 4 - Half-Price Item 6 - Half-Price Item 8 - Half-Price Item 3
  4. 4. $99 Sales starter Kit 18 ! item# PSK001 | $99.00 4
  5. 5. With a retail value of 184.00. These top selling pieces will enhance your kit and give you ample opputunity to sport some swag. Must purchase SALE STARTER KIT to qualify for purchase. PSK002 | $99.00 A: Claire | $48.00 B: Jennifer | $24.00 C: Olivia | $26.00 D: Marci | $18.00 E: GiGi | $16.00 F: Rose | $15.00 G: Fiona | $15.00 H: Jill | $10.00 I: Elaina | $12.00 Stylist Kit Upgrade B. H. E. C. D. I. F. G. A. Kit Upgrade includes: 5
  6. 6. Pile of Plunder This is the perfect start to some fabulous wrist soiree! Throughout our catalog there are additional bracelets to add and customize your pile. With a simple addition you can make sure your “plunder pile” matches all of your favorite digs. Or you can be safe and wear all your “plunder pile” bracelets almost everyday; because less is not always more! We invite you to start your collection today. 7” (will expand) | PB081 | $34.00 6
  7. 7. Once we started wearing these earrings we knew we needed them in most if not every size, shape, and color. For every girl who loves to make a bold impression, but hates the sore ears that usually follow a full day in your favorite pair this is your solution. Lead and nickel free these hypoallergenic earrings wont bother your skin and they are so light weight we have been known to forget we have them on until our heads hit our pillows at night. Sweet dreams in these babies. A. Salmon Rounds | 2 x 2” | PE100 | $8.00 B. Antique Gold | 3 1/4 x 1 1/2” | PE101 | $8.00 C. White Drops | 2 1/2 x 1 1/2” | PE102 | $8.00 D. Navy Rhombus | 1 1/4 x 2” | PE103 | $8.00 E. Black Diamonds | 2 1/4 x 2 1/4” | PE104 | $8.00 Filigree Earrings A. B. C. D. E. 7
  8. 8. A. Jennifer: Five charms on this long necklace and an empty lobster claw to house your favorite Plunder pendant. 35” | PN027 | $24.00 B. Gi Gi: (PP) Wear this bracelet alone or gussy up your “Plunder Pile” either way she is great accent to a well-defined style. 7” (will expand) | PB073 | $16.00 C. Jill: Glam out everyday with this pair of earrings. Lead and nickel free. PE087 | $10.00 A. C. B. 8
  9. 9. A. Emily: Five charms on a more dainty long chain and an empty lobster claw to play with. 35” | PN028 | $22.00 B. Meg: A great “add on” these pendants are made by hand and are all unique in their own special way. Using a melted soldering technique we are able to stamp initials into these pendants giving them a very antique upcycled vibe. 1 x 1 1/2” | PC052 | $16.00 C. Lilly: Dainty accent earrings. Lead & nickel free. PE108 | $10.00 D. Ginger: A hand soldered pendant sporting an elegant damask back and a frilly monogram. 1 x 1” | PC049 | $15.00 (see page 31 for full alpha) E. Eleanor: A black and white initial designed with an elegant font. 3/4 x 3/4” | PC050 | $8.00 A. D. E. B. C. 9
  10. 10. A. Molly: With colors that are spot on and trending everywhere this five charm necklace won’t disappoint. Necklace includes: “You Are Loved” charm as well as plenty of room to add a Plunder pendant. 36” | PN029 | $25.00 B. Bianca: Fabulous filigree earrings in tiffany blue are a huge statement and extremely lightweight and easy to wear. 3 1/4 x 1 1/2” | PE086 | $8.00 C. Maizie: (PP) Alone or accenting your “pile” this foxy elastic bracelet is delicious arm candy. 7” (will expand) | PB074 | $16.00 D. Darla: A “tiffany” blue artsy monogram to accompany your style. Measures 1 1/4” in diameter and comes equipped with a lobster claw. 1 1/4” | PC051 | $8.00 (see page 31 for full alpha) A. B. D. C. 10
  11. 11. A. Sally: This necklace is so simple yet satisfying with its quaint design. Enough gusto to make a statement without drawing too much attention from your favorite Plunder pendants. 32” | PN030 | $18.00 B. Sarah: Fabulous Filigree earrings in a rusty red, extremely lightweight. 2 x 1 3/4” | PE089 | $8.00 C. Fiona: Hand soldered pendant. 1 x 1 1/2” | PC054 | $15.00 D. Elsie: Hand soldered pendant. 1 x 1 1/2” | PC055 | $15.00 E. Betty: Hand soldered pendant. 1 x 1 1/2” | PC056 | $15.00 F. Helga: A fierce soldered pendant sporting a dominant monogram. 3/4 x 1 1/2” | PC053 | $15.00 (see page 31 for full alpha) G. Tanya: An antique looking timepiece sure to stop traffic. This pendant always draws the attention of a crowd and we at Plunder are naming it our 2014 “MUST HAVE.” PC057 | $15.00 A. B. F. C. D. E. G. 11
  12. 12. A. Whitney: Fashioned with faux vintage brooches, a hint of pink and enough chain to wear short or medium length. This necklace will never feel dated. 27” (extra chain to adjust) | PN031 | $26.00 B. Marci: An antique bronze bracelet with a sturdy chain and an empty lobster claw makes this bracelet perfect for you to bedazzle as you wish. 9” (extra chain to adjust) | PB079 | $18.00 C. Lolly: A soldered charm with an elegant monogram and whimsical butterfly design on the backside. 3/4 x 3/4” | PC066 | $15.00 (see page 31 for full alpha) A. C. B. 12
  13. 13. A. Jane: A long brass chain and string of pearls with an empty lobster claw to decorate however you choose. 34” | PN032 | $22.00 B. Melinda: Made by hand and perfect for any “proud mom” the pendant can be easily accessorize most Plunder necklaces. 2 1/2 x 2” | PC064 | $20.00 C. Allison: Simple and elegant, these vintage gold-framed monogram pendants complete any style. 2 1/2 x 2” | PC065 | $20.00 A. C. C. B. 13
  14. 14. A. B. D. C. A. Mary: Vintage pearls and other eclectic finds make for a short, sweet necklace that you can accessorize with charms. After all, every girl needs a little something sweet in her life. 23” (extra chain to adjust) | PN033 | $24.00 B. Jamie: Hand soldered interchangeable pendant to customize your sweet treat. With a pink, crystal and pearl bead hanging down. 1 1/4 x 1” | PC067 | $15.00 (see page 31 for full alpha) C. Addison: Fabulous filigree round earrings. These lovely lightweight gems add a vintage feel to your favorite scrumptious ensemble. 1 x 2” | PE092 | $8.00 D. Camie: For the perfect topping these lightweight earrings match perfectly! 1 x 2” | PE093 | $8.00 14
  15. 15. A. Maggie: A little class goes a long way with this beautiful necklace. Old-fashioned turquoise, white and light pink gems make for a fashion forward piece that will always dazzle. 22” (extra chain to adjust) | PN034 | $24.00 B. Carlie: For a little something extra these lovely earrings add the perfect amount of brilliance to your style. SIZE” | PE109 | $10.00 A. B. 15
  16. 16. A. kennedy: Short or long length options this necklace has charms that add personality and flare that never dulls. 31” | PN035 | $26.00 B. Alex: A flirty, pink customizable monogram pendant. 1 x 1” | PC071 | $8.00 (see page 31 for full alpha) C. Sam: Fabulous filigree blue earrings! 1 1/2 x 1 1/2” | PE097 | $8.00 E. Karen: A lovely charm with an inspiring message. 1 x 1”| PC070 | $15.00 A. E. B. C. D. D. Taylor: (PP) A fantastic add to your pile if you’re feeling festive or you want to show it off solo, either way will do! 7” (will expand) | PB085 | $16.00 16
  17. 17. A. Josephine: There’s a vintage that comes with age and experience and this necklace has it all. A medium length beaded necklace with old-fashioned brooch accents. The “Josephine” gives you that vestige flare you’ve always fancied. 30” | PN036 | $26.00 B. Gale: Brooch like studs made to match this exquisite necklace from back in time. 1 x 1” | PE099 | $10.00 A. B. 17
  18. 18. A. Olivia: With bodacious baubles and playful pearls the Mariah necklace is for you! Able to be worn short or long with plunder pendant adaptability. 19” | PN044 | $26.00 B. gretta: “Life is a beautiful ride” with this lovely Plunder pendant. 2 x 1 3/4” | PC058 | $10.00 C. Amelia: A small yet striking charm with antique brass framed monogram. 1 x 1” | PC060 | $8.00 (see page 31 for full alpha) D. Paige: Closely resembling the necklace this bubbly bracelet makes for a fantastic impression. 8” | PB077 | $18.00 E. Mariah: For that extra personalized touch pick up this little monogram beauty with an antique brass frame and scripted letter. 2 3/4 x 2 1/4” | PC077 | $10.00 (see page 31 for full alpha) D. E. C. B. A. 18
  19. 19. A. anabelle: Everybody needs a piece of jewelry that can double as a whole outfit. With this piece all you need is a cute pair of jeans, fun flats and a quick hairdo. Less is definitely more when you have a necklace that screams perfection. 21” | PN037 | $48.00 B. Rebecca: Bold retro studs are back in a big way and these hit the target; bulls-eye! PE098 | $12.00 A. B. 19
  20. 20. A. Alice: This soft masterpiece is perfect for any little princess that needs to feel like a super diva. Necklace comes with three charms and includes crown charm as pictured. Mix it up with other Plunder charms or enjoy as is. 25” | PN038 | $16.00 B. Penelope: Princess charm makes the perfect match for this pampered piece. 1 x 1 1/2” | PC068 | $15.00 C. Daisy: A dainty, round monogram charm that will add the personality and individuality A. needed to complete your princess allure. 3/4 x 3/4” | ITEM # PC080 | $6.00 (see page 31 for full alpha) D. Belle: (PP) Another duchess for the plunder pile, this beautiful little bracelet will make you feel like royalty. 7” | PB082 | $12.00 E. Madeline: For every girl who has every wanted to visit the city of love, these Eifel tower earrings will make you feel like a french delicacy. PE095 | $10.00 B. C. E. D. 20
  21. 21. A. Claire: A beautiful short length necklace with a cluster of gems and jewels that makes for perfect eye candy. One of our most picturesque necklaces. 20” | PN039 | $48.00 21
  22. 22. A. Charlotte: Simple to the eye yet intricate in design, this necklace will add unique elegance to a lavish gown or a simple evening ensemble. Short length with antique gold chain and glistening gems. 21” | PN040 | $26.00 B. Denise: Retro fab studs fan out with a flare that always pleases. PE094 | $10.00 A. B. 22
  23. 23. A. Carter: Delightfully spunky this short length lightweight necklace will illuminate anyone’s day. 21” | PN041 | $34.00 B. Sophia: (PP) Your “pile” never suffers when you add elegance and grace to its sophisticated charm. A picture-perfect way to get the job done. 7” | PB083 | $15.00 C. ADelaide: Who doesn’t like matching earrings to pair with their already outstanding necklace? The Adelaide earrings are just dying to be apart of your collection. 1 1/2 x 1 1/2” | PE105 | $16.00 A. B. C. 23
  24. 24. A. Isabelle: Surely a treasure to be found, the divine qualities of the Isabella necklace are sure to satisfy. Short/medium length with antique silver chain, exquisite pearls and delicate lace. 23” | PN042 | $22.00 B. Victoria: Beautiful charm earrings measuring about 2 inches in length add poise to your divine treasure. 2” long | PE106 | $10.00 C. Dorothea: Big and bold these pearl earrings add dimension and design to your perfect trendy conservative class. 1 1/2” Long | PE108 | $8.00 A. C. B. 24
  25. 25. A. Adrienne: Long length with antique brass chain and five charms. Room to add any plunder pendant. 37” | PN043 | $26.00 B. Clarissa: (PP) Another fun piece that can be worn solo or added to your Plunder pile.7” (will expand) | PB072 | $16.00 C. Vivi: This uplifting anthem adds charm to any Plunder necklace. PC084 | $10.00 D. Michelle: Earrings to match are every girls go to when they find that perfect piece of jewelry. 2”| PE096 | $12.00 A. D. C. B. 25
  26. 26. A. Katie: Simple and short length can add so much to your outfit of choice. With its silvery charisma and clusters of gems there’s something here for everyone to love. 31” | PN045 | $22.00 B. Erin: (PP) This bracelet has an extra lobster claw that is empty giving you the ability to add any plunder pendant of your choice. 7” (will expand) | PB080 | $18.00 C. Bree: These tasty little charms prove to be an excellent way to express any and all unique styles. 3/4 x 3/4” | PC062 | $8.00 (see page 31 for full alpha) D. Brenna: These tasty little charms prove to be an excellent way to express any and all unique styles. 3/4 x 3/4” | PC063 | $8.00 (see page 31 for full alpha) A. C. D. B. 26
  27. 27. A. Elizabeth: With its black and white brilliance this short length necklace adds sophistication and a chic flare to any outfit. Antique chain with just a hint of color sprinkled about. 24” | PN046 | $26.00 B. Lydia: (PP) A simple add to your plunder pile. Mix and match with any style and you wont be disappointed. 7” (will expand) | PB075 | $14.00 C. Elaina: These gorgeous simple earrings add class and poise to anything. 1 1/2” | PE107 | $14.00 A. C. B. 27
  28. 28. A. B. B. Claudia: Just like every closet needs a little black dress it needs a little black necklace to match! This necklace plays nicely with your wardrobe and never fails to draw attention. 17” | PN047 | $24.00 C. Ann: (PP) Your plunder pile can’tthank you enough for adding this impeccable piece of arm candy to the group. 7” (will expand) | PB076 | $18.00 D. Grace: Dainty earrings for a dainty girl! Small black and silver beads make for a worthy embellishment. PE090 | $12.00 C. 28
  29. 29. A. Jasmine: A colorful decadence this long length necklace quenches the thirst for a vibrant piece. 37” | PN049 | $26.00 B. Rose: “Be who you are” with this charming pendant. 1 x 1” | PC061 | $15.00 C. Liza: (PP) Best friends have a way of spoiling us in even the smallest of packages. 7” (will expand) | PB078 | $16.00 A. D. Vanessa: With earrings to match nothing can go amiss. Drop dangle clasps make for the perfect pair. PE091 | $12.00 C. B. D. 29
  30. 30. D. 2014 Plunder Anthem: Only available 2014 while supplies last. 24” (adjustable) | PN048 | $24.00 30
  31. 31. 31
  32. 32. 32