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Porur times e paper published on nov.27.....

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Porur times e paper published on nov.27.....

  1. 1. PORUR TIMESYOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD NEWSPAPER www.porurtimes.com VOL. 3, ISSUE. 11 Cell No. 96000 95724 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISMENTS RENTAL EDUCATIONAL Published on November 27, 2016, Rs. 3 199th Programme SENIOR CITIZENS BUREAU 90, Rama Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600 034 Ph: 044-28231388; E- Mail: singaraja@gmail.com Cordially invites you to observe the Commemoration of NATIONAL CHILDREN’S DAY and WORLD ELDERS DAY Jointly with Dr. Gurusamy Mudaliar Thondaimandala Tuluvavelalar Higher Secondary School 108, Amman Kovil Street, Off. Wall Tax Road Thirupalli Amma Bus Stop, Near Old Padmanabha Theatre, Chennai- 600 079, Ph: 2520 3030 At 3.00 PM, on Monday, the 28th Nov 2016, at the School Campus, Chief Guest: Capt. Dr. M. Singaraja, Chairman, Senior Citizens Bureau President: Thiru Ram Vishwanathan., B.Sc., Bus.,Admn.(U.S.A.) Secretary, T.T.V. Group of Schools, All are welcome D. Karunanithi S. Jayakumar Head Master, Dr.G.M.T.T.V.HSS Secretary General / SCB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Financial Assistance and certificate to the best students in academics and extracurricular activities will be extended. Gift and certificate to the talented students will be presented. EC Meeting will be held immediately after the program at the A huge roller fallen into storm water channel on Annai Sathya Nagar Main Road, Ramapuram. it was not clear more than months. Roller fallen into storm waterchannel Lavi’s the Shades will be conducted Science school project with thermocol to display demonstration for ladies and school students. Demo on model tracing, cutting and colouring on Nov. 27th and 28th between 10 a.m to 11 a.m in Lavi›s the Shades, No.5,Kavarai St, West Mambalam, Entry is free.  For registration contact. 98404 45633, 98407 59761. Demo on thermocol Science display on Nov.27 & 28 FOR SALE Full office furniture sale, clearing a real estate unit, 6 months old, 13 rolling chair and one chair, working cabin, 15 members can work. MD cabin with glass top table, fixed price Rs. 70000 (Rs. 500 / 1000 notes acceptable), photos will be send for inter- ested one, call. 90032 67220. Tuition taken for state board, Std 1 to 12 and for CBSE kg to 5, special coaching also for Std 11th &12th ( subjects Maths / Accounts & Com- merce), Krishna Nagar Main Road, Madanandapuram, contact. 90032 67220. Full office furniture sale, clearing a real estate unit, 6 months old, 13 rolling chair and one chair, work- ing cabin, 15 members can work. MD cabin with glass top table, fixed price Rs. 70000 (Rs. 500 / 1000 notes acceptable), photos will be send for interested one, contact. 90032 67220. RAMAPURAM, Bharathi sa- lai, opposite to SRM universi- ty, Nu-tech Tulips, flat No. 2E, two bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 930 sq.ft, semi furnished, Rent Rs. 16000 + maintenance, advance Rs. 64000, contact. Sugumar. 98400 25728. MADANANDAPURAM, Blooming Garden Porur, Commercial space for rent, ground floor, 1440 sq.ft, and 1250 sq.ft, Con- tact 88708 56007 / 93810 36902. PORUR, 2BHSK, apartment in Adyar Aananda bhavan complex, 1st floor, near DLF IT Park, 1535 sq.ft, semi fur- nished, CCP and with all amenities including club- house is available, Rent Rs 27000 plus maintenance, vegetarians only, contact. Chandiramouli – 99620 46842. PORUR, near DLF IT Park, two bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 956 sq.ft, flat, Ph. 94440 54500.
  2. 2. PORUR TIMESRNI Regn No. TNBIL/2014/54977 Published, Printed and owned by A.Nithya, Published from Old No. 63/4, Razack Garden Main Road, Arumbakkam, Chennai - 106, Editor: A.Nithya November. 27, 2016Page. 2 Alert this newspaper if interesting hap- pening in your Neighbourhood message send to theporurtimes@ gmail.com PORUR TIMES Editor: A.Nithya Photographer: C.K Arunachalam No.63/4, Razack Garden Road, Arumbakkam, Chennai - 106, Cell: 96000 95724 Email: theporurtimes@ gmail.com A view of Y shaped flyover on P.H Road, Aminjikarai, this flyover connected to Anna Nagar, waiting for inauguration. Nelsonmanikkam Road flyover was recently opened, similarly other flyover in Vadapalani on J.N Road and Arcot Road junction. Road users appeal to open Vadapalani flyover and P.H Road flyover in Aminjikarai Polluted water has been stagnated on Sri Krishna Nagar 27th Street, Valasaravakkam. This photo was taken on Nov.22. Polluted water stagnated Intercollegiate Oratorical Competitions held A stretch Road re-laid on Velankani School Street, near Krishnamachari Nagar, Alapakkam. Road re-laid Huge of tree branch dumped on Kattabomman Street, Valasaravakkam. A session on Governing Business and Relationship, will be conducted by R.Aravindan on Dec.3 in Hotel Pratap Plaza, 168, Kodambakkam High Road, Mahalinga- puram, between 10.00 and 11.15 am. The weekly sessions deals with the concepts of Fun- damental Values, Work Ethics, Stress Management, Pro- ductivity, Leadership and Time Management emphasis- ing on Self Development by developing a sharp intellect . All are welcome. For more details contact 98404 93904. Talk on Governing Business and Relationship on Dec.3 “Mind Cleansing Therapy, Psychic Protection Techniques & Life Wellness System” conducted by GSPY on Nov.27 at 5 p.m in Mahamayi Atma Mandir, 3rd  Street, Postal colony, West Mambalam.  Admission is free. Forregistercontact. 95000 64319.  Psychic Protection Techniques & Life Wellness System on Nov.27 Lions Club of Central Madras conducted their 46th year Intercollegiate Oratorical Competitions recently. Dr. A.M.Swaminathan, a retired bureaucrat, was the chief guest. Students from various colleges spoke on their respective topics. Dr. Swaminatahan addressed the gathering and explained about the functioning of united nations. He presented Trophies, medals and cash awards to the winners.  N.Janani (of Meenakshi Sundararajan School of Management) won the first place received a silver medal and  cash award of Rs.2 000. Lion.G. V.Raman Trophy was also presented to M.S.School of Management. Riyas Daniel (of Ragas Dental College) won the second place and received a silver medal and a cash award of Rs.1,500. Lion. K.Ananthachari Trophy was presented to Ragas Dental College. Akash Swaminathan (of M.N.N.Jain Engineering College) won the third place and received a silver medal and a cash award of Rs.1,000. Some of other participants were also given consolation prize of Rs.500. R. Govindaraj (President, Exnora Greater Chennai) and Dr. R.Subhashini(Dean and HOD, Counseling Psychology, Madras School of Social Work, Chennai) were the judges and selected the first three places Lion.Dr. M. Ravishankar welcomed the Chief Guest, Lion members, invitees, students and their parents. Storm water channel under constructed on Radhakrishan Nagar Main Road, Vala- saravakkam. Many inner streets were closed in the vicinity, this photo was taken on Nov.23. Many inner streets closed Tree branch dumped on Kattabomman Street